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UTP Research Articles

UTP research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal



Journal Articles (2019)

Article 1A brief review of frequency, radiation pattern, polarization, and compound reconfigurable antennas for 5G applications / Kamran Shereen M., Khattak M.I., Witjaksono G.

Article 2A Condition Monitoring System for the Analysis of Bearing Distributed Faults / Irfan M., Saad N., Ali A., Vinoth Kumar K., Aman Sheikh M., Awais M.
Article 3A hybrid model based on constraint OSELM, adaptive weighted SRC and KNN for large-scale indoor localization / Gan H., Khir M.H.B.M., Witjaksono Bin Djaswadi G., Ramli N.
Article 4A Low PAPR Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier System for 5G Machine Type Communications / Baig I., Farooq U., Hasan N.U., Zghaibeh M., Jeoti V., Imran M.
Article 5A novel 1.6 kV high voltage low current step-up DC-DC converter with cockcroft-walton voltage multiplier for power supply modules / Murad S.A.Z., Azmi N.A., Harun A., Zulkifli T.Z.A.
Article 6A Novel Technique to Diagnose Sleep Apnea in Suspected Patients Using Their ECG Data / Ali S.Q., Khalid S., Belhaouari S.B.
Article 7A Quasi-Oppositional-Chaotic Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm for global optimization problems / Truong K.H., Nallagownden P., Baharudin Z., Vo D.N.
Article 8A Time-Domain Channel Impulse Response Estimation Method for an OFDM Sounding System / Iqbal A., Jeoti V., Drieberg M., Wen W.P.
Article 9A triple band hybrid MIMO rectangular dielectric resonator antenna for LTE applications / Cheh Lin I.K., Jamaluddin M.H., Awang A., Selvaraju R., Dahri M.H., Yen L.C., Rahim H.A.
Article 10Advanced Bio-Sensing System for Thermal Ambience Comfort / Mathe R.P., Ali S.S.A., Gilani S.I.U.H., Adil S.H., Ebrahim M.   
Article 11An analytical model to minimize the latency in healthcare internet-of-things in fog computing environment / Shukla S., Hassan M.F., Khan M.K., Jung L.T., Awang A.
Article 12An Automated Feature Extraction Algorithm for Diagnosis of Gear Faults / Irfan M., Saad N., Alwadie A., Awais M., Aman Sheikh M., Glowacz A., Kumar V.
Article 13An Efficient Implementation of LED Block Cipher on FPGA / Al-Shatari M., Hussin F.A., Aziz A.A., Witjaksono G., Rohmad M.S., Tran X.-T.
Article 14An experimental demonstration of hybrid fuzzy-fuzzy space-vector control on AC variable speed drives / Magzoub M., Saad N., Ibrahim R., Irfan M.
Article 15An improved calibration technique for polarization images / Wibowo E.P., Talita A.S., Iqbal M., Benny Mutiara A., Lu C.-K., Meriaudeau F.
Article 16An Improved Modified Capacitor-Assisted Z-Source Inverter with Reduced Capacitor Voltage Stress and Inrush Start-up Current / Subhani N., Kannan R., Porkumaran K., Prasath S., Srinath M.
Article 17An Unsupervised Automated Method to Diagnose Industrial Motors Faults / Sheikh M.A., Saad N.R., Mohd Nor N.B., Tahir Rakhsh S., Irfan M.
Article 18Analysis of band gap in AA and Ab stacked bilayer graphene by Hamiltonian tight binding method / Junaid M., Witjaksono G.
Article 19Analysis of bearing faulty cage using non-intrusive condition monitoring techniques / Irfan M., Alwadie A., Saad N., Sheikh M.A.
Article 20Analysis of distributed faults in inner and outer race of bearing via Park vector analysis method / Irfan M., Saad N., Ibrahim R., Asirvadam V.S., Alwadie A.
Article 21Analysis of Mobile Robot Indoor Mapping using GMapping Based SLAM with Different Parameter / Norzam W.A.S., Hawari H.F., Kamarudin K.
Article 22Analysis of steady-state characteristics for a newly designed high voltage gain switched inductor Z-source inverter / Subhani N., Kannan R., Mahmud M.A., Roy T.K., Romlie M.F.
Article 23Analyzing the effects of LED lamp arrangements on performance of an indoor visible light communication system / Masroor K., Jeoti V., Drieberg M.
Article 24Automated and Online Eye Blink Artifact Removal from Electroencephalogram / Egambaram A., Badruddin N., Asirvadam V.S., Fauvet E., Stolz C., Begum T.
Article 25Automated Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) analysis using fine tuning with inception-resnet-v2 on oct images / Kamble R.M., Kokare M., Chan G.C.Y., Perdomo O., González F.A., Müller H., Mériaudeau F.
Article 26Automatic Assessment of Depression Based on Visual Cues: A Systematic Review / Pampouchidou A., Simos P.G., Marias K., Meriaudeau F., Yang F., Pediaditis M., Tsiknakis M.
Article 27Automatic eye blink artifact removal for EEG based on a sparse coding technique for assessing major mental disorders / Zafar R., Qayyum A., Mumtaz W.
Article 28: Autonomous Visual Navigation using Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview / Ejaz M.M., Tang T.B., Lu C.-K.

