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UTP Research Articles

UTP research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal



Journal Articles (2019)

Article 1A binary mixture of a biosurfactant and an ionic liquid surfactant as a green dispersant for oil spill remediation / Shah M.U.H., Moniruzzaman M., Sivapragasam M., Talukder M.M.R., Yusup S.B., Goto M.

Article 2A comparative study on dynamic Hg(II) and MeHg(II) removal by functionalized agrowaste adsorbent: breakthrough analysis and adsorber design / Saman N., Kong H., Mohtar S.S., Johari K., Mansor A.F., Hassan O., Ali N., Mat H.   
Article 3A comparative study to evaluate the role of caged hybrid frameworks in the precise dispersion of titanium (IV) oxide for the development of gas separation membranes / Tan G.Y.E., Oh P.C., Lau K.K., Low S.C.
Article 4A comparison of CO2 adsorption behaviour of mono-and diamine-functionalised adsorbents /  Mohamad N.A., Abouzari Lotf E., Mohamed M.N., Arshad A., Abdullah T.
Article 5A comprehensive review on the recent advances on the petroleum asphaltene aggregation / Rashid Z., Wilfred C.D., Gnanasundaram N., Arunagiri A., Murugesan T.
Article 6A critical review of concept and methods related to accessible pore volume during polymer-enhanced oil recovery / Akbari S., Mahmood S.M., Nasr N.H., Al-Hajri S., Sabet M.
Article 7A facile synthesis of activated porous carbon spheres from D-glucose using a non-corrosive activating agent for efficient carbon dioxide capture / Singh G., Ismail I.S., Bilen C., Shanbhag D., Sathish C.I., Ramadass K., Vinu A.
Article 8A Kinetic Study and Thermal Decomposition Characteristics of Palm Kernel Shell Using Model-fitting and Model-free Methods / Hussain M., Zabiri H., Tufa L.D., Yusup S., Ali I.
Article 9A mixed integer nonlinear programming approach for petroleum refinery topology optimisation / Albahri T.A., Khor C.S., Elsholkami M., Elkamel A.
Article 10A model to determine maximum heat flux under forced convective heat transfer regime for crude oil fouling studies /  Deshannavar U.B., Ramasamy M.  
Article 11A model-based approach for biomass-to-bioproducts supply Chain network planning optimization / Abdul Razik A.H., Khor C.S., Elkamel A.
Article 12A model-based approach for optimizing petroleum refinery configuration for heavy oil processing / Khor C.S., Albahri T.A., Elkamel A.
Article 13A model-based optimisation approach for process synthesis of olefins from petroleum with application to the malaysian petrochemical industry / Khor C.S.
Article 14A perspective on dual purpose gas hydrate and corrosion inhibitors for flow assurance / Qasim A., Khan M.S., Lal B., Shariff A.M.
Article 15A review of inherent assessment for sustainable process design / Athar M., Shariff A.M., Buang A.
Article 16A review on adsorptive removal of oil pollutants (BTEX) from wastewater using carbon nanotubes / Anjum H., Johari K., Gnanasundaram N., Ganesapillai M., Arunagiri A., Regupathi I., Thanabalan M.
Article 17A review on rotating biological contactors / Waqas S., Bilad M.R.
Article 18A review on the role of amino acids in gas hydrate inhibition, CO2 capture and sequestration, and natural gas storage / Bavoh C.B., Lal B., Osei H., Sabil K.M., Mukhtar H.
Article 19A simple, highly sensitive and stable electrochemical sensor for the detection of quercetin in solution, onion and honey buckwheat using zinc oxide supported on carbon nanosheet (ZnO/CNS/MCPE) modified carbon paste electrode / Saritha D., Koirala A.R., Venu M., Reddy G.D., Reddy A.V.B., Sitaram B., Madhavi G., Aruna K.
Article 20A sugarcane-bagasse-based adsorbent employed for mitigating eutrophication threats and producing biodiesel simultaneously / Basri W.N.F.W., Daud H., Lam M.K., Cheng C.K., Da Oh W., Tan W.N., Shaharun M.S., Yeong Y.F., Paman U., Kusakabe K., Kadir E.A., Show P.L., Lim J.W.
Article 21Adaptive PLS inferential soft sensor for continuous online estimation of NOx emission in industrial water-tube boiler / Hasnen, S.H., Zabiri, H., Prakash, K.K., Mat, T.T.
Article 22Adsorption and Desorption of Nickel (II) Ion by Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch grafted Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel / Rafeek M.R., Rabat N.E., Yahya W.Z.N., Ghani M.A.
Article 23Adsorption characteristics and thermodynamic property fields of polymerized ionic liquid and polyvinyl alcohol based composite/CO2 pairs / Rocky K.A., Pal A., Moniruzzaman M., Saha B.B.
Article 24Adsorption performance of low-cost Java plum leaves and guava fruits as natural adsorbents for removal of free fatty acids from coconut oil / Fitri R.A., Wirakusuma A., Fahrina A., Roil Bilad M., Arahman N.
Article 25Aerogel-based materials for adsorbent applications in material domains / Zubair N.A., Abouzari-Lotf E., Mahmoud Nasef M., Abdullah E.C.
Article 26Algae biorefinery: Review on a broad spectrum of downstream processes and products / Khoo C.G., Dasan Y.K., Lam M.K., Lee K.T.
Article 27Allicin incorporation as urease inhibitor in a chitosan/starch based biopolymer for fertilizer application / Huey C.E., Yahya W.Z.N., Mansor N.
Article 28Amine functionalized radiation induced grafted polyolefin nanofibers for CO2 adsorption / Abbasi A., Nasef M.M., Kheawhom S., Faridi-Majidi R., Takeshi M., Abouzari-Lotf E., Choong T.
Article 29Amine-Functionalized Metal Organic Framework (MOF)/6FDA-Durene Composite Membranes for CO2 Removal from CH4 / Suhaimi N.H., Yeong Y.F., Jusoh N., Asri M.F.M.
Article 30Ammonium hydroxide ILs as dual-functional gas hydrate inhibitors for binary mixed gas (carbon dioxide and methane) hydrates / Khan M.S., Lal B., Shariff A.M., Mukhtar H.
Article 31An outlook of Malaysian biomass industry commercialisation: Perspectives and challenges / How B.S., Ngan S.L., Hong B.H., Lam H.L., Ng W.P.Q., Yusup S., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Kansha Y., Chan Y.H., Cheah K.W., Shahbaz M., Singh H.K.G., Yusuf N.R., Shuhaili A.F.A., Rambli J.
Article 32An overview of biomass thermochemical conversion technologies in Malaysia / Chan Y.H., Cheah K.W., How B.S., Loy A.C.M., Shahbaz M., Singh H.K.G., Yusuf N.R., Shuhaili A.F.A., Yusup S., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Rambli J., Kansha Y., Lam H.L., Hong B.H., Ngan S.L.
Article 33An overview on control strategies for CO2 capture using absorption/stripping system / Salvinder K.M.S., Zabiri H., Taqvi S.A., Ramasamy M., Isa F., Rozali N.E.M., Suleman H., Maulud A., Shariff A.M.
Article 34Analysis of Electrochemical Noise for Corrosion Type Identification by Use of Global Recurrence Plots and Texture Analysis / Kok T.L., Aldrich C.
Article 35Antimicrobial Activity and Acute Toxicity of Choline Based Ionic Liquid Mixtures / Ul Hassan Shah M., Moniruzzaman M., Mahabubur Rahman Talukder M., Bt Yusup S.
Article 36Antiwettability enhancement of PVDF-HFP membrane via superhydrophobic modification by SiO2 nanoparticles / Toh M.J., Oh P.C., Chew T.L., Ahmad A.L.
Article 37Application of response surface methodology to investigate the effect of different variables on fusion slagging indexHarun N.Y., Jian T.M., Jusoh N., Ramli R.M.
Article 38Application of the Avrami theory for wax crystallisation of synthetic crude oil / Hosseinipour A., Japper-Jaafar A., Yusup S., Ismail L.
Article 39Artificial neural network approach for the steam gasification of palm oil waste using bottom ash and CaO / Shahbaz M., Taqvi S.A., Minh Loy A.C., Inayat A., Uddin F., Bokhari A., Naqvi S.R.
Article 40Artificial neural network simulation of the condenser of seawater greenhouse in Oman / Al-Ismaili A.M., Ramli N.M., Azlan Hussain M., Rahman M.S.
Article 41Ash Deposition Characteristics of Industrial Biomass Waste and Agricultural ResiduesYub Harun N., Jin Han T., Vijayakumar T., Saeed A., Afzal M.T.
Article 42Assessing the impact of an ionic liquid on NaCl/KCl/polymer water-based mud (WBM) for drilling gas hydrate-bearing sediments / Bavoh C.B., Ofei T.N., Lal B., Sharif A.M., Shahpin M.H.B.A., Sundramoorthy J.D.

