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UTP Research Articles

UTP experts and research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal




UTP Experts

Name Expertise Profile link
Prof Ir Dr Mohd Shahir Liew
  • Structural Dynamics - Dynamic Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM) for offshore structures

  • Offshore Engineering - Poseidon Solutions

  • Metocean, Seismic Design, Wind Engineering, Time Series Analyses, and Multivariate Statistics Time Series Modelling. - Metocean Software Package, Time Domain and Frequency Domain of Measured Metocean Data and Comparison with Hindcast, etc.

  • Finite Element Method, Advanced Statistics, Advanced Numerical Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Advanced Steel Design, Advanced Concrete Design, and Advanced Foundation Design. - Finite Element Study of Riser Structure for Offshore Structures, Spectral Analysis, joint densities, and forecasting of Time Series Related to Measured Metocean Data, etc.

Assoc Prof Ts. Dr Noor Amila binti Wan Abdullah Zawawi

  • Construction management, Building technology, Decision Support Systems, Building Information Modelling
Prof Dr Nasir Shafiq
  • Structural Engineering, Building Information Modeling, Low Carbon Materials, Design and Construction,
  • Geopolymer Concrete, Ultra-High Performance Concrete
Assoc Prof Ir Dr Zahiraniza binti Mustaffa
  • Pipeline engineering, reliability and integrity,
  • probabilistic design,
  • Water resources engineering, hydraulic structures, urban hydraulics
Prof Dr Shamsul Rahman B M Kutty
  • ​Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Engineering, Sludge Treatment.

  • ​wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, environmental engineering
Assoc Prof Ir Dr Bashar S Mohammed
  • Structures and Materials - Masonry structures and reinforced concrete
Assoc Prof Ir Dr Hisham bin Mohamad
  • Underground tunnelling

  • ​Geotechnical Engineering

  • Field Instrumentation & Monitoring - Fibre Optic sensors

Journal Articles (2019)

Article 1A comparative evaluation of an integrated hybrid bioreactor treating industrial wastewater / Ezechi E.H., Kutty S.R.M., Muda K., Yaqub A.

Article 2A comparative study of approaches towards energy efficiency and renewable energy use at higher education institutions / Leal Filho W., Salvia A.L., Paço A.D., Anholon R., Gonçalves Quelhas O.L., Rampasso I.S., Ng A., Balogun A.-L., Kondev B., Brandli L.L.
Article 3A method for the empirical formulation of current profile / Kim D.K., Wong E.W.C., Lee E.B., Yu S.Y., Kim Y.T.
Article 4A parametric study on fatigue of a top-tensioned riser subjected to vortex-induced vibrations / Kim D.K., Wong E.W.C., Lekkala M.K.R.
Article 5A review of nitrogen removal for urban stormwater runoff in bioretention system / Osman M., Yusof K.W., Takaijudin H., Goh H.W., Malek M.A., Azizan N.A., Ghani A.A., Abdurrasheed A.S.
Article 6A review of the socio-economic advantages of textile recycling / Leal Filho W., Ellams D., Han S., Tyler D., Boiten V.J., Paco A., Moora H., Balogun A.-L.
Article 7A review of using natural rubber in the modification of bitumen and asphalt mixtures used for road construction / Al-Sabaeei A., Md. Yussof N.I., Napiah M., Sutanto M.
Article 8A review on mechanism of rainwater in triggering landslide / Alsubal S., Sapari N.B., Harahap I.S.H., Ali Mohammed Al-Bared M.
Article 9A Systematic Approach to Embodied Carbon Reduction in Buildings / Moayedi F., Amila Wan Abdullah Zawawi N., Shahir Liew M.
Article 10Adsorption kinetics of colour removal from palm oil mill effluent using wastewater sludge carbon in column studies / Kutty S.R.M., Almahbashi N.M.Y., Nazrin A.A.M., Malek M.A., Noor A., Baloo L., Ghaleb A.A.S.
Article 11An experimental investigation on the shear and flexural behavior of steel reinforced HPSCC beamsNikbakht E., Al-Fakih A., Hui C.C., Jake L.Y., Mahzabin M.S.
Article 12Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation from potable water using photo-Fenton oxidation process / Abd Manan T.S.B., Khan T., Sivapalan S., Jusoh H., Sapari N., Sarwono A., Ramli R.M., Harimurti S., Beddu S., Sadon S.N., Kamal N.L.M., Malakahmad A.
Article 13Assessing the impacts of climate change in cities and their adaptive capacity: Towards transformative approaches to climate change adaptation and poverty reduction in urban areas in a set of developing countries / Filho W.L., Balogun A.-L., Olayide O.E., Azeiteiro U.M., Ayal D.Y., Muñoz P.D.C., Nagy G.J., Bynoe P., Oguge O., Yannick Toamukum N., Saroar M., Li C.

Article 1Behaviour of kenaf fibre reinforced composite / Mahzabin M.S., Jee Hock L., Siong Kang L., Nikbakht Jarghouyeh E.
Article 2Behavioural observations of adult-child pairs at a Pelican crossing: A case study in Kuala Lumpur / Termida N.A., Rohani M.M., Daniel B.D., Omar N., Dharmowijoyo D.B.E.
Article 3: Below-Grade Sulfur Storage Pits in Oil Refineries: A Review / Anwar A., Mohammed B.S., Liew M.S., Wahab M.A., Zawawi N.A.W.A.
Article 4BIM and e-negotiation practices in AEC consulting businesses / Rahmawati Y., Utomo C., Zawawi N.A.W.A.
Article 5Bond behaviour of nano-silica-modified self-compacting engineered cementitious composite using response surface methodology / Achara B.E., Mohammed B.S., Liew M.S.
Article 6Building life cycle analysis toward low carbon emission and energy efficiency / Moayedi F., Amila Wan Abdullah Zawawi N., Shahir Liew M.