Article 1Bayesian algorithm based localization of EEG recorded electromagnetic brain activity / Jatoi M.A., Kamel N., Musavi S.H.A., López J.D.
Article 2Bayesian Framework based Brain Source Localization Using High SNR EEG Data / Jatoi M.A., Kamel N., Gaho A.A., Dharejo F.A.
Article 3Breast Cancer Detection Based on Deep Learning Technique / Ismail N.S., Sovuthy C.
Article 4Building Ambient Temperature Measurement using Industrial Wireless Mesh Technology / Duc Chung T., Ibrahim R.B.


Article 1Chained-Function Waveguide Filter for 5G and beyond / Lim Y.P., Toh Y.L., Cheab S., Ng G.S., Wong P.W.
Article 2Characteristics of Asphaltenes Thin Film Extracted from Crude-Oil-Tank-Bottom-Sludge (COTBS) / Thulasiraman S., Yunus N.M.M., Kumar P., Burhanudin Z.A., Wilfred C.D., Ariffin A., Hamdan M.F., Hamid N.H.
Article 3Characterization stress reactions to stroop color-word test using spectral analysis / Hamid F.A., Saad M.N.M., Malik A.S.
Article 4Classification of motor functions from electroencephalogram (EEG) signals based on an integrated method comprised of common spatial pattern and wavelet transform frameworkYahya N., Musa H., Ong Z.Y., Elamvazuthi I.
Article 5Classification of Neurological States from Biosensor Signals Based on Statistical Features / Xin S.Q., Yahya N., Izhar L.I.       
Article 6Classification of neuroticism using psychophysiological signals during speaking task based on two different baseline measurements / Izhar L.I., Roslan N.S., Feng Y.X., Faye I., Ho E.T.W., Rahman M.A.
Article 7Classification of Rheumatoid Arthritis using Machine Learning Algorithms / Sharon H., Elamvazuthi I., Lu C.K., Parasuraman S., Natarajan E.
Article 8Classification of visual and non-visual learners using electroencephalographic alpha and gamma activities / Jawed S., Amin H.U., Malik A.S., Faye I.
Article 9CLL/S detuned compensation network for electric vehicles wireless charging application / Aziz A.F.A., Romlie M.F., Zulkifli T.Z.A.
Article 10CNN-LSTM: Cascaded framework for brain tumour classification / Shahzadi I., Meriadeau F., Tang T.B., Quyyum A.
Article 11Combinatorial Optimization: Comparison of Heuristic Algorithms in Travelling Salesman Problem / Halim A.H., Ismail I.
Article 12Communication Latency in Multi-agent System for Microgrid / Singh N., Elamvazuthi I., Nallagownden P., Ramasamy G., Jangra A.
Article 13Compression after impact behaviour and failure analysis of nanosilica-toughened thin epoxy/gfrp composite laminates / Prince Jeya Lal L., Ramesh S., Parasuraman S., Natarajan E., Elamvazuthi I.
Article 14Correlation of charge neutrality point and ions capture in DNA-graphene field-effect transistor using drift-diffusion model / Mohd Norhakim N.N.H.B., Arif Bin Burhanudin Z.
Article 15Coupling matrix synthesis and design of a chained-function waveguide filter / Lim Y.P., Toh Y.L., Cheab S., Lucyszyn S., Wong P.W.