Article 1Biopolymer catalyst for biodiesel production by functionalisation of radiation grafted flax fibres with diethylamine under optimised conditions / Moawia R.M., Nasef M.M., Mohamed N.H., Ripin A., Zakeri M.
Article 2Biotechnological application of microalgae for integrated palm oil mill effluent (POME) remediation: a review / Ahmad A., Bhat A.H., Buang A., Shah S.M.U., Afzal M.
Article 3Bismuth/hydroxyapatite-modified carbon screen-printed electrode for heavy-metal ion detection in aqueous media / Khan A.A.A., Ajab H., Yaqub A., Abdullah M.A.
Article 4Blending poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) with polyethylene glycol (PEG): Thermal behaviour and rheological study / Achim N., Husin H., Hassan Z.
Article 5Breakthrough modelling of glucamine functionalized PVDF nanofibrous adsorbent in a fixed-bed column for separation of boron from water / Nallappan M.L., Nasef M.M., Ting T.M., Ahmad A.


Article 1Carbon capture from natural gas using multi-walled CNTs based mixed matrix membranes / Hussain A., Farrukh S., Hussain A., Ayoub M.
Article 2Carbon Dioxide Adsorption on Grafted Nanofibrous Adsorbents Functionalized Using Different Amines / Abbasi A., Nasef M.M., Babadi F.E., Faridi-Majidi R., Takeshi M., Abouzari-Lotf E., Choong T., Somwangthanaroj A., Kheawhom S.
Article 3Carbon nanotubes incorporated Z-Scheme assembly of agbr/tio2 for photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light irradiations / Shezad N., Maafa I.M., Johari K., Hafeez A., Akhter P., Shabir M., Raza A., Anjum H., Hussain M., Tahir M.
Article 4Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of rubber seed oil over sonochemically synthesized Ni-Mo/γ-Al2O3 catalyst for green diesel production / Ameen M., Azizan M.T., Ramli A., Yusup S., Alnarabiji M.S.
Article 5Catalytic oxidative coupling of methane in supercritical water: Investigations on a catalytically active species / Hassan M.A., Miyao T., Komiyama M.
Article 6Catalytic pyrolysis of Chlorella vulgaris: Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis / Fong M.J.B., Loy A.C.M., Chin B.L.F., Lam M.K., Yusup S., Jawad Z.A.
Article 7Catalytic thermal degradation of Chlorella vulgaris: Evolving deep neural networks for optimization / Teng S.Y., Loy A.C.M., Leong W.D., How B.S., Chin B.L.F., Máša V.
Article 8Cellulose-hydroxyapatite carbon electrode composite for trace plumbum ions detection in aqueous and palm oil mill effluent: Interference, optimization and validation studies / Ajab H., Ali Khan A.A., Nazir M.S., Yaqub A., Abdullah M.A.
Article 9Characterization and modelling studies of activated carbon produced from rubber-seed shell using KOH for CO2 adsorption / Borhan A., Yusup S., Lim J.W., Show P.L.
Article 10Characterization and Reactivity Study of Coal Bottom Ash for Utilization in Biomass Gasification as an Adsorbent/Catalyst for Cleaner Fuel Production / Shahbaz M., Yusup S., Al-Ansari T., Inayat A., Inayat M., Zeb H., Alnarabiji M.S.
Article 11Characterization of coal bottom ash &its potential to be used as catalyst in biomass gasification / Hussain M., Tufa L.D., Yusup S., Zabiri H.
Article 12Clean hydrogen production in a full biological microbial electrolysis cell / Jafary T., Wan Daud W.R., Ghasemi M., Abu Bakar M.H., Sedighi M., Kim B.H., Carmona-Martínez A.A., Jahim J.M., Ismail M.
Article 13CO2 removal via promoted potassium carbonate with glycine: Solubility measurement at elevated pressure / Isa F., Zabiri H., Shaarif M.A.
Article 14Co2-philic [emim][tf2 n] modified silica in mixed matrix membrane for high performance co2 /ch4 separation / Shafie S.N.A., Liew W.X., Md Nordin N.A.H., Bilad M.R., Sazali N., Putra Z.A., Wirzal M.D.H.
Article 15Collegial effect of carbonaceous hybrid fillers in mixed matrix membrane development / Murugiah P.S., Oh P.C., Lau K.K.
Article 16Comparative effect of ionic liquids pretreatment on thermogravimetric kinetics of crude oil palm biomass for possible sustainable exploitation / Mahmood H., Moniruzzaman M., Iqbal T., Yusup S., Rashid M., Raza A.
Article 17Comparative study of glycerol conversion to polyglycerol via conventional and microwave irradiation reactor / Sajid M., Ayoub M., Uemura Y., Yusup S., Saleem M., Abdullah B., Khan A.U.
Article 18Comparison of Post-Treatment Methods on the Performance of Hollow Fiber Membranes Containing Metal Organic Framework in Gases Separation / Mubashir M., Yeong Y.F., Chew T.L., Lau K.K.
Article 19Comparison on PID controller performance for multivariable system between de-tuned method and optimization method / Biyanto T.R., Musyafa A., Cordova H., Matradji, Prasetyo A., Zabiri H., Sordi A., Sapika N.
Article 20Composite of kaolin/sodium alginate (SA) beads for methylene blue adsorption / Ge I.T.K., Nugraha M.W., Ahmad Kamal N., Sambudi N.S.
Article 21Comprehensive review of structured binary Ni-NiO catalyst: Synthesis, characterization and applications / Alnarabiji M.S., Tantawi O., Ramli A., Mohd Zabidi N.A., Ghanem O.B., Abdullah B.
Article 22Convenient design of porous and heteroatom self-doped carbons for CO2 capture / Singh G., Ramadass K., Lee J.M., Ismail I.S., Singh M., Bansal V., Yang J.-H., Vinu A.
Article 23Conversion of biomass to chemicals using ionic liquids / Khan A.S., Man Z., Nasrullah A., Ullah Z., Muhammad N., Rahim A., Bustam A., Idris A.
Article 24Copolymerization of vegetable oils and bio-based monomers with elemental sulfur: A new promising route for bio-based polymers / Abbasi A., Nasef M.M., Yahya W.Z.N.
Article 25Corrigendum to “Stability and thermal analysis of MWCNT-thermal oil-based nanofluids” [Colloids Surf. A, 527 (2017) 11–22](S0927775717304260)(10.1016/j.colsurfa.2017.05.004) / Ilyas S.U., Pendyala R., Narahari M.
Article 26Corrigendum: VLE of Carbon Dioxide-Loaded Aqueous Potassium Salt of L-Histidine Solutions as a Green Solvent for Carbon Dioxide Capture: Experimental Data and Modelling (International Journal of Chemical Engineering (2019) 2019 (9428638) DOI: 10.1155/2019/9428638) / Syalsabila A., Maulud A.S., Suleman H., Md Nordin N.A.H.
Article 27CuBTC metal organic framework incorporation for enhancing separation and antifouling properties of nanofiltration membrane / Misdan N., Ramlee N., Hairom N.H.H., Ikhsan S.N.W., Yusof N., Lau W.J., Ismail A.F., Nordin N.A.H.M.
Article 28Current development and challenges in the intensified absorption technology for natural gas purification at offshore condition / Tay W.H., Lau K.K., Lai L.S., Shariff A.M., Wang T.