Article 1Challenges facing municipalities to provide wastewater services: A case study of Gaza stripTayeh B.A., Alaloul W.S., Alnairab A.F.
Article 2Challenges facing small-sized construction firms in the gaza strip / Tayeh B.A., Alaloul W.S., Muhaisen W.B.

Article 3Classification of reinforced concrete single story and double story house using eco-efficiency index approach

/ Hamid M.S.A., Shafiq N., Musir A.A., Rosseli S.R.

Article 1Dam operation under changing climate: Analysing water availability and hydropower production from murum dam in sarawakYusof K.W., Hussain M., Ul Mustafa M.R.
Article 2Data Preparation for GIS based Land Suitability Modelling: A Stepped ApproachKhahro S.H., Matori A.N., Chandio I.A., Talpur M.A.H.
Article 3Degradation of imazapic and imazapyr herbicides in the presence of optimized oil palm empty fruit bunch and rice husk biochars in soilYavari S., Sapari N.B., Malakahmad A., Yavari S.
Article 4Design of a pavement using piezoelectric materials [Gestaltung eines Gehweges mittels piezoelektrischer Werkstoffe]Maghsoudi Nia E., Wan Abdullah Zawawi N.A., Mahinder Singh B.S.
Article 5Designing a Database Schema for Supporting Visual Management of Variable Parameters in BIM ModelsKuo W.-L., Lee H.-X., Hsieh S.-H.
Article 6Downtime Cost Analysis of Offloading Operations Considering Vessel Motions and Mooring Responses in Malaysian WatersPatel M.S., Liew M.S., Mustaffa Z., Al-Yacouby A.M., Abdurrasheed A.S., Whyte A.


Article 1Eco-efficiency index analysis of single story structure of reinforced concrete house using economical and environmental score approach / Hamid M.S.A., Jasni O.O., Shafiq N.
Article 2Effect of crumb rubber, epolene (EE-2), and date palm ash as modifiers on the performance of binders and mixtures: A sustainable approach / Khan M.I., Sutanto M.H., Sunarjono S., Room S., Yusoff N.I.M.
Article 3Effect of hydraulic retention time on volatile fatty acid production and organic degradation in anaerobic digestion of palm oil mill effluent / Wong L.P., Isa M.H., Bashir M.J.K., Chin Y.H.
Article 4Effect of irradiated and non-irradiated waste PET based cementitious grouts on flexural strength of semi-flexible pavement / Khan M.I., Huat H.Y., bin Muhamad Dun M.H., Sutanto M.H., Jarghouyeh E.N., Zoorob S.E.
Article 5Effects of elevated temperature on the tensile properties of NS-modified self-consolidating engineered cementitious composites and property optimization using response surface methodology (RSM) / Mohammed B.S., Achara B.E., Liew M.S., Alaloul W.S., Khed V.C.
Article 6Effects of modified metakaolin using nano-silica on the mechanical properties and durability of concreteShafiq N., Kumar R., Zahid M., Tufail R.F.
Article 7: Effects of Waste Denim Fibre (WDF) on the physical and rheological properties of bitumen / Al-Sabaeei A., Napiah M., Sutanto M., Alaloul W.
Article 8Effects of water depth, mooring line diameter and hydrodynamic coefficients on the behaviour of deepwater FPSOs / Ahmed Ali M.O., Ja'e I.A., Zhen Hwa M.G.
Article 9Establishing the Level of BIM implementation - A Case Study in Melaka, Malaysia / Yahya Al-Ashmori Y., Bin Othman I., Bin Mohamad H., Rahmawati Y., Napiah M.
Article 10Evaluation of the dynamic responses of truss spar platforms for different mooring materials in intact and damaged line conditions / Ahmed M.O., Yenduri A., John K.V.
Article 11Exploratory factor analysis of skills requirement for PPP contract governance / Umar A.A., Zawawi N.A.W.A., Abdul-Aziz A.-R.

Article 1Factors affecting defects occurrence in structural design stage of residential buildings in gaza strip / Tayeh B.A., Hamad R.J.A., Alaloul W.S., Almanassra M.
Article 2Factors influencing customer intention to stay in green hotel in Malaysia / Lim J.M., Al Madhoun W., Yee C.M., Nair G., Siong W.S., Isiyaka H.A.
Article 3Flood susceptibility mapping using GIS-based analytic network process: A case study of Perlis, Malaysia / Dano U.L., Balogun A.-L., Matori A.-N., Yusouf K., Abubakar I.R., Mohamed M.A.S., Aina Y.A., Pradhan B.
Article 4Forensic investigation of a slender high-rise structure subject to dynamic wind conditions / Lim E.S., Lee H.E., Liew M.S.