Article 1: Data Clustering Technique for In-Network Data Reduction in Wireless Sensor Network / Alam M.K., Aziz A.A., Latif S.A., Awang A.    
Article 2Deep Learning for Polar Codes over Flat Fading Channels / Irawan A., Witjaksono G., Wibowo W.K.     
Article 3: Denoising of neuronal signal from mixed systemic low-frequency oscillation using peripheral measurement as noise regressor in near-infrared imaging / Sutoko S., Chan Y.L., Obata A., Sato H., Maki A., Numata T., Funane T., Atsumori H., Kiguchi M., Tang T.B., Li Y., Frederick B.D., Tong Y.     
Article 4: Design and Analysis of Absorptive Filter Integrated SPDT Switch using Coupled Line L-shape and Transmission Line Stub Resonators / Zobilah A.M., Shairi N.A., Zakaria Z., Othman A., Wong P.W.    
Article 5Design and Analysis of Fractional-order Oscillators Using Scilab / Bingi K., Ibrahim R., Karsiti M.N., Hassan S.M., Elamvazuthi I., Devan A.M.      
Article 6: Design and Analysis of Graphene Nano-Bowtie circular array Antenna for Energy Harvesting Applications /  Zakaullah, Witjaksono G., Khattak M.I., Israr H.   
Article 7Design and Synthesis of Chained-Response Multiband Filters / Bong D.C.H., Jeoti V., Cheab S., Wong P.W.      
Article 8: Design and Synthesis of Parallel Connected Chained Function Filter / Chuan C.Y., Sovuthy C.    
Article 9: Design of compact microstrip patch antenna for WBAN applications at ISM 2.4 GHz / Ali S.M., Jeoti V., Saeidi T., Wen W.P.    
Article 10: Detection and Analysis of Driver Drowsiness / Amirudin N.A.B., Saad N., Ali S.S.A., Adil S.H.    
Article 11: Development of EMG based Upper Arm Exoskeleton / Ying G.L., Elamvazuthi I., Khan M.K.A.A., Parasuraman S.
Article 12: Development of real time internet of things (IoT) based air quality monitoring system / Hawari H.F., Zainal A.A., Ahmad M.R.
Article 13: Dielectric properties of complete oil palm trunk sample (healthy and unhealthy) / Saeidi T., Ismail I., Wen W.P., Alhawari A.R.H.