Article 1Decomposition of N2O at low temperature over Co3O4 prepared by different methods / Inayat A., Ayoub M., Abdullah A.Z., Ullah S., Naqvi S.R.
Article 2Desalination of seawater through gas hydrate process: An overview / Khan M.S., Lal B., Sabil K.M., Ahmed I.
Article 3Design of forward osmosis system / Wibisono Y., Bilad M.R.
Article 4Development and quantitative evaluation of leading and lagging metrics of emergency planning and response element for sustainable process safety performance / Shamim M.Y., Buang A., Anjum H., Khan M.I., Athar M.
Article 5Development of a method for quantification of two genotoxic impurities in lurasidone using LC-MS/MS / Venu M., Reddy Y.V.M., Reddy A.V.B., Moniruzzaman M., Kusuma H.S., Madhavi G.
Article 6Development of a novel corrugated polyvinylidene difluoride membrane via improved imprinting technique for membrane distillation / Nawi N.I.M., Bilad M.R., Zolkhiflee N., Nordin N.A.H., Lau W.J., Narkkun T., Faungnawakij K., Arahman N., Mahlia T.M.I.
Article 7Development of a novel ionic liquid-curcumin complex to enhance its solubility, stability, and activity / Chowdhury M.R., Moshikur R.M., Wakabayashi R., Tahara Y., Kamiya N., Moniruzzaman M., Goto M.
Article 8Development of Bioflocculant from Chicken's Eggshell Membrane to Harvest Chlorella vulgaris / Suparmaniam U., Lam M.K., Uemura Y., Shuit S.H.
Article 9Development of collagen/PVA composites patches for osteochondral defects using a green processing of ionic liquid / Iqbal B., Muhammad N., Rahim A., Iqbal F., Sharif F., Safi S.Z., Khan A.S., Gonfa G., Uroos M., Rehman I.U.
Article 10Development of high microwave-absorptive bifunctional graphene oxide-based catalyst for biodiesel production / Loy A.C.M., Quitain A.T., Lam M.K., Yusup S., Sasaki M., Kida T.
Article 11Development of novel hydrophilic ionic liquid membranes for the recovery of biobutanol through pervaporation / Sajjad Z., Gilani M.A., Nizami A.-S., Bilad M.R., Khan A.L.
Article 12Discrete phase-CFD simulations of asphaltenes particles deposition from crude oil in shell and tube heat exchangers / Emani S., Ramasamy M., Shaari K.Z.K.
Article 13Dispersion of Titanium(IV) Oxide Nanoparticles in Mixed Matrix Membrane Using Octaisobutyl Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane for Enhanced CO2/CH4 Separation Performance / Tan G.Y.E., Oh P.C., Lau K.K., Low S.C.
Article 14Distillation Column: Review of Major Disturbances / Ammar Taqvi S.A., Zabiri H., Tufa L.D., Fatima S.A., Shah Maulud A.H.
Article 15Dry reforming of methane for hydrogen production over Ni[sbnd]Co catalysts: Effect of Nb[sbnd]Zr promoters / Abd Ghani N.A., Azapour A., Syed Muhammad A.F., Abdullah B.
Article 16Dynamic simulation and control structures of feed conditioning system for CO2 capture / Othman N.A., Rostani K., Jalil A.A.M., Zabiri H., Tufa L.D.


Article 1Editorial Overview: Bioresources, biomass, bio-fuels & bioenergies: Biorefineries and biomass conversion: Biofuels, chemicals and bio-based materials / Sheldon R.A., Yusup S.B.
Article 2Effect of a different number of amine-functional groups on the gas sorption and permeation behavior of a hybrid membrane comprising of impregnated Linde T and 4,4'- (hexafluoroisopropylidene) diphthalic anhydride-derived polyimideJusoh N., Yeong Y.F., Lock S.S.M., Harun N.Y., Yusoff M.H.M.
Article 3Effect of Alkalinity Towards the Formation of NaX Zeolite Membranes / Salwa Mohd Nazir L., Fong Yeong Y., Leng Chew T.
 Article 4Effect of biodegradable binder properties and operating conditions on growth of urea particles in a fluidized bed granulator / Zhalehrajabi E., Lau K.K., Shaari K.Z.K., Zahraee S.M., Seyedin S.H., Azeem B., Shaaban A.
Article 5Effect of Empty Fruit Bunch in Calcium Oxide for Cyclic CO2 Capture / Mohamed M., Yusup S., Loy A.C.M.
Article 6Effect of gold and iron nanoparticles on photocatalytic behaviour of titanium dioxide towards 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid / Ahmad T., Bustam M.A., Irfan M., Moniruzzaman M., Samsudin M.F.R., Asghar H.M.A., Muhammad N., Iqbal J., Bhattacharjee S.
Article 7: Effect of imidazolium based ionic liquids on PES membrane for CO2/CH4 separation / Zia-Ul-Mustafa M., Mukhtar H., Nordin N.A.H.M., Mannan H.A.
Article 8Effect of silane coupling agents on properties and performance of polycarbonate/silica MMMs / Idris A., Man Z., Maulud A.S., Mannan H.A., Shafie A.
Article 9Effects of ultrasonic cavitation on neutralization process of low molecular weight polyethylene glycol / Azarpour A., Zendehboudi S., Yusup S., Khalid A., Zhang Y.
Article 10Efficient CO2 capture using NH2–MIL–101/CA composite cryogenic packed bed column / Babar M., Bustam M.A., Ali A., Maulud A.S., Shafiq U., Shariff A.M., Man Z.
Article 11Efforts to Improve PBI/Acid Membrane System for High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (HT-PEMFC) / Daud N.A.B., Abouzari Lotf E., Sophia Sha'Rani S., Nasef M.M., Ahmad A., Rasit Ali R.
Article 12Electricity generation options for a future low carbon energy mix for Malaysia / Khor C.S., Lalchand G.
Article 13Electrospun nylon 6,6/ZIF-8 nanofiber membrane for produced water filtration / Halim N.S., Wirzal M.D.H., Bilad M.R., Nordin N.A.H.M., Putra Z.A., Yusoff A.R.M., Narkkun T., Faungnawakij K.
Article 14Emerging technologies for biofuels production / Yusup S., Bokhari A., Trinh H., Shahbaz M., Patrick D.O., Cheah K.W., Azizan M.T., Ramli A., Ameen M., Osman N., Shuhaili A.F.A., Singh H.K.G.
Article 15Emulsion Breakage Mechanism Using Pressurized Carbon Dioxide / Azizi A., Aman Z.M., May E.F., Haber A., Ling N.N.A., Husin H., Johns M.L.
Article 16Enhanced adsorption capacity and selectivity toward inorganic and organic mercury ions from aqueous solution by dye-affinity adsorbents / Saman N., Johari K., Song S.-T., Kong H., Cheu S.-C., Mat H.
Article 17Enhanced biosorption of transition metals by living Chlorella vulgaris immobilized in Ca-alginate beads / Ahmad A., Bhat A.H., Buang A.
Article 18Enhanced elemental mercury removal by facile sulfurization of agrowaste chars / Saman N., Johari K., Kong H., Mohtar S.S., Hassan O., Ali N., Mat H.
Article 19Enhanced solar light-driven photocatalytic degradation of pollutants and hydrogen evolution over exfoliated hexagonal WS2 platelets / Koyyada G., Prabhakar Vattikuti S.V., Shome S., Shim J., Chitturi V., Jung J.H.
Article 20Enhancement of the activated carbon over methylene blue removal efficiency via alkali-acid treatment / Saafie N., Samsudin M.F.R., Sufian S., Ramli R.M.
Article 21Enhancing membrane wetting resistance through superhydrophobic modification by polydimethylsilane-grafted-SiO2 nanoparticles / Toh M.J., Oh P.C., Ahmad A.L., Caille J.
Article 22Evaluation of the properties, gas permeability, and selectivity of mixed matrix membrane based on polysulfone polymer matrix incorporated with KIT-6 silica / Ding S.H., Siew Ng T.Y., Chew T.L., Oh P.C., Ahmad A.L., Ho C.-D.
Article 23Experimental and modelling of the impact of quaternary ammonium salts/ionic liquid on the rheological and hydrate inhibition properties of xanthan gum water-based muds for drilling gas hydrate-bearing rocks / Bavoh C.B., Md Yuha Y.B., Tay W.H., Ofei T.N., Lal B., Mukhtar H.
Article 24Experimental and theoretical study on extraction and recovery of naphthenic acid using dicyanamide-based ionic liquids / Ismail M., Bakaruddin B.R., Lethesh K.C., Mutalib M.I.A., Shah S.N.
Article 25Experimental evaluation of dispersion behavior, rheology and thermal analysis of functionalized zinc oxide-paraffin oil nanofluids / Ilyas S.U., Narahari M., Theng, J.T.Y., Pendyala R.
Article 26Experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer characteristics in MWCNT-thermal oil nanofluid / Ilyas S.U., Pendyala R., Narahari M.
Article 27: Experimental investigation on synthesis, characterization, stability, thermo-physical properties and rheological behavior of MWCNTs-kapok seed oil based nanofluid / Hameed A., Mukhtar A., Shafiq U., Qizilbash M., Khan M.S., Rashid T., Bavoh C.B., Rehman W.U., Guardo A.
Article 28Experimental studies and artificial neural network modeling of surface tension of aqueous sodium L-prolinate solutions and piperazine blends / Shaikh M.S., Shariff A.M., Bustam M.A., Garg S., Qureshi K., Shaikh P.H., Bhatti I.
Article 29Experimental study of sand production and permeability enhancement of unconsolidated rocks under different stress conditions / Zivar D., Shad S., Foroozesh J., Salmanpour S.
Article 30Exploring the potential application of palm methyl ester sulfonate as an interfacial tension reducing surfactant for chemical enhanced oil recovery / Sarveen M., Parthiban S., Nur Anisah S., Surej Kumar S., Babar A.
Article 31Extraction of crude palm oil (CPO) using thermally assisted mechanical dewatering (TAMD) and their characterization during storage / Hashim H., Yusup S., Arlabosse P.
Article 32Extraction of valuable chemicals from sustainable rice husk waste using ultrasonic assisted ionic liquids technology / Ullah Z., Man Z., Khan A.S., Muhammad N., Mahmood H., Ben Ghanem O., Ahmad P., Hassan Shah M.-U., Mamoon-Ur-Rashid, Raheel M.