Article 1Measuring the relationships of road service quality and road traffic accidents / Zahidy A.A., Sutanto M.H., Napiah M., Hamid Z.A.
Article 2Mechanical and microstructural properties of high calcium fly ash one-part geopolymer cement made with granular activatorMohammed B.S., Haruna S., Wahab M.M.A., Liew M.S., Haruna A.
Article 3Mechanical behaviour of waste powdered tilesand portland cement treated soft clay / Al-Bared M.A.M., Harahap I.S.H., Marto A., Nezhad Khalil Abad S.V.A., Mustaffa Z., Ali M.O.A.
Article 4Mobility and health: The interaction of activity-travel patterns, overall well-being, transport-related social exclusion on health parameters / Dharmowijoyo D.B.E., Joewono T.B.
Article 5Modelling of flow parameters through subsurface drainage modules for application in BIOECODS / Abdurrasheed A.S., Yusof K.W., Hussein Alqadami E.H., Takaijudin H., Ghani A.A., Muhammad M.M., Sholagberu A.T., Zainalfikry M.K., Osman M., Patel M.S.
Article 6Monitoring subsurface ground movement using fibre optic inclinometer sensor / Ghazali M.F., Mohamad H.
Article 7Mooring System Optimisation and Effect of Different Line Design Variables on Motions of Truss Spar Platforms in Intact and Damaged Conditions / Montasir O.A., Yenduri A., Kurian V.J.
Article 8Multivariate analysis of monsoon seasonal variation and prediction of particulate matter episode using regression and hybrid models / Nazif A., Mohammed N.I., Malakahmad A., Abualqumboz M.S.
Article 9Multivariate logistic regression model for soil erosion susceptibility assessment under static and dynamic causative factors / Sholagberu A.T., Mustafa M.R.U., Yusof K.W., Hashim A.M., Shah M.M., Khan M.W.A., Isa M.H.

Article 1Non-destructive evaluation of nano silica-modified roller-compacted rubbercrete using combined SonReb and response surface methodologyMohammed B.S., Adamu M.
Article 2Nonlinear System Identification of Structures Subject to Stochastic Loadings / Lim E.S., Liew M.S.
Article 3Numerical framework to determine instability modes for static vehicles under partial submergence / Shah S.M.H., Mustaffa Z., Yusof K.W.
Article 4Numerical modelling of flow characteristics over sharp crested triangular hump / Al-Qadami E.H.H., Abdurrasheed A.S., Mustaffa Z., Yusof K.W., Malek M.A., Ghani A.A.


Article 1Operational carbon footprint prediction model for conventional tropical housing: a Malaysian prospective / Gardezi S.S.S., Shafiq N.
Article 2: Optimisation and modelling of Pb(II) and Cu(II) biosorption onto red algae (Gracilaria changii) by using response surface methodology / Isam M., Baloo L., Kutty S.R.M., Yavari S.     
Article 3: Optimization and characterization of cast in-situ alkali-activated pastes by response surface methodologyMohammed B.S., Haruna S., Mubarak bn Abdul Wahab M., Liew M.S.    
Article 4: Optimization of ultrasound irradiation for palm oil mill effluent / Wong L.P., Isa M.H., Bashir M.J.K., Guo X.X.

Article 1Performance investigation of a solar still having polythene film cover and black painted stainless steel basin integrated with a photovoltaic module–direct current heater / Riahi A., Zakaria N.A., Isa M.H., Wan Yusof K., Mahinder Singh B.S., Mustaffa Z., Takaijudin H.
Article 2Polymer Nanocomposite-Modified Asphalt: Characterisation and Optimisation Using Response Surface Methodology / Bala N., Kamaruddin I., Napiah M., Sutanto M.H.
Article 3Prediction of building damage induced by tunnelling through an optimized artificial neural network / Moosazadeh S., Namazi E., Aghababaei H., Marto A., Mohamad H., Hajihassani M.
Article 4Production of biodiesel from Annona muricata seeds / Wong W.-L., Lim W.-H., Si J., Lam M.-K., Ho Y.-C.
Article 5Properties of modified high permeable concrete with a crumb rubber / Ng C.Y., Narong A.R., Kamarul Zaman A.B., Mustaffa Z., Mohammed B.S., Ean L.W.


Article 1Quantitative analysis of soil erosion causative factors for susceptibility assessment in a complex watershed / Abdulkadir T.S., Muhammad R.U.M., Wan Yusof K., Ahmad M.H., Aremu S.A., Gohari A., Abdurrasheed A.S.    

Article 1Reconstruction of residential buildings post-disaster: A comparison of influencing factorsAlaloul W.S., Alfaseeh A.S., Tayeh B.A., Zawawi N.A.W.A., Liew M.S.
Article 2Red lentil (Lens culinaris) extract as a novel natural coagulant for turbidity reduction: An evaluation, characterization and performance optimization study / Chua S.-C., Malek M.A., Chong F.-K., Sujarwo W., Ho Y.-C.
Article 3Rehabilitation of corroded circular hollow sectional steel beam by CFRP patch / Setvati M.R., Mustaffa Z.
Article 4Role of trees in climate change and their authentication through scanning electron microscopy / Arshad S., Ahmad M., Saboor A., Ibrahim F.H., Mustafa M.R.U., Zafar M., Ashfaq S.
Article 5Rutting and moisture damage evaluation of warm mix asphalt incorporating POFA modified bitumen / Abdulrahman S., Hainin M.R., Satar M.K.I.M., Hassan N.A., Usman A.