Article 1EEG Data Compression using Truncated Singular Value Decomposition for Remote Driver Status Monitoring / Alam M.K., Aziz A.A., Latif S.A., Awang A.
Article 2EEG Eye State Identification based on Statistical Feature and Common Spatial Pattern Filter / Woon W.C., Yahya N., Badruddin N.
Article 3EEG in classroom: EMD features to detect situational interest of students during learning / Babiker A., Faye I., Mumtaz W., Malik A.S., Sato H.
 Article 4EEG visual and non- Visual learner classification using LSTM recurrent neural networks / Jawed S., Amin H.U., Malik A.S., Faye I.
Article 5Effect of Neurofeedback 2D and 3D Stimulus Content on Stress Mitigation / Hafeez Y., Ali S.S.A., Faraz S., Moinuddin M., Adil S.H.
Article 6Effect of stress distribution on transverse and longitudinal framing in cargo ship using FEA method / Zakaria Z.A.B., Hasan K.N.M., Bashah N.A.K., Khoirunnizam M.F.B., Johari M.N.B., Arifuzzaman A.H.B., Razak M.N.B.A.
Article 7: Efficiency investigation of SS and SP compensation topologies for wireless power transfer / Rehman M., Nallagownden P., Baharudin Z.
Article 8Electrothermal Analysis of a MetalMUMPs Device for Acetone Detection / Ahmed A.Y., Khir M.H.M., Dennis J.O., Rabih A.A.S.
Article 9Elliptical slot circular patch antenna array with dual band behaviour for future 5G mobile communication networks / Khattak M.I., Sohail A., Khan U., Ullah Z., Witjaksono G.
Article 10Emotional stroop task recognition by band-localize fractal dimension method / Hamid F.A., Saad M.N.M., Haris N.
Article 11Energetic optimization of solar water heating system with flat plate collector using search group algorithm / Huy T.H.B., Nallagownden P., Kannan R., Dieu V.N.
Article 12Enhanced Dickson voltage multiplier rectenna by developing analytical model for radio frequency harvesting applications / Ali E.M., Yahaya N.Z., Nallagownden P., Alqasem B.H.
Article 13Enhanced Trench Shielded Power UMOSFET for Single Event Burnout Hardening / Krishnamurthy S., Kannan R., Hussin F.A., Yahya E.A.
Article 14Experimental investigation of a planar antenna with band rejection features for ultra-wide band (UWB) wireless networks / Khan M.I., Khattak M.I., Witjaksono G., Barki Z.U., Ullah S., Khan I., Lee B.M.
Article 15Exploring EEG Effective Connectivity Network in Estimating Influence of Color on Emotion and Memory / Chai M.T., Amin H.U., Izhar L.I., Saad M.N.M., Abdul Rahman M., Malik A.S., Tang T.B.

Article 1: Feature selection of Human Daily Activities using Ensemble method Classification / Nurhanim K., Elamvazuthi I., Izhar L.I., Capi G.
Article 2Fractal dimension and power spectrum of electroencephalography signals of sleep inertia state / Radzi S.S.M., Asirvadam V.S., Yusoff M.Z.
Article 3Framework for Pedestrian Detection, Tracking and Re-identification in Video Surveillance System / Salehian S., Sebastian P., Sayuti A.B.
Article 4Frequency Response Based Curve Fitting Approximation of Fractional-Order PID Controllers / Bingi K., Ibrahim R., Karsiti M.N., Hassam S.M., Harindran V.R.


Article 1Image classification based on sparse-coded features using sparse coding technique for aerial imagery: a hybrid dictionary approach / Qayyum A., Saeed Malik A., Saad N.M., Iqbal M., Abdullah M.F., Rasheed W., Abdullah T.A.B.R., Bin Jafaar M.Y.
Article 2Impact of gamma-ray irradiation on dynamic characteristics of Si and SiC power MOSFETs / Krishnamurthy S., Kannan R., Kiong C.C., Ibrahim T.B., Abdullah Y.
Article 3Implementation of flow control over wirelessHART sensor network using wirelessHART adaptors / Hassan S.M., Bingi K., Ibrahim R., Chein L.J., Supramaniam T.R.
Article 4Incremental Tensor-Based Completion Method for Detection of Stationary Foreground Objects / Kajo I., Kamel N., Ruichek Y.
Article 5Interference and Priority Aware Coexistence (IPC) Algorithm for Link Scheduling in IEEE 802.15.6 Based WBANs / Khan F.N., Ahmad R., Ahmed W., Alam M.M., Drieberg M.
Article 6Intersection-based link-adaptive beaconless forwarding in urban vehicular ad-hoc networks / Husain K., Awang A., Kamel N., Aïssa S.
Article 7Investigating Neurofeedback Protocols for Stress Mitigation: A Comparative Analysis of Different Stimulus Contents / Hafeez Y., Ali S.S.A., Mumtaz W., Moinuddin M., Adil S.H., Al-Saggaf U.M., Yasin M.A.B.M., Malik A.S.
Article 8Investigating the schedulability of periodic real-time tasks in virtualized cloud environment / Alhussian H., Zakaria N., Patel A., Jaradat A., Abdulkadir S.J., Ahmed A.Y., Bahbouh H.T., Fageeri S.O., Elsheikh A.A., Watada J.
Article 9Investigation of EEG-Based Graph-Theoretic Analysis for Automatic Diagnosis of Alcohol Use Disorder / Mumtaz W., Vařeka L., Mouček R.
Article 10IoT Based Vehicle Emission Monitoring and Alerting System / Devan P.A.M., Hussin F.A., Ibrahim R., Bingi K., Nagarajapandian M.