Article 1Fabrication and characterization of polyetherimide/polyvinyl acetate polymer blend membranes for CO2/CH4 separation / Abdul Mannan H., Yih T.M., Nasir R., Muhktar H., Mohshim D.F.
Article 2Fabrication and characterization of supported dual acidic ionic liquids for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applications / Zakeri M., Abouzari-Lotf E., Nasef M.M., Ahmad A., Miyake M., Ting T.M., Sithambaranathan P.
Article 3Fabrication of Amino-Functionalized CAU-1/ Cellulose Acetate Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2/N2 SeparationYeong Y.F., Khoo T.S.
Article 4Fabrication of highly efficient and stable indirect Z-scheme assembly of AgBr/TiO 2 via graphene as a solid-state electron mediator for visible light induced enhanced photocatalytic H 2 production / Shehzad N., Tahir M., Johari K., Murugesan T., Hussain M.
Article 5Fabrication of polyethersulfone electrospun nanofibrous membranes incorporated with hydrous manganese dioxide for enhanced ultrafiltration of oily solution / Al-Husaini I.S., Yusoff A.R.M., Lau W.J., Ismail A.F., Al-Abri M.Z., Al-Ghafri B.N., Wirzal M.D.H.
Article 6Finned spacer for efficient membrane fouling control in produced water filtration / Rahmawati R., Bilad M.R., Laziz A.M., Nordin N.A.H.M., Jusoh N., Putra Z.A., Mahlia T.M.I., Jaafar J.
Article 7Fly ash based geopolymer for the adsorption of anionic surfactant from aqueous solution / Siyal A.A., Shamsuddin M.R., Rabat N.E., Zulfiqar M., Man Z., Low A.
Article 8Fourth generation biofuel: A review on risks and mitigation strategiesAbdullah B., Syed Muhammad S.A.F., Shokravi Z., Ismail S., Kassim K.A., Mahmood A.N., Aziz M.M.A.


Article 1Generalized correlations for calculating the density of ionic liquids at 0.1 MPa and higher pressures / Zarei A., Nasrifar K., Partoon B.
Article 2Generic framework for valve stiction detection and compensation with ANFIS-activated dual-mode MPC / Jeremiah S.S., Zabiri H., Ramasamy M., Teh W.K., Kamaruddin B., Mohd Amiruddin A.A.A.
Article 3Gradual PVP leaching from PVDF/PVP blend membranes and its effects on membrane fouling in membrane bioreactors / Marbelia L., Bilad M.R., Vankelecom I.F.J.
Article 4Grassroots petroleum refinery configuration for heavy oil processing / Albahri T.A., Al-Sharrah G., Khor C.S., Elkamel A.
Article 5Gravimetric, electrochemical and surface study on the good's buffer ionic liquid as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in acidic medium / Nanthini R., Mutalib M.I., Kurnia K.A.
Article 6Grindability and abrasive behavior of coal blends: analysis and prediction / Idris A., Man Z., Bustam A., Rabat N.E., Uddin F., Abdul Mannan H.

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Article 8Hydrogen production from glycerol dry reforming over Ag-promoted Ni/Al 2 O 3 / Harun N., Abidin S.Z., Osazuwa O.U., Taufiq-Yap Y.H., Azizan M.T.
Article 9Hydrogen production via CO2 dry reforming of glycerol over Re[sbnd]Ni/CaO catalysts / Mohd Arif N.N., Abidin S.Z., Osazuwa O.U., Vo D.-V.N., Azizan M.T., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

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Article 4Improved project control for sustainable development of construction sector to reduce environment risks / Malik S., Fatima F., Imran A., Chuah L.F., Klemeš J.J., Khaliq I.H., Asif S., Aslam M., Jamil F., Durrani A.K., Akbar M.M., Shahbaz M., Usman M., Atabani A.E., Naqvi S.R., Yusup S., Bokhari A.
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Article 11Influence of alkali-surfactant-polymer flooding on the coalescence and sedimentation of oil/water emulsion in gravity separation / Khan J.A., Al-Kayiem H.H., Aleem W., Saad A.B.
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Article 16Integration of Maceration and Freeze Concentration for Recovery of Vitamin C from Orange Peel Waste / Abdurrahman Isa A., Samsuri S., Aini Amran N.
Article 17: Investigating the solubility of petroleum asphaltene in ionic liquids and their interaction using COSMO-RS / Rashid Z., Wilfred C.D., Iyyaswami R., Appusamy A., Thanabalan M.
Article 18Investigation of functionalized carbon nanotubes’ performance on carbon dioxide hydrate formation / Nashed O., Partoon B., Lal B., Sabil K.M., Shariff A.M.
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Article 20Ion-Exchanged Silicoaluminophosphate-34 Membrane for Efficient CO 2 /N 2 Separation with Low CO 2 Concentration in the Gas Mixture / Chew T.L., Yeong Y.F., Ho C.D., Ahmad A.L.
Article 21Ionic Liquid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Enhanced Enzymatic DelignificationMoniruzzaman M., Goto M.
Article 22Ionic liquids with methotrexate moieties as a potential anticancer prodrug: Synthesis, characterization and solubility evaluation / Moshikur R.M., Chowdhury M.R., Wakabayashi R., Tahara Y., Moniruzzaman M., Goto M.
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Article 4: Kinetics of Mixed Amino Acid and Ionic Liquid on CO2 Hydrate Formation / Bavoh C.B., Lal B., Ben-Awuah J., Khan M.S., Ofori-Sarpong G.    
Article 5Kinetics of radiation grafting of glycidyl methacrylate and vinylbenzyl chloride onto polymer fibers / Ting T.M., Nasef M.M., Ee Ling A.W.      

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Article 11: Modelling and optimization of photocatalytic degradation of phenol via TiO2 nanoparticles: An insight into response surface methodology and artificial neural network / Zulfiqar M., Samsudin M.F.R., Sufian S.
Article 12Modelling for gas transport in enhanced polymeric blend membrane / Mushtaq A., Mukhtar H., Mohd Shariff A.
Article 13Modelling of solubility of mercaptans in water at low concentrations / Zin R.M., Sabil K.M., Mutalib M.I.A., Coquelet C.
Article 14Modelling transitions in regimes of lubrication for rough surface contact / Chong W.W.F., Hamdan S.H., Wong K.J., Yusup S.
Article 15Modification of rubber-seed shell activated carbon using chitosan for removal of Cu2+ and Pb2+ from aqueous solutionBorhan A., Hamidi M.N.R.
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Article 1Oil palm frond for the adsorption of Janus Green dyeChew T.L., Husni H.
Article 2: Oil-water phase inversion in the horizontal section of upstream 90° bend during gas-oil-water three-phase flow / Yaqub M.W., Pendyala R., Rusli R.
Article 3: Online process monitoring using multiscale principal component analysis / Nawaz M., Maulud A.S., Zabiri H.
Article 4: Optimisation study of catalytic cracking of refined rubber seed oil for biogasoline production using response surface methodology / Singh H.K.G., Yusup S.
Article 5: Optimization in liquid-vapor region for cryogenic based separation simulation of natural gas components / Qasim A., Lal B., Babar M., Ali A., Bustam M.A., Shariff A.M.
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Article 7: Optimization of process variables for biodiesel production by transesterification of flaxseed oil and produced biodiesel characterizations / Ahmad T., Danish M., Kale P., Geremew B., Adeloju S.B., Nizami M., Ayoub M.
Article 8: Optimization of saponin extracts using microwave-assisted extraction as a sustainable biopesticide to reduce Pomacea canaliculata population in paddy cultivation / Ramli N.H., Yusup S., Quitain A.T., Johari K., Kueh B.W.B.
Article 9: Optimized tuning of rosin adduct with maleic anhydride for smart applications in controlled and targeted delivery of urea for higher plant's uptake and growth efficiency / Mumtaz I., Majeed Z., Ajab Z., Ahmad B., Khurshid K., Mubashir M.
Article 10: Organic rankine cycle (ORC) system applications for solar energy: Recent technological advances / Mahlia T.M.I., Syaheed H., Abas A.E.Pg., Kusumo F., Shamsuddin A.H., Ong H.C., Bilad M.R.
Article 11: Overview of Activity Coefficient of Methanol at Infinite Dilution in Ionic Liquids and their Modeling using Group Contribution Model / Thangarajoo N., Matheswaran P., Johari K., Kurnia K.A.