Article 1Safe braking distance at signalized intersection / Ghafar N.H.A., Sutanto M.H., Saeed S.M., Sunarjono S.    
Article 2: Settlement monitoring of liquefied natural gas terminal with persistent scatterer interferometry / Matori A.N., Ab Latip A.S.     
Article 3: Stability of cut slope and degradation of rock slope forming materials – A review / Al-Bared M.A.M., Harahap I.S.H., Marto A., Mustaffa Z., Ali M.O.A., Alsubal S.     
Article 4: Step by step procedures: Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in potable water using photo-Fenton oxidation process / Abd Manan T.S.B., Beddu S., Khan T., Wan Mohtar W.H.M., Sarwono A., Jusoh H., Mohd Kamal N.L., Sivapalan S., Ghanim A.A.J.    
Article 5: Storage stability and morphology of latex modified bitumen / Usman A., Izzaty N., Ibrahim R., Sutanto M.H., Sunarjono S.
Article 6: Strength behavior of concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate with ceramic powder / Ahmad S., Anwar A., Mohammed B.S., Wahab M.B.A., Ahmad S.A.
Article 7: Structural Performance of RC and R-ECC Dapped-End Beams Based on the Role of Hanger or Diagonal Reinforcements Combined by ECC / Mohammed B.S., Aswin M., Liew M.S., Zawawi N.A.W.A.
Article 8: Sustainable assessment of academic buildings at Universiti Teknologi Petronas campus / Al Madhoun W.A., Firdaus A.A., Isiyaka H.A.
Article 9: Sustainable materials selection based on flood damage assessment for a building using LCA and LCC / Balasbaneh A.T., Bin Marsono A.K., Gohari A.
Article 10: Sustainable practices barriers towards green projects in Malaysia / Klufallah M., Ibrahim I.S., Moayedi F.

Article 1Tender pricing of infrastructure projects: Affecting factors / Tayeh B.A., Alaloul W.S., Al-Ghazalli N.K.
Article 2The effect of stone column geometry on soft soil bearing capacity / Hamzh A., Mohamad H., Bin Yusof M.F.
Article 3The Total Quality Management (TQM) journey of Malaysian building contractorsOthman I., Norfarahhanim Mohd Ghani S., Woon Choon S.
Article 4Thermal properties of cool asphalt concrete containing phase change material / Mizwar I.K., Napiah M., Sutanto M.H.    
Article 5Transformation of biomass waste into sustainable organic fertilizers / Chew K.W., Chia S.R., Yen H.-W., Nomanbhay S., Ho Y.-C., Show P.L.

Article 1Ultimate bending capacity of aged fixed platform by considering the effect of marine fouling / Mohd M.H., Zalaya M.A., Latheef M., Choi H.S., Rahman M.A.A., Kim D.K.    
Article 2Ultimate strength prediction of T-bar stiffened panel under longitudinal compression by data processing: A refined empirical formulation / Kim D.K., Lim H.L., Yu S.Y.    
Article 3Undrained shear strength and microstructural characterization of treated soft soil with recycled materials / Al-Bared M.A.M., Harahap I.S.H., Marto A., Abad S.V.A.N.K., Ali M.O.A.




Article 1Yield efficiency evaluation of double slope solar stills connected with external spiral copper for potable water production / Al-Qadami E.H.H., Ahsan A., Abdurrasheed A.S., Mustaffa Z., Yusof K.W., Takaijudin H., Malek M.A.


Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

 Article 1: Downtime cost analysis of offloading operations under irregular waves in Malaysian waters / Patel, M.S., Liew, M.S., Mustaffa, Z., Abdurasheed, A.S., Whyte, A.
Article 2Effects of sand/fly ash and the water/solid ratio on the mechanical properties of engineered geopolymer composite and mix design optimization / Zahid, M., Shafiq, N.
Article 3: Establishing the correlations for eco-efficiency index of various types of structural concrete used in the Malaysian housing using response surface method / Hamid, M.S.A., Shafiq, N., Kiwan, O.
Article 4: Facies control on selective dolomitization and its impact on reservoir heterogeneities in the Samana Suk Formation (middle Jurassic), Southern Hazara Basin (NW Himalaya, Pakistan): an outcrop analogue / Shah, M.M., Rahim, H.U., Hassan, A., Mustafa, M.R., Ahmad, I.
Article 5: Flexural behavior of double-skin steel tube beams filled with fiber-reinforced cementitious composite and strengthened with CFRP sheets Al-Nini, A., Nikbakht, E., Syamsir, A., Shafiq, N., Mohammed, B.S., Al-Fakih, A., Al-Nini, W., Amran, Y.H.M.


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Journal Articles (2021)

Article 1A case study on the effective implementation of the reuse and recycling of construction & demolition waste management practices in Malaysia / Umar U.A., Shafiq N., Ahmad F.A.

Article 2A case study on the effective implementation of the reuse and recycling of construction & demolition waste management practices in Malaysia / Umar, U.A., Shafiq, N., Ahmad, F.A.
Article 3:A circular economy framework based on organic wastes upcycling for biodiesel production from hermetia illucens / Leong S.Y., Kutty S.R.M., Bashir M.J.K., Li Q.
Article 4A novel test device for the direct measurement of tensile strength of rock using ring shape sample / Aliha M.R.M., Ebneabbasi P., Karimi H.R., Nikbakht E.
Article 5A review of safety guidelines for vehicles in floodwaters / Shah S.M.H., Mustaffa Z., Martínez-Gomariz E., Yusof K.W., Al-Qadami E.H.H.
Article 6A study of the impact of plunging waves on the inverted L-shaped breakwater structure based on SPH method / Ma Z., Yang Y., Zhai G., Bao J., Teh H.-M.
Article 7A study of the wave impact loads on a fixed column-slab combined structure with a GPU-accelerated SPH method / Zhai G., Bao J., Ma Z., Yang Y., Teh H.M.