Article 1Knee articular cartilage segmentation from MR images: A Review / Kumar D., Gandhamal A., Talbar S., Hani A.F.M.     

Article 1Linear Matrix Inequality Based Controller used in Multivariable Systems / Nagarajapandian M., Kanthalakshmi S., Anitha T., Devan P.A.M.
Article 2Low-power RRAM Device based 1T1R Array Design with CNTFET as Access Device / Zahoor F., Zulkifli T.Z.A., Khanday F.A., Fida A.A.
Article 3Low-Voltage Low-Power Integrable CMOS Circuit Implementation of Integer- and Fractional-Order FitzHugh-Nagumo Neuron Model / Khanday F.A., Kant N.A., Dar M.R., Zulkifli T.Z.A., Psychalinos C.


Article 1Machine-Learning-Based Multiple Abstraction-Level Detection of Hardware Trojan Inserted at Register-Transfer Level / Choo H.S., Ooi C.Y., Inoue M., Ismail N., Moghbel M., Baskara Dass S., Kok C.H., Hussin F.A.
Article 2Maritime shift workers sleepiness detection system with multi-modality cues / Balandong R.P., Tang T.B., Short M.A., Saad N.M.
Article 3Measurement of range of motions of L3-L4 healthy spine through offsetting reflective markers and in silico analysis of meshed model / Kosalishkwaran G., Parasuraman S., Singh D.K.J., Natarajan E., Elamvazuthi I., George J.
Article 4Measuring of Real-Time Traffic Flow Using Video from Multiple IP-Based Cameras / Mutharpavalar A.A.P., Sebastian P.
Article 5Modelling and System Identification of Gas Fuel Valves in Rowen's Model for Dry Low Emission Gas Turbine / Omar M., Ibrahim R., Abdullah M.F., Tarik M.H.M.
Article 6Multi-Agent Based Energy Management in Microgrids Using MACSimJX / Lakhina U., Elamvazuthi I., Badruddin N., Meriaudeau F., Ramasamy G., Jangra A.
Article 7Multi-Energy Threshold-based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks / Mansura A., Drieberg M., Aziz A.A., Bassoo V.
Article 8Multi-Input Power Converter for Renewable Energy Sources using Active Current Sharing Schemes / Mazelan F.N., Kannan R., Hasan K.N.M., Ali A.

Article 1Near-field and far-field investigation of miniaturized UWB antenna for imaging of wood / Saeidi T., Ismail I., Alhawari A.R.H., Wen W.P.
Article 2Net Classification Based on Testability and Netlist Structural Features for Hardware Trojan Detection / Kok C.H., Ooi C.Y., Inoue M., Moghbel M., Baskara Dass S., Choo H.S., Ismail N., Hussin F.A.
Article 3Neural correlates of eye contact in face-to-face verbal interaction: An EEG-based study of the extraversion personality trait / Roslan N.S., Izhar L.I., Faye I., Amin H.U., Saad M.N.M., Sivapalan S., Karim S.A.A., Rahman M.A.
Article 4New alternative realizations of a cross coupled quadruplet bandpass filter / Kuo J.-T., Wang C.-C., Ng C.L., Lin C.-H., Wong P.W.
Article 5New Smart Power Management Hybrid System Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell / Benmessaoud M.T., Boudghene Stambouli A., Vasant P., Flazi S., Koinuma H., Tioursi M.