Article 1Performance enhancement of polymeric blend membranes incorporation of methyl diethanol amine for CO2/CH4 separation / Mushtaq A., Mukhtar H., Shariff A.M.
Article 2Performance of enhanced polymeric blend membranes for the separation of CO2/CH4 mixtures / Mushtaq A., Mukhtar H., Shariff A.M.
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Article 7Plant-wide MPC control scheme for CO2absorption/stripping system / Sultan T., Zabiri H., Ali Ammar Taqvi S., Shahbaz M.
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Article 19Process equipment common attributes for inherently safer process design at preliminary design stage / Athar M., Shariff A.M., Buang A., Nazir S., Hermansyah H., See T.L.
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Article 22Production of biodiesel using palm oilLam M.K., Jamalluddin N.A., Lee K.T.
Article 23Production of bioethanol from sweet lime peel via a statistically optimized simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process using isolated enzymes / John I., Pola J., Muthukumar K., Thanabalan M., Appusamy A.
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Article 25Production of syngas from ethanol CO2 reforming on La-doped Cu/Al2O3: Impact of promoter loading / Shafiqah M.-N.N., Nguyen T.D., Jun L.N., Bahari M.B., Phuong P.T.T., Abdullah B., Vo D.-V.N.
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Article 29Pursuance of piper nigrum and cinnamomum verum on poly vinyl alcohol-starch hydrogel membrane / Iqbal H., Farrukh S., Hussain A., Hassan A., Hailegiorgis S.M.
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Article 2Quantitative analysis of interfacial area on liquid-liquid multiphase flow of transesterification process in cross-junction microchannel reactor Laziz A.M., Shaari K.Z.K., Hamid N.H. 

Article 1Rapid, comprehensive screening of ionic liquids towards sustainable applications / Venkatraman V., Evjen S., Lethesh K.C., Raj J.J., Knuutila H.K., Fiksdahl A.
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Article 5Recent Advances of Using Ionic Liquids for Biopolymer Extraction and Processing / Mahmood H., Moniruzzaman M.
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Article 7Recovery of cellulose fibers from oil palm empty fruit bunch for pulp and paper using green delignification approach / Yiin C.L., Ho S., Yusup S., Quitain A.T., Chan Y.H., Loy A.C.M., Gwee Y.L.
Article 8Recycling waste product via pyorlysis method to produce marine fuel / Zoolfakar M.R., Tanggabello A., Zaman N.A.B.N., Osman N.B.
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Article 10Removal of lead (II) ions from aqueous solution using desiccated coconut waste as low-cost adsorbent / Rahim A.R.A., Rabat N.E., Johari K., Saman N., Mat H.
Article 11Removal of Sr2+ using high-surface-area hydroxyapatite synthesized by non-additive in-situ precipitation / Kim J., Sambudi N.S., Cho K.
Article 12Revealing the effect of reaction parameters towards alkyl group distribution in in-situ transesterification of Chlorella vulgaris / Nguyen T.T., Uemura Y., Lam M.K., Mansor N., Lim J.W.
Article 13Review of Process Industry Accidents Analysis towards Safety System Improvement and Sustainable Process Design / Athar M., Mohd Shariff A., Buang A., Shuaib Shaikh M., Ishaq Khan M.
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Article 15Role of ionic liquids in eliminating interfacial defects in mixed matrix membranes / Mannan H.A., Nasir R., Mukhtar H., Mohshim D.F., Shaharun M.S.

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Article 2: Selective Separation of Methane from Carbon Dioxide through sII Hydrates Formation in a Semibatch Process / Partoon B., Sabil K.M., Lau K.K., Nasrifar K., Shariff A.M.    
Article 3: Semi-quantitative risk analysis of a normally unmanned installation facility / Kumaraningrum A.R., Indra A., Putri D.N., Shariff A.M., Hermansyah H.    
Article 4: Sequencing batch membrane photobioreactor for simultaneous cultivation of aquaculture feed and polishing of real secondary effluent / Lau A.K.S., Bilad M.R., Osman N.B., Marbelia L., Putra Z.A., Nordin N.A.H.M., Wirzal M.D.H., Jaafar J., Khan A.L.    
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Article 6: Sodium dodecyl sulfate-coated-cationized agroforestry residue as adsorbent for benzene-adsorptive sequestration from aqueous solution / Kong H., Saman N., Tee P.N., Cheu S.C., Song S.T., Johari K., Lye J.W.P., Che Yunus M.A., Mat H.    
Article 7: Solubility parameter study of polysulfone, polyvinyl acetate in dimethylacetamide solvent / Mushtaq A., Mukhtar H., Shariff A.M.    
Article 8: Studies on Different Support Seeding Conditions Applied in the Formation of NaY Zeolite Membrane / Aimen Isa M., Leng Chew T., Fong Yeong Y.    
Article 9: Supercritical extraction of value-added compounds from empty fruit bunch: An optimization study by response surface methodology /  Yim S.C., Chan Y.H., Yusup S., Johari K., Quitain A.T., Dailin D.J.   
Article 10: Supercritical water gasification of microalga Chlorella vulgaris over supported Ru / Tiong L., Komiyama M.    
Article 11: Surface modification and characterization of carbonaceous adsorbents for the efficient removal of oil pollutants / Anjum H., Johari K., Appusamy A., Gnanasundaram N., Thanabalan M.   
Article 12: Surface modification effect of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) on the morphology and separation performance of mixed matrix membranes / Wiryoatmojo A.S., Mannan H.A., Nasir R., Mukhtar H., Mohshim D.F., Abdulrahman A., Man Z.
Article 13: Syngas Production via Methane Dry Reforming over Ceria-Magnesia Mixed Oxide-Supported Nickel Catalysts / Al-Swai B.M., Osman N., Alnarabiji M.S., Adesina A.A., Abdullah B.
Article 14: Synthesis and characterization of choline–fatty-acid-based ionic liquids: A new biocompatible surfactant / Ali M.K., Moshikur R.M., Wakabayashi R., Tahara Y., Moniruzzaman M., Kamiya N., Goto M.
Article 15: Synthesis and characterization of iso-reticular metal-organic Framework-3 (IRMOF-3) for CO2/CH4 adsorption: Impact of post-synthetic aminomethyl propanol (AMP) functionalization / Ullah S., Bustam M.A., Assiri M.A., Al-Sehemi A.G., Abdul Kareem F.A., Mukhtar A., Ayoub M., Gonfa G.
Article 16: Synthesis, and characterization of metal-organic frameworks -177 for static and dynamic adsorption behavior of CO2 and CH4 / Ullah S., Bustam M.A., Assiri M.A., Al-Sehemi A.G., Sagir M., Abdul Kareem F.A., Elkhalifah A.E.I., Mukhtar A., Gonfa G.
Article 17: Synthesis, applications and swelling properties of poly (sodium acrylate-coacrylamide) based superabsorbent hydrogels / Hashmi S., Nadeem S., Awan Z., Ur Rehman A., Ghani A.A.
Article 18: Synthesis, characterization, ecotoxicity and biodegradability evaluations of novel biocompatible surface active lauroyl sarcosinate ionic liquids / Mustahil N.A., Baharuddin S.H., Abdullah A.A., Reddy A.V.B., Abdul Mutalib M.I., Moniruzzaman M.
Article 19: System Identification of Industrial Debutanizer Column / Fatima S.A., Zabiri H., Ammar Taqvi S.A., Ramli N.