Article 1Barriers of occupational safety implementation in infrastructure projects: Gaza strip case / Abu Aisheh Y.I., Tayeh B.A., Alaloul W.S., Jouda A.F.
Article 2Barriers of value management implementation for building projects in Egyptian construction industry / Othman, I., Kineber, A.F., Oke, A.E., Zayed, T., Buniya, M.K.
Article 3Bending Performance of Half-Slab Styrofoam Mortar with Glazed Nylon Fiber / Solikin, M., Falah, M.F., Sunarjono, S., Hidayati, N., Trinugroho, S., Sutanto, M.H., Asnan, M.N.
Article 4Briquetting of Dry Sugarcane Leaves by Using Press Mud, Cow Dung, and Buffalo Dung as Binders / Patil, R.A., Deshannavar, U.B., Ramasamy, M., Emani, S., Issakhov, A., Khalilpoor, N.
Article 5Burst capacity and development of interaction rules for pipelines considering radial interacting corrosion defects / Idris N.N., Mustaffa Z., Ben Seghier M.E.A., Trung N.-T.


Article 1CFD investigation into seakeeping performance of a training ship / Fitriadhy A., Dewa S., Mansor N.A., Adam N.A., Ng C.Y., Kang H.S.
Article 2Choice modelling of a car traveler towards park-and-ride services in putrajaya to create green development / Memon, I.A., Sahito, N., Kalwar, S., Hwang, J., Napiah, M., Zaly Shah, M.
Article 3Criterion of vehicle instability in floodwaters: past, present and future / Shah S.M.H., Mustaffa Z., Martinez-Gomariz E., Kim D.K., Yusof K.W.
Article 4Comparison of impulsive wave forces on a semi-submerged platform deck, with and without columns and considering air compressibility effects, under regular wave actions / Zhai, G., Zhou, T., Ma, Z., Ren, N., Chen, J., Teh, H.-M.

Article 1Degradation of Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn by Moringa-oleifera, zeolite, ferric-chloride, chitosan and alum in an industrial effluent / Jagaba A.H., Kutty S.R.M., Hayder G., Baloo L., Ghaleb A.A.S., Lawal I.M., Abubakar S., Al-dhawi B.N.S., Almahbashi N.M.Y., Umaru I.
Article 2Demystifying uncertainty in PM10 susceptibility mapping using variable drop-off in extreme-gradient boosting (XGB) and random forest (RF) algorithms / AlThuwaynee O.F., Kim S.-W., Najemaden M.A., Aydda A., Balogun A.-L., Fayyadh M.M., Park H.-J.   
Article 3Design optimization and statistical modeling of cementitious grout containing irradiated plastic waste and silica fume using response surface methodology / Khan M.I., Sutanto M.H., Napiah M.B., Khan K., Rafiq W.
Article 4Development of the skew boundary condition for soil-structure interaction in three-dimensional finite element analysis / Phuor, T., Harahap, I.S.H., Ng, C.Y., Al-Bared, M.A.M. 
Article 5Diagenetic Modifications and Reservoir Heterogeneity Associated with Magmatic Intrusions in the Devonian Khyber Limestone, Peshawar Basin, NW Pakistan / Shah, M.M., Afridi, S., Khan, E.U., Rahim, H.U., Mustafa, M.R.
Article 6Digital technologies in the architecture, engineering and construction (Aec) industry—a bibliometric—qualitative literature review of research activities / Manzoor, B., Othman, I., Pomares, J.C.
Article 7Directional spreading resolution from point measurements for mixed seas and sea states with frequency dependent spreading / Latheef, M., Kim, D.K.
Article 8Dynamic Analysis of Semi-submersible Under the Postulated Failure of Restraining System with Buoy / Chandrasekaran S., Uddin S.A., Wahab M.  
Article 9Distributed optical fibre sensing technique in slope deformation monitoring / Ahmad, I.S., Kassim, A., Mohamad, H., Anuar, S.K., Hasbollah, D.Z., Taib, A.M.
Article 10Determining the effect of ageing of nano-clay modified bitumen using atomic force microscopy / Omar, H.A., Mubaraki, M., Abdullah, N.H., Al-Sabaeei, A., Memon, A.M., Imran Khan, M., Sutanto M.H., Md Yusoff, N.I.