Article 1On Self Driving Cars: An LED Time of Flight (ToF) based Detection and Ranging using various Unipolar Optical CDMA Codes / Suresh K., Jeoti V., Drieberg M., Iqbal A.
Article 2: On Visual Periodicity Estimation Using Singular Value Decomposition / Kamel N., Kajo I., Ruichek Y.    
Article 3: Optimal input selection for recurrent neural network in predictive maintenance / Abbasi T., Lann K.H., Ismail I.
Article 4: Optimization of CO2 laser power for patterning of single-layer graphene for advanced devices applications / Kumar P., Norkakim N.N., Mohamed Saheed M.S., Burhanudin Z.A.
Article 5: Optimized neural network of predictive maintenance for air booster compressor (ABC) motor failure / Rosli N.S.B., Ibrahim R.B., Ismail I.

Article 1Parallel quantum random number generator (p-QRNG) design for enhancing data rate / Siswanto M., Witjaksono G.
Article 2Partial discharge detection device using ultrasonic sensor on medium voltage XLPE cable / Radzi I.F., Nik Ali N.H., Rameli N., Mohd Ariffin A., Abd Rahman M.S., Ahmad M.R., Salleh A.S.
Article 3Performance analysis of a modernized Z-source inverter for robust boost control in photovoltaic power conditioning systems / Subhani N., Kannan R., Mahmud A., Romlie M.F.
Article 4Performance assessment and economic analysis of a gas-fueled islanded microgrid - A Malaysian case study / Uddin M., Romlie M.F., Abdullah M.F.
Article 5Power divider and balun filters with a single cross-coupled quadruplet / Lin C.-H., Ng C.L., Wong P.W., Kuo J.-T.
Article 6Prediction Using Cuckoo Search Optimized Echo State Network / Bala A., Ismail I., Ibrahim R., Sait S.M., Salami H.O.
Article 7Predictive Maintenance of Air Booster Compressor (ABC) Motor Failure using Artificial Neural Network trained by Particle Swarm Optimization / Rosli N.S., Ain Burhani N.R., Ibrahim R.
Article 8PZT based multilayer surface acoustic wave device for high frequency applications / Aslam M.Z., Jeoti V., Karuppanan S., Chand A.


Article 1Ultra-Low Power 0.55 mW 2.4 GHz CMOS Low-Noise Amplifier for Wireless Sensor Network / Zainol Murad S.A., Azizan A., Sapawi R., Zulkifli T.Z.A.     
Article 2: Ultra-wideband antennas for wireless communication applications / Saeidi T., Ismail I., Wen W.P., Alhawari A.R.H., Mohammadi A.   
Article 3Ultra-wideband elliptical patch antenna for microwave imaging of wood / Saeidi T., Ismail I., Wen W.P., Alhawari A.R.H.     
Article 4Unsupervised Method for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based on Gabor Wavelet and Multiscale Line Detector / Shah S.A.A., Shahzad A., Khan M.A., Lu C.-K., Tang T.B.  
Article 5: Using A Cropping Technique or Not: Impacts on SVM-based AMD Detection on OCT Images / Ko C.-E., Chen P.-H., Liao W.-M., Lu C.-K., Lin C.-H., Liang J.-W.     
Article 6Utilization of Artificial Neural Networks to Improve the Accuracy of a Hybrid Power System Model / Atef M., Abdullah M.F., Khatib T., Romlie M.F.     

Article 1Variance based time-frequency mask estimation for unsupervised speech enhancement / Saleem N., Khattak M.I., Witjaksono G., Ahmad G.
Article 2Variation in brain's effective connectivity due to driving using partial directed coherence / Almahasneh H., Kamel N., Khan D.M.



Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

 Article 1: A new gate drive for a single-phase matrix converterBaharom, R., Rahman, N.F.A., Hidayat, M.N., Muhammad, K.S., Seroji, M.N., Yahaya, N.Z.
Article 2A novel approach based on wavelet analysis and arithmetic coding for automated detection and diagnosis of epileptic seizure in EEG signals using machine learning techniques / Amin, H.U., Yusoff, M.Z., Ahmad, R.F.
Article 3: A novel peak shaving algorithm for islanded microgrid using battery energy storage system / Uddin, M., Romlie, M.F., Abdullah, M.F., Tan, C., Shafiullah, G.M., Bakar, A.H.A.
Article 4: A Quasi-Oppositional-Chaotic Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm for optimal allocation of DG in radial distribution networks / Truong, K.H., Nallagownden, P., Elamvazuthi, I., Vo, D.N.
Article 5: A review on the development of tunable graphene nanoantennas for terahertz optoelectronic and plasmonic applications Ullah, Z., Witjaksono, G., Nawi, I., Tansu, N., Khattak, M.I., Junaid, M.