Article 1Tailored hydrotalcite-based Mg-Ni-Al catalyst for hydrogen production via methane decomposition: Effect of nickel concentration and spinel-like structures / Sikander U., Samsudin M.F., Sufian S., KuShaari K., Kait C.F., Naqvi S.R., Chen W.-H.
Article 2Tailoring CO2/CH4 separation performance of mixed matrix membranes by using ZIF-8 particles functionalized with different amine groups / Suhaimi N.H., Yeong Y.F., Ch'ng C.W.M., Jusoh N.
Article 3Tailoring particle size and agglomeration state of mesoporous MCM-48 via optimisation of sol-gel silica process / Mokri N.A., Ching O.P., Mukhtar H., Leng C.T.
Article 4Tetramethyl ammonium chloride as dual functional inhibitor for methane and carbon dioxide hydrates / Khan M.S., Lal B., Keong L.K., Ahmed I.   
Article 5The effect of metal loading over Ni/γ-Al 2 O 3 and Mo/γ-Al 2 O 3 catalysts on reaction routes of hydrodeoxygenation of rubber seed oil for green diesel production / Ameen M., Azizan M.T., Ramli A., Yusup S., Abdullah B.
Article 6The effect of pH in the synthesis of carbon quantum dots from rice husk on their photoluminescence properties / Wongso V., Sambudi N.S., Sufian S., Isnaeni, Abdullah B.  
Article 7The microstructural and mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced geopolymer composites / Yaakob S.M., Sufian S., Rabat N.E., Azizli K.A.M.
Article 8Thermal analysis of a hybrid solar desalination system using various shapes of cavity receiver: Cubical, cylindrical, and hemispherical / Rafiei A., Alsagri A.S., Mahadzir S., Loni R., Najafi G., Kasaeian A.
Article 9Thermochemical behavior and characterization of palm kernel shell via TGA/DTG technique / Hussain M., Tufa L.D., Yusup S., Zabiri H.
Article 10Thermodynamic and kinetic effect of biodegradable polymers on carbondioxide hydrates / Yaqub S., lal B., Kok Keong L.
Article 11Thermodynamic data for cryogenic carbon dioxide capture from natural gas: A review / Babar M., Bustam M.A., Ali A., Shah Maulud A., Shafiq U., Mukhtar A., Shah S.N., Maqsood K., Mellon N., Shariff A.M.
Article 12Thermodynamic modelling on methane hydrate equilibrium condition in the presence of electrolyte inhibitor / Kassim Z., Saad Khan M., Lal B.

Article 1Uncertainty estimation approach in catalytic fast pyrolysis of rice husk: Thermal degradation, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters studyLoy A.C.M., Yusup S., How B.S., Yiin C.L., Chin B.L.F., Muhammad M., Gwee Y.L.    
Article 2Understanding the effect of pH on the solubility of Gamavuton-0 in the aqueous solution: Experimental and COSMO-RS modellingKurnia K.A., Harimurti S., Yung H.K., Baraheng A., Sham Alimin M.A., Dagang N.S.M., Fadhilah A., Rosyadi R., Nisa Yahya W.Z., Bustam M.A. 
Article 3Unraveling the effect of sub-cooling temperatures on the kinetic performance of biopolymers for methane hydrate / Yaqub S., lal B., Shariff A.B.M., Mellon N.B.
Article 4Unsteady free convective non-homogeneous nanofluid flow past a moving vertical plate / Narahari M., Ilyas S.U., Pendyala R.
Article 5Utilization of rice husk to enhance calcium oxide-based sorbent prepared from waste cockle shells for cyclic CO2 capture in high-temperature condition / Mohamed M., Yusup S., Quitain A.T., Kida T.

Article 1Valve stiction detection through improved pattern recognition using neural networks / Mohd Amiruddin A.A.A., Zabiri H., Jeremiah S.S., Teh W.K., Kamaruddin B.
Article 2Various Techniques for Preparation of Thin-Film Composite Mixed-Matrix Membranes for CO2 Separation / Fauzan N.A.B., Mannan H.A., Nasir R., Mohshim D.F.B., Mukhtar H.
Article 3VLE of Carbon Dioxide-Loaded Aqueous Potassium Salt of L -Histidine Solutions as a Green Solvent for Carbon Dioxide Capture: Experimental Data and Modelling / Syalsabila A., Maulud A.S., Suleman H., Hadi Md Nordin N.A.

Article 1:  Well connection optimization in integrated subsurface and surface facilities: an industrial case study / Nor N.M., Adi Putra Z., Bilad M.R., Nordin N.A.H.M., Wirzal M.D.H., Abidin S.A.Z., Daud W.R.W.
Article 2:  Winterization of biodiesel through progressive freezing for cold flow properties improvement / Yee Min H., Aini Amran N., Samsuri S.



Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

Journal Articles (2021)

Article 1A comparative study on suitability of model-free and model-fitting kinetic methods to non-isothermal degradation of lignocellulosic materials / Mahmood, H., Shakeel, A., Abdullah, A., Khan, M.I., Moniruzzaman, M.
Article 2A practical approach for synthesis of biodiesel via non-edible seeds oils using trimetallic based montmorillonite nano-catalyst / Munir M., Ahmad M., Mubashir M., Asif S., Waseem A., Mukhtar A., Saqib S., Siti Halimatul Munawaroh H., Lam M.K., Shiong Khoo K., Bokhari A., Loke Show P.
Article 3A review on deep eutectic solvents: Physiochemical properties and its application as an absorbent for sulfur dioxide / Chandran, K., Kait, C.F., Wilfred, C.D., Zaid, H.F.M.
Article 4Adsorption behavior of mercury over hydrated lime: Experimental investigation and adsorption process characteristic study / Ullah S., Al-Sehemi A.G., Mubashir M., Mukhtar A., Saqib S., Bustam M.A., Cheng C.K., Ibrahim M., Show P.L.
Article 5Adsorptive removal of phenol using banyan root activated carbon / Nirmala, G., Murugesan, T., Rambabu, K., Sathiyanarayanan, K., Show, P.L.
Article 6Agro-industrial residue gasification feasibility in captive power plants: A South-Asian case study / Naqvi S.R., Naqvi M., Ammar Taqvi S.A., Iqbal F., Inayat A., Khoja A.H., Mehran M.T., Ayoub M., Shahbaz M., Saidina Amin N.A.
Article 7An energy-efficient membrane rotating biological contactor for wastewater treatment / Waqas S., Bilad M.R., Man Z.B., Suleman H., Hadi Nordin N.A., Jaafar J., Dzarfan Othman M.H., Elma M.
Article 8An improved hybrid nanocomposites of rice husk derived graphene (GRHA)/Zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 for hydrogen adsorption / Arifin, N.F.T., Yusof, N., Nordin, N.A.H.M., Jaafar, J., Ismail, A.F., Salleh, W.N.W., Aziz, F. 

Article 1Biocompatible Ionic Liquid-Mediated Micelles for Enhanced Transdermal Delivery of Paclitaxel / Ali, M.K., Moshikur, R.M., Wakabayashi, R., Moniruzzaman, M., Goto, M.
Article 2Biocompatible ionic liquids assisted transdermal co-delivery of antigenic protein and adjuvant for cancer immunotherapy / Chowdhury, M.R., Moshikur, R.M., Wakabayashi, R., Moniruzzaman, M., Goto, M.
Article 3Biodiesel purification via ultrasonic-assisted solvent-aided crystallization / Ahmad M.A., Samsuri S.
Article 4Blended sewage sludge–palm kernel expeller to enhance the palatability of black soldier fly larvae for biodiesel production / Raksasat R., Kiatkittipong K., Kiatkittipong W., Wong C.Y., Lam M.K., Ho Y.C., Oh W.D., Suryawan I.W.K., Lim J.W.


Article 1Cellulose acetate-based membranes by interfacial engineering and integration of ZIF-62 glass nanoparticles for CO2 separation / Mubashir M., Dumée L.F., Fong Y.Y., Jusoh N., Lukose J., Chai W.S., Show P.L.
Article 2Characterization of Synthesized Polymeric Blend Membranes Enhanced By Methyl Diethanolamine For Efficient co2Separation / Mushtaq A., Mukhtar H.B., Shariff A.M.
Article 3CO2 from waste to resource by developing novel mixed matrix membranes / Shakoor A., Khan A.L., Akhter P., Aslam M., Bilad M.R., Maafa I.M., Moustakas K., Nizami A.-S., Hussain M.
Article 4Co-anaerobic digestion of chicken manure with the addition of Cymbopogan citratus, Mentha piperita and Citrus sinensis as fly deterrent agents: Biogas production and Kinetic study / Hakimi, M., Shamsuddin, R., Pendyala, R., Siyal, A.A., AlMohamadi, H.
Article 5Comparison of different activated agents on biomass-derived graphene towards the hybrid nanocomposites with zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 for room temperature hydrogen storage / Arifin N.F.T., Yusof N., Nordin N.A.H.M., Bilad M.R., Jaafar J., Ismail A.F., Aziz F., Salleh W.N.W.
Article 6Complex chemical kinetic mechanism reduction for simultaneous catalytic oxidation and desulphurization of hydrogen sulphide / Chai B.W.L., Foo H.C.Y., Tan I.S., Lam M.K., Lau L.C.
Article 7Corn starch/PVA bioplastics—The properties and biodegradability study using Chlorella vulgaris cultivation / Lim R., Kiew P.L., Lam M.K., Yeoh W.M., Ho M.Y.
Article 8COSMO-RS prediction and experimental investigation of amino acid ionic liquid-based deep eutectic solvents for copper removal / Foong C.Y., Mohd Zulkifli M.F., Wirzal M.D.H., Bustam M.A., Nor L.H.M., Saad M.S., Abd Halim N.S.
Article 9Co-valorization of delayed petroleum coke – palm kernel shell for activated carbon production / Rashidi N.A., Yusup S.
Article 10Crystal violet degradation over BiVO4 photocatalyst under visible light irradiation / Nong L.X., Nguyen V.H., Bach L.G., Tran T.V., Hong S.S., Abdullah B., Hien N.K., Nguyen T.D.
Article 11Cumulative impact assessment of hazardous ionic liquids towards aquatic species using risk assessment methods / Khan M.I., Mubashir M., Zaini D., Mahnashi M.H., Alyami B.A., Alqarni A.O., Show P.L.