Article 1Effect of roof tile colour on heat conduction transfer, roof-top surface temperature and cooling load in modern residential buildings under the tropical climate of Malaysia / Farhan, S.A., Ismail, F.I., Kiwan, O., Shafiq, N., Zain-Ahmed, A., Husna, N., Hamid, A.I.A.
Article 2Effects of petroleum sludge ash in fly ash-based geopolymer mortar / Usman Kankia M., Baloo L., Mohammed B.S., Hassan S.B., Haruna S., Danlami N., Affiana Ishak E., Nurliyana Samahani W.
Article 3Efficiency of carbon sorbents in mitigating polar herbicides leaching from tropical soil / Yavari, S., Asadpour, R., Kamyab, H., Yavari, S., Kutty, S.R.M., Baloo, L., Manan, T.S.B.A., Chelliapan, S., Sidik, A.B.C.
 Article 4Enhancing the microstructure and sustainability of ultra-high-performance concrete using ultrafine calcium carbonate and high-volume fly ash under different curing regimes / Azmee N., Abbas Y.M., Shafiq N., Fares G., Osman M., Iqbal Khan M.
Article 5Evaluating the critical safety factors causing accidents in high-rise building projects / Manzoor, B., Othman, I., Manzoor, M.
Article 6Evaluation of the accuracy of soft computing learning algorithms in performance prediction of tidal turbine / Band, S.S., Taherei Ghazvinei, P., bin Wan Yusof, K., Hossein Ahmadi, M., Nabipour, N., Chau, K.-W.
Article 7Evaluation of the high-temperature rheological performance of tire pyrolysis oil-modified bio-asphalt / Al-Sabaeei, A.M., Napiah, M.B., Sutanto, M.H., Alaloul, W.S., Yusoff, N.I.M., Khairuddin, F.H., Memon, A.M.
Article 8Experimental program on the burst capacity of reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) under impact of quasi-static lateral load / Bakar, M.A.A., Mustaffa, Z., Idris, N.N., Ben Seghier, M.E.A.   
Article 9Effect of directional spreading angles on the wave hydrodynamic coefficients for vertical cylinder / Ng, C.Y., Tuhaijan, S.N.A., Kurian, V.J., Mustaffa, Z., Yazid, E., Kang, H.S.
Article 10Efficiency of multiple hybrid techniques for the earthquake physical susceptibility mapping: the case of Abbottabad District, Pakistan / Maqsoom, A., Aslam, B., Awais, M., Hassan, U., Alaloul, W.S., Musarat, M.A., Qureshi, M.I.
Article 11Experimental study on fresh, mechanical properties and embodied carbon of concrete blended with sugarcane bagasse ash, metakaolin, and millet husk ash as ternary cementitious material / Bheel, N., Ali, M.O.A., Tafsirojjaman, Khahro, S.H., Keerio, M.A.
Article 12Evaluation of the physical, chemical, bacteriological and trace metals concentrations in different brands of packaged drinking water / Jagaba, A.H., Kutty, S.R.M., Hayder, G., Onsa Elsadig, E.H., Lawal, I.M., Sayed, K., Abubakar, S., Hassan, I., Umaru, I., Zubairu, I., Nasara, M.A., Soja, U.B.

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Article 8: Mechanical properties of crumb rubber mortar containing nano-silica using response surface methodology / Shahrul, S., Mohammed, B.S., Wahab, M.M.A., Liew, M.S.

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Article 5: Properties of rubberized engineered cementitious composites containing nano-silica / Loganathan, R., Mohammed, B.S.



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Article 5: Renewable wave energy potential for the sustainable offshore oil platforms in South China Sea / Nizamani, Z., Na, L.L., Nakayama, A., Ali, M.O.A., Nizamani, M.A.
Article 6: Residential locations and health effects on multitasking behaviours and day experiences / Dharmowijoyo, D.B.E., Susilo, Y.O., Joewono, T.B.
Article 7: Road traffic accident data analysis and its visualization / Rabbani, M.B.A., Musarat, M.A., Alaloul, W.S., Maqsoom, A., Bukhari, H., Rafiq, W.

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Article 1Watertight integrity of underwater robotic vehicles by self-healing mechanism / Ma, G., Kamaruddin, M.H., Kang, H.-S., Goh, P.-S., Kim, M.-H., Lee, K.-Q., Ng, C.-Y.



Journal Articles (2022)

Article 1A Comparative Study of Probabilistic and Deterministic Methods for the Direct and Indirect Costs in Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Airport Pavements / Babashamsi, P., Khahro, S.H., Omar, H.A., Rosyidi, S.A.P., Al-Sabaeei, A.M., Milad, A., Bilema, M., Sutanto, M.H., Yusoff, N.I.M.