Article 1Development of a novel switched packed bed process for cryogenic CO2 capture from natural gas / Babar M., Mukhtar A., Mubashir M., Saqib S., Ullah S., Quddusi A.H.A., Bustam M.A., Show P.L.
Article 2Development of an extended model for the permeation of environmentally hazardous CO2 gas across asymmetric hollow fiber composite membranes / Jamil, A., Ching, O.P., Iqbal, T., Rafiq, S., Zia-ul-Haq, M., Shahid, M.Z., Mubashir, M., Manickam, S., Show, P.L.
Article 3Development of Photo-Fenton oxidation as green strategy for phenol degradation enhancement via DMF-controlled TiO2nanotubes under various oxidizing agents / Zulfiqar M., Sufian S., Rabat N.E., Mansor N.
Article 4Development of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane via assembly of tannic acid and polyvinylpyrrolidone for filtration of oil/water emulsion / Nawi N.I.M., Amat S.O., Bilad M.R., Nordin N.A.H.M., Shamsuddin N., Prayogi S., Narkkun T., Faungnawakij K.
Article 5Development of rubber seed shell-activated carbon using impregnated pyridinium-based ionic liquid for enhanced CO2 adsorption / Mokti, N., Borhan, A., Zaine, S.N.A., Zaid, H.F.M.
Article 6Development of the Low-Cost and Green Hibiscus cannabinus Bioadsorbent for the Removal of Dye in Wastewater / Raja, Y.S., Samsudin, M.F.R., Sufian, S.


Article 1Effect of membrane materials and operational parameters on performance and energy consumption of oil/water emulsion filtration / Barambu, N.U., Bilad, M.R., Huda, N., Nordin, N.A.H.M., Bustam, M.A., Doyan, A., Roslan, J.
Article 2Effect of particle size and tapioca starch content on performance of the rice husk and red bean skin briquettes / Anggraeni, S., Putri, S.R., Nandiyanto, A.B.D., Bilad, M.R.
Article 3Effect of protic ionic liquid treatment on the pyrolysis products of lignin extracted from oil palm biomass / Rashid T., Sher F., Khan A.S., Khalid U., Rasheed T., Iqbal H.M.N., Murugesan T.
Article 4Effects of particle size and composition of cassava peels and rice husk on the briquette performance / Anggraeni S., Hofifah S.N., Nandiyanto A.B.D., Bilad M.R.
Article 5Effects of particle size and composition of sawdust/carbon from rice husk on the briquette performance / Anggraeni, S., Girsang, G.C.S., Nandiyanto, A.B.D., Bilad, M.R.
Article 6Effects of solution ph on the filtration profile and cake formation of aerosol-modified pes membrane / Arahman, N., Razi, F., Mulyati, S., Yusuf, M., Muchtar, S., Aprilia, S., Fathanah, U., Fahrina, A., Windana, D.S., Satria, S., Bilad, M.R., Baig, M.A.A.
Article 7Efficient utilization of low cost agro materials for incorporation of copper nanoparticles to scrutinize their antibacterial properties in drinking water / Bashir F., Irfan M., Ahmad T., Iqbal J., Butt M.T., Sadef Y., Umbreen M., Shaikh I.A., Moniruzzaman M.       
Article 8Electrospun polylactic acid/ tungsten oxide/ amino-functionalized carbon quantum dots (PLA/WO3/N-CQDs) fibers for oil/water separation and photocatalytic decolorization / Nugraha, M.W., Wirzal, M.D.H., Ali, F., Roza, L., Sambudi, N.S.
Article 9Energy efficient harvesting of Spirulina sp. from the growth medium using a tilted panel membrane filtration / Ismail, I., Kurnia, K.A., Samsuri, S., Bilad, M.R., Marbelia, L., Ismail, N.M., Khan, A.L., Budiman, A., Susilawati, S.    
Article 10Enhanced lignin extraction and optimisation from oil palm biomass using neural network modelling / Rashid T., Ali Ammar Taqvi S., Sher F., Rubab S., Thanabalan M., Bilal M., ul Islam B.
Article 11Enhanced photocatalytic performance of visible light driven TiO2/g-C3N4 for degradation of diclofenac in aqueous solution / John P., Johari K., Gnanasundaram N., Appusamy A., Thanabalan M.
Article 12Enhancement of adsorption and photocatalytic activities of alkaline-based TiO2 nanotubes for experimental and theoretical investigation under FeCl3 and H2O2 / Zulfiqar M., Sufian S., Rabat N.E., Mansor N.
Article 13Evaluation of kinetics and mechanism properties of CO2 adsorption onto the palm kernel shell activated carbon / Rashidi, N.A., Bokhari, A., Yusup, S.
Article 14Evaluation of wastewater treatment performance to a field-scale constructed wetland system at clogged condition: A case study of ammonia manufacturing plant / Keng T.S., Samsudin M.F.R., Sufian S.
Article 15Experimental and modeling studies on enhancing the thermodynamic hydrate inhibition performance of monoethylene glycol via synergistic green material / Bharathi A., Nashed O., Lal B., Foo K.S.
Article 16Experimental and simulation study on high-pressure V-L-S cryogenic hybrid network for CO2 capture from highly sour natural gas / Maqsood K., Ali A., Nasir R., Abdulrahman A., Mahfouz A.B., Ahmed A., Shariff A.B.M., Ganguly S., Mubashir M., Show P.L.
Article 17Experimental and theoretical investigations on kinetic mechanisms of low-pressure CO2 adsorption onto Malaysian coals / Abunowara M., Sufian S., Bustam M.A., Babar M., Eldemerdash U., Bencini R., Ullah S., Assiri M.A., Al-Sehemi A.G., Mukhtar A.
Article 18Explication of hydrophobic silica as effective pore former for membrane fabrication / Fernandes, C.S., Md Nordin, N.A.H., Bilad, M.R., Matsuura, T., Putra, Z.A., Wirzal, M.D.H., Jaafar, J.

Article 1Fabrication, performance evaluation, and optimisation of adsorptive ammonia removal using hollow fibre ceramic membrane: Response surface methodology approach / Adam M.R., Othman M.H.D., Sheikh Abdul Kadir S.H., Puteh M.H., Jamalludin M.R., Md Nordin N.A.H., Ab Rani M.A., Mustafa A., Rahman M.A., Jaafar J.
Article 2Five-lump kinetic approach on biofuel production from refined rubber seed oil over Cu/ZSM-5 catalyst via catalytic cracking reaction / Gurdeep Singh H.K., Yusup S., Quitain A.T., Abdullah B., Inayat A., Ameen M., Cheah K.W., Sasaki M., Kida T., Chai Y.H.





Article 1Membrane filtration as post-treatment of rotating biological contactor for wastewater treatment / Waqas, S., Bilad, M.R., Huda, N., Harun, N.Y., Md Nordin, N.A.H., Shamsuddin, N., Wibisono, Y., Khan, A.L., Roslan, J.
Article 2Modeling and optimization of biochar based adsorbent derived from Kenaf using response surface methodology on adsorption of CD2+ / Saeed, A.A.H., Harun, N.Y., Sufian, S., Bilad, M.R., Nufida, B.A., Ismail, N.M., Zakaria, Z.Y., Jagaba, A.H., Ghaleb, A.A.S., Al-Dhawi, B.N.S.   
Article 3Modelling of the minimum ignition temperature (MIT) of corn dust using statistical analysis and artificial neural networks based on the synergistic effect of concentration and dispersion pressure / Arshad U., Taqvi S.A.A., Buang A.     
Article 4Modified titania impact on photocatalytic efficiency of bmim [cl] / Shahhiran, A.F., Ramli, R.M., Zaid, H.F.M.
Article 5Moisture content impact on properties of briquette produced from rice husk waste / Saeed A.A.H., Harun N.Y., Bilad M.R., Afzal M.T., Parvez A.M., Roslan F.A.S., Rahim S.A., Vinayagam V.D., Afolabi H.K.