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Article 3A study of the impact of plunging waves on the inverted L-shaped breakwater structure based on SPH method / Ma, Z., Yang, Y., Zhai, G., Bao, J., Teh, H.-M.
Article 4A study of the wave impact loads on a fixed column-slab combined structure with a GPU-accelerated SPH method / Zhai, G., Bao, J., Ma, Z., Yang, Y., Teh, H.M.
Article 5Adsorption of chromium, copper, lead and mercury ions from aqueous solution using bio and nano adsorbents: A review of recent trends in the application of AC, BC, nZVI and Mxene / Khurshid, H., Mustafa, M.R.U., Isa, M.H.
Article 7Analysis of the causes and preventive measures of fatal fall-related accidents in the construction industry / Rafindadi, A.D., Napiah, M., Othman, I., Mikić, M., Haruna, A., Alarifi, H., Al-Ashmori, Y.Y.
Article 8Application in the optimization of Pb(II) adsorption by chitosan from produced water by using response surface methodology / Gul Zaman, H., Baloo, L., Pendyala, R.
Article 9Assessment of imidacloprid removal from agricultural runoff by the bioretention treatment train system / Ahmad Zubairi, N.A., Takaijudin, H., Ab Ghani, A., Goh, H.W., Day, W.A.
Article 10Assessment of Land Use Land Cover Changes and Future Predictions Using CA-ANN Simulation for Selangor, Malaysia / Baig, M.F., Mustafa, M.R.U., Baig, I., Takaijudin, H.B., Zeshan, M.T.   
Article 11Assessment of metal leaching from rediset-polymer modified asphalt binder on groundwater and soil contamination / Rahmad, S., Khahro, S.H., Rosyidi, S.A.P., Widyatmoko, I., Memon, N.A., Al-Sabaeei, A.M., Milad, A., Sutanto, M.H., Yusoff, N.I.M. 
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Article 1Bearing Capacity Factors for Rough Conical Footing by Viscoplasticity Finite-Element Analysis / Phuor, T., Harahap, I.S.H., Ng, C.-Y.
Article 2Behavior of steel clamp confined brick aggregate concrete circular columns subjected to axial compression / Rodsin, K., Joyklad, P., Hussain, Q., Mohamad, H., Buatik, A., Zhou, M., Chaiyasarn, K., Nawaz, A., Mehmood, T., ELNEMR, A.
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Article 4Beneficial Effects of 3D BIM for Pre-Empting Waste during the Planning and Design Stage of Building and Waste Reduction Strategies / Mohammed, M., Shafiq, N., Al-Mekhlafi, A.-B.A., Al-Fakih, A., Zawawi, N.A., Mohamed, A.M., Khallaf, R., Abualrejal, H.M., Shehu, A.A., Al-Nini, A.
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Article 1Chemical attack on concrete containing a high volume of crumb rubber as a partial replacement for fine aggregate in engineered cementitious composite (ECC) / Alaloul, W.S., Musarat, M.A., Haruna, S., Tayeh, B.A., Norizan, M.N.B.
Article 2COD adsorption and optimization from produced water using chitosan–ZnO nanocomposite / Zaman, H.G., Baloo, L., Aziz, F., Kutty, S.R., Ashraf, A.
Article 3Column Study for Adsorption of Copper and Cadmium Using Activated Carbon Derived from Sewage Sludge / Al-Mahbashi, N., Kutty, S.R.M., Jagaba, A.H., Al-Nini, A., Ali, M., Saeed, A.A.H., Ghaleb, A.A.S., Rathnayake, U.
Article 4Comparison of Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Network approach in predicting the performance and properties of palm oil clinker fine modified asphalt mixtures / Yaro, N.S.A., Sutanto, M.H., Habib, N.Z., Napiah, M., Usman, A., Muhammad, A.
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Article 1Effect of Crumb Rubber, Fly Ash, and Nanosilica on the Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Using Response Surface Methodology / Rahim, N.I., Mohammed, B.S., Abdulkadir, I., Dahim, M.  
Article 2Effect of directional spreading angles on the wave hydrodynamic coefficients for vertical cylinder / Ng, C.Y., Tuhaijan, S.N.A., Kurian, V.J., Mustaffa, Z., Yazid, E., Kang, H.S.
Article 3Effect of Elastomeric Expandable Additive on Compressive Strength and Linear Expansion of Fly-Ash-Based Strength-Enhanced Geopolymer Cement for Shrinkage-Resistant Oil-Well Cementing / Rahman, S.H.A., Farhan, S.A., Sazali, Y.A., Shafiee, L.H., Husna, N., Hamid, A.I.A., Shafiq, N., Zulkarnain, N.N., Habarudin, M.F.
 Article 4Effect of Hollow Body Material on Mechanical Properties of Bubble Concrete / Yan, X., Chen, P.-S., Liu, B., Mohammed, B.S., Jin, J.
Article 5Effect of Various Mooring Materials on Hydrodynamic Responses of Turret-Moored FPSO with Emphasis on Intact and Damaged Conditions / Ja’e, I.A., Ali, M.O.A., Yenduri, A., Nizamani, Z., Nakayama, A. 
Article 6Effective use of recycled waste PET in cementitious grouts for developing sustainable semi-flexible pavement surfacing using artificial neural network (ANN) / Khan, M.I., Sutanto, M.H., Khan, K., Iqbal, M., Napiah, M.B., Zoorob, S.E., Klemeš, J.J., Bokhari, A., Rafiq, W.
Article 7: Effects of Graphene Oxide and Crumb Rubber on the Fresh Properties of Self-Compacting Engineered Cementitious Composite Using Response Surface Methodology / Abdulkadir, I., Mohammed, B.S., Ali, M.O.A., Liew, M.S.
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Article 10Enhancing Students’ Competency and Learning Experience in Structural Engineering through Collaborative Building Design Practices / Rahmawati, Y., Pradipto, E., Mustaffa, Z., Saputra, A., Mohammed, B.S., Utomo, C.
Article 11Evaluating the awareness and implementation level of LCCA in the construction industry of Malaysia / Altaf, M., Alalaoul, W.S., Musarat, M.A., Hussain, A., Saad, S., Rabbani, M.B.A., Ammad, S.
Article 12Evaluation of Biases in Construction Project Dispute Resolution: Case Study / Tayeh, B.A., Alaloul, W.S., Alkurdi, M.H., Abu Aisheh, Y.I., Musarat, M.A.
Article 13Evaluation of Contemporary Computational Techniques to Optimize Adsorption Process for Simultaneous Removal of COD and TOC in Wastewater / Alhothali, A., Khurshid, H., Mustafa, M.R.U., Moria, K.M., Rashid, U., Bamasag, O.O.
Article 14Evaluation of Long‐Term Trends of Rainfall in Perak, Malaysia / Hanif, M.F., Mustafa, M.R.U., Liaqat, M.U., Hashim, A.M., Yusof, K.W.
Article 15Experimental Investigation on Ambient-Cured One-Part Alkali-Activated Binders Using Combined High-Calcium Fly Ash (HCFA) and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) / Teo, W., Shirai, K., Lim, J.H., Jack, L.B., Nikbakht, E.

Article 1Factors impacting the implementation process of automated construction progress monitoring / Hannan Qureshi, A., Alaloul, W.S., Wing, W.K., Saad, S., Ammad, S., Musarat, M.A.
Article 2Fire-Exposed Fly-Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete: Effects of Burning Temperature on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties / Abd Razak, S.N., Shafiq, N., Guillaumat, L., Farhan, S.A., Lohana, V.K.
Article 3Full-scale experimental investigations on the response of a flooded passenger vehicle under subcritical conditions / Al-Qadami, E.H.H., Mustaffa, Z., Shah, S.M.H., Matínez-Gomariz, E., Yusof, K.W.


Article 1Identification of critical success factors for the adoption of Industrialized Building System (IBS) in Malaysian construction industry / Saad, S., Alaloul, W.S., Ammad, S., Altaf, M., Qureshi, A.H.
Article 2Influence of nanosilica particles on the high-temperature performance of waste denim fibre-modified bitumen / Al-Sabaeei, A.M., Napiah, M.B., Sutanto, M.H., Alaloul, W.S., Zoorob, S.E., Usman, A.
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Article 1:Lateral Infiltration Capacity of Pervious Concrete and Its Performance as Pavement Curb / Kamarul Zaman, A.B., Mustaffa, Z., Mohammed, B.S., Ng, C.Y.


Article 1:Optimisation of heating uniformity for milk pasteurisation using microwave coaxial slot applicator system / Abdullah, S.N., You, K.Y., Chong, C.Y., El-Enshasy, H.A., Mohamed Ali, M.S., Zainol, N.A., Ismael, A.H., Khe, C.S.

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Article 2:Perspective of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis and Risk Assessment for Airport Pavement in Delaying Preventive Maintenance / Babashamsi, P., Khahro, S.H., Omar, H.A., Al-Sabaeei, A.M., Memon, A.M., Milad, A., Khan, M.I., Sutanto, M.H., Yusoff, N.I.M.
Article 3:Pollen morphology of selected melliferous plants and its taxonomic implications using microscopy / Attique, R., Zafar, M., Ahmad, M., Zafar, S., Ghufran, M.A., Mustafa, M.R.U., Yaseen, G., Ahmad, L., Sultana, S., Nabila, Zafar, A., Majeed, S.


Article 1Significant factors that influence the use and non-use of personal protective equipment (PPE) on construction sites—Supervisors' perspective / Darda'u Rafindadi, A., Napiah, M., Othman, I., Alarifi, H., Musa, U., Muhammad, M.    

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Article 2Thermal-Energy Performance of Bulk Insulation Coupled with High-Albedo Roof Tiles in Urban Pitched Residential Roof Assemblies in the Hot, Humid Climate/ Dahim, M., Farhan, S.A., Shafiq, N., Al-Mattarneh, H., Ismail, R.
Article 3The Strength and Thermal Properties of Concrete containing Water Absorptive Aggregate from Well-Graded Bottom Ash (BA) as Partial Sand Replacement / Abdullah, M.J., Beddu, S., Manan, T.S.B.A., Syamsir, A., Naganathan, S., Mohd Kamal, N.L., Mohamad, D., Itam, Z., Yee+, H.M., Mohd Yapandi, M.F.K., Mohamed Nazri, F., Shafiq, N., Isa, M.H., Ahmad, A., Wan Rasdi, N.  
Article 4The Performance of Treatment Train System Incorporated with Nature-Based Materials in Capturing Nutrient for Stormwater Runoff / Ali, W., Takaijudin, H., Kutty, S.R.M., Massoudieh, A.    
Article 5The Mediating Role of Policy-Related Factors in the Relationship between Practice of Waste Generation and Sustainable Construction Waste Minimisation: PLS-SEM( / Mohammed, M., Shafiq, N., Al-Mekhlafi, A.-B.A., Rashed, E.F., Khalil, M.H., Zawawi, N.A., Muhammad, A., Sadis, A.M. 
Article 6The effect of stone column geometry on soft soil bearing capacity / Hamzh, A., Mohamad, H., Bin Yusof, M.F.   



Journal Articles (2023)

Article 1A Comparative Study on the Physical and Rheological Properties of 60/70 and 80/100 Penetration Grade Bitumen in Malaysia / Santhanasamy R., Sutanto M.H.

Article 2A decision-making model for supporting selection of green building materials / Al-Atesh E.A., Rahmawati Y., Zawawi N.A.W.A., Utomo C.
Article 3A Review of Mercury Waste Management in the ASEAN Oil and Gas Industry / Le H.T., Punurai W., Zawawi N.A.W., Yaakob O.B., Nguyen N.T.P., Le T.T., Van Nguyen K., Amelia S., Kamarudin N.A., Kang H.-S., Van Le S.
Article 4Application in the optimization of Pb(II) adsorption by chitosan from produced water by using response surface methodology / Gul Zaman H., Baloo L., Pendyala R.
Article 5Applications of AI in oil and gas projects towards sustainable development: a systematic literature review / Waqar, Ahsan.,Othman, Idris.,Shafiq, Nasir.,Mansoor, Muhammad Shoaib
Article 6Assessment of Wave Attenuation Performance of the Tanjung Piai Breakwater Using Spectral Wave Analysis / Tan, Iwan Tan Sofian.,Hassan, Nik Mohd. Kamel Nik.,Teh, Hee-Min
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Journal Articles (2024)
















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