Article 1Niching grey wolf optimizer for multimodal optimization problems / Ahmed, R., Nazir, A., Mahadzir, S., Shorfuzzaman, M., Islam, J.
Article 2Nifedipine degradation by an electro-oxidation process using titanium-based RuO2–IrO2–TiO2 mixed metal oxide electrode / Wirzal M.D.H., Sathishkumar P., Alshahrani L.A., Yusoff A.R.M., Gu F.L., Qureshi M.S., Khalid M., Khokhar F.M.
Article 3Nitrogen and bismuth-doped rice husk-derived carbon quantum dots for dye degradation and heavy metal removal / Chung Hui, K., Lun Ang, W., Soraya Sambudi, N.


Article 1Optimization and evaluation of reduced graphene oxide hydrogel composite as a demulsifier for heavy crude oil-in-water emulsion / Fong K.K., Tan I.S., Foo H.C.Y., Lam M.K., Tiong A.C.Y., Lim S.
Article 2Optimization of Progressive Freezing for Residual Oil Recovery from a Palm Oil-Water Mixture (POME Model) / Anuar M.A.M., Amran N.A., Ruslan M.S.H.
Article 3Optimization of progressive freezing on synthetic produced water by circular moving cylindrical crystallizer via response surface methodology / Mazli W.N.A., Samsuri S., Amran N.A., Yáñez E.H.    
Article 4Optimization of synthesis of geopolymer adsorbent for the effective removal of anionic surfactant from aqueous solution / Siyal A.A., Shamsuddin M.R., Khahro S.H., Low A., Ayoub M.
Article 5Optimization of synthesis of inverse vulcanized copolymers from rubber seed oil using response surface methodology / Ghumman A.S.M., Shamsuddin R., Nasef M.M., Nisa Yahya W.Z., Abbasi A.
Article 6Optimization of the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Quercus infectoria galls extracts and its bioactivities / Mohd-Nasir H., Putra N.R., Chuo S.C., Daud N.M., Hartati H., Bakeri N., Ruslan M.S.H., Mohd-Setapar S.H., Ahmad A., Md Salleh L. 
Article 7Organosulfur Compounds as Soil Urease Inhibitors and Their Effect on Kinetics of Urea Hydrolysis / Salehuddin, N.F., Mansor, N., Yahya, W.Z.N., Noor Affendi, N.M., Manogaran, M.D.
Article 8Oxytetracycline mineralization inside a UV/H2O2 system of advanced oxidation processes: Inorganic by-product / Rahmah, A.U., Harimurti, S., Kurnia, K.A., Omar, A.A., Murugesan, T.

Article 1Packed column modelling and experimental evaluation for CO2 absorption using MDEA solution at high pressure and high CO2 concentrations / Shahid M.Z., Maulud A.S., Bustam M.A., Suleman H., Abdul Halim H.N., Shariff A.M.
Article 2Parametric study of glycerol and contaminants removal from biodiesel through solvent-aided crystallization / Ahmad, M.A., Letchumanan, A., Samsuri, S., Mazli, W.N.A., Md Saad, J.
Article 3Particle swarm optimization and global sensitivity analysis for catalytic co-pyrolysis of Chlorella vulgaris and plastic waste mixtures / Majid M., Chin B.L.F., Jawad Z.A., Chai Y.H., Lam M.K., Yusup S., Cheah K.W.    
Article 4Performance and energy consumption evaluation of rotating biological contactor for domestic wastewater treatment / Waqas S., Bilad M.R., Man Z.B.
Article 5Performance prediction of flat sheet commercial nanofiltration membrane using Donnan-Steric Pore Model / Qadir, D., Nasir, R., Mukhtar, H., Uddin, F.
Article 6Photogrammetry based computational fluid dynamics of erosion of sand particles in water pipeline: Dynamic shape factors of 3D particles and minimization of erosion activity / Tang, H.Y., Foo, H.C.Y., Tan, I.S., Lam, M.K.
Article 7Pilot-scale biomass gasification system for hydrogen production from palm kernel shell (part A): steady-state simulation / Hussain M., Zabiri H., Uddin F., Yusup S., Tufa L.D.
Article 8Pilot-scale biomass gasification system for hydrogen production from palm kernel shell (part B): dynamic and control studies / Hussain, M., Zabiri, H., Uddin, F., Yusup, S., Tufa, L.D.
Article 9Polyvinylidene fluoride membrane via vapour induced phase separation for oil/water emulsion filtration / Nawi N.I.M., Sait N.R., Bilad M.R., Shamsuddin N., Jaafar J., Nordin N.A.H., Narkkun T., Faungnawakij K., Mohshim D.F.
Article 10Porous polyether sulfone for direct methanol fuel cell applications: Structural analysis / Junoh H., Jaafar J., M. Nordin N.A.H., Ismail A.F., Othman M.H.D., Rahman M.A., Aziz F., Yusof N., Sayed Daud S.N.S.
Article 11Potential efficient separation of oil from bilgewater and kitchen wastewater by fractional freezing process / Mustapha, S.N.A., Amran, N.A., Roslan, I.L., Chandra Segaran, R., Samsuri, S.
Article 12Prediction of industrial debutanizer column compositions using data-driven ANFIS- and ANN-based approaches / Fatima S.A., Ramli N., Taqvi S.A.A., Zabiri H.
Article 13Prediction of infinite dilution activity coefficient of alcohol in ionic liquids using group contribution method / Thangarajoo N., Taqvi S.A.A., Matheswaran P., Johari K., Noh M.H.
Article 14Preliminary evaluation of the properties and biodegradability of glycerol- and sorbitol-plasticized potato-based bioplastics / Ng, J.S., Kiew, P.L., Lam, M.K., Yeoh, W.M., Ho, M.Y. q
Article 15Preparation and characterization of bentonite - Based ceramic hollow fiber membrane / Raji, Y.O., Othman, M.H.D., Nordin, N.A.H.S.Md., Ismail, A.F., Rahman, M.A., Jaafar, J., Usman, J., Mamah, S.C.
Article 16Pristine and magnetic kenaf fiber biochar for cd2+ adsorption from aqueous solution / Saeed, A.A.H., Harun, N.Y., Sufian, S., Bilad, M.R., Zakaria, Z.Y., Jagaba, A.H., Ghaleb, A.A.S., Mohammed, H.G.
Article 17Production and characterization of bamboo-based activated carbon through single-step H3PO4 activation for CO2 capture / Ismail, I.S., Rashidi, N.A., Yusup, S.
Article 18Production of biodiesel from waste bio-oil through ultrasound assisted transesterification using immobilized lipase / Yasvanthrajan, N., Sivakumar, P., Muthukumar, K., Murugesan, T., Arunagiri, A.
Article 19Production, optimization, and characterization of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)–papaya (Carica papaya) wine using Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Patil P.S., Deshannavar U.B., Ramasamy M., Emani S.


Article 1Quality and environmental impacts of oil production through pyrolysis of waste tyres / Yasar, A., Rana, S., Moniruzzaman, M., Nazar, M., Tabinda, A.B., Haider, R., Ahmad, A., Mukhtar, A., Qyyum, M.A., Ullah, S.
Article 2Quantitative Estimation of Biocapped Surface Chemistry Driven Interparticle Interactions and Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles / Ahmad T., Bustam M.A., Suleman H., Irfan M., Iqbal J., Asghar H.M.A.

Article 1Reaction kinetic and thermodynamics studies for in-situ transesterification of wet microalgae paste to biodiesel / Nguyen T.T., Lam M.K., Cheng Y.W., Uemura Y., Mansor N., Lim J.W., Show P.L., Tan I.S., Lim S.
Article 2Recent advances in the catalytic deoxygenation of plant oils and prototypical fatty acid models compounds: Catalysis, process, and kinetics / Cheah K.W., Yusup S., Loy A.C.M., How B.S., Skoulou V., Taylor M.J.  
Article 3Removal of cadmium from aqueous solution by optimized rice husk biochar using response surface methodology / Ameen Hezam Saeed, A., Yub Harun, N., Mahmoud Nasef, M., Al-Fakih, A., Abdulhakim Saeed Ghaleb, A., Kolawole Afolabi, H.
Article 4Response surface optimization of syngas production from greenhouse gases via DRM over high performance Ni–W catalyst / Yusuf, M., Farooqi, A.S., Alam, M.A., Keong, L.K., Hellgardt, K., Abdullah, B.
Article 5Revisiting Threshold Fouling Models for Crude Oil Fouling / Deshannavar, U.B., Marappagounder, R.
Article 6Rice husk derived graphene-like material: Activation with phosphoric acid in the absence of inert gas for hydrogen gas storage / Tajul Arifin N.F., Yusof N., Md Nordin N.A.H., Jaafar J., Ismail A.F., Aziz F., Wan Salleh W.N.

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