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Journal Articles (2021)

Article 1A high step-up switched z-source converter (Hs-szc) with minimal components count for enhancing voltage gain / Kumar R., Kannan R., Nor N.B.M., Mahmud A.
Article 2A highly sensitive room temperature co2 gas sensor based on sno2-rgo hybrid composite / Lee Z.Y., Hawari H.F.B., Djaswadi G.W.B., Kamarudin K.
Article 3A hybrid artificial bee colony with whale optimization algorithm for improved breast cancer diagnosis / Stephan, P., Stephan, T., Kannan, R., Abraham, A.
Article 4A hybrid T-type (HT-type) multilevel inverter with reduced components / Meraj S.T., Yahaya N.Z., Hasan K., Masaoud A.
Article 5A Standards Organization for Open and FAIR Neuroscience: the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility / Abrams M.B., Bjaalie J.G., Das S., Egan G.F., Ghosh S.S., Goscinski W.J., Grethe J.S., Kotaleski J.H., Ho E.T.W., Kennedy D.N., Lanyon L.J., Leergaard T.B., Mayberg H.S., Milanesi L., Mouček R., Poline J.B., Roy P.K., Strother S.C., Tang T.B., Tiesinga P., Wachtler T., Wójcik D.K., Martone M.E.
Article 6Assessments of process parameters on cutting force and surface roughness during drilling of aa7075/tib2 in situ composite / Parasuraman, S., Elamvazuthi, I., Kanagaraj, G., Natarajan, E., Pugazhenthi, A.

Article 1Growth mechanisms and characteristics of Sm2O3 based on Ge semiconductor through oxidation and nitridation / Onik T.A.M., Hawari H.F., Sabri M.F.M., Wong Y.H.  

Article 1High gain triple-band metamaterial-based antipodal vivaldi mimo antenna for 5g communications / Saeidi T., Ismail I., Noghanian S., Alhawari A.R.H., Abbasi Q.H., Imran M.A., Zeain M.Y., Ali S.M.

Article 1IWorksafe: Towards Healthy Workplaces during COVID-19 with an Intelligent Phealth App for Industrial Settings / Shamim Kaiser M., Mahmud M., Noor M.B.T., Zenia N.Z., Mamun S.A., Abir Mahmud K.M., Azad S., Manjunath Aradhya V.N., Stephan P., Stephan T., Kannan R., Hanif M., Sharmeen T., Chen T., Hussain A.






Article 1Modeling of an isolated microgrid with hybrid PV-BESS system for peak load shaving simulation / Rana M.M., Romlie M.F., Abdullah M.F., Uddin M., Rahman M.O.
Article 1Multi-objective search group algorithm for thermo-economic optimization of flat-plate solar collector / Truong B.-H., Nallagownden P., Truong K.H., Kannan R., Vo D.N., Ho N.

Article 1Non-linear active disturbance rejection control for upper limb rehabilitation exoskeleton / Aole S., Elamvazuthi I., Waghmare L., Patre B., Meriaudeau F.


Article 1Online detection and removal of eye blink artifacts from electroencephalogram / Egambaram, A., Badruddin, N., Asirvadam, V.S., Begum, T., Fauvet, E., Stolz, C.

Article 1Performance assessment of the metaheuristic optimization algorithms: an exhaustive review / Halim A.H., Ismail I., Das S.
Article 2Power conversion using analytical model of cockcroft‐walton voltage multiplier rectenna / Ali E.M., Yahaya N.Z., Saraereh O.A., Assaf A.H.A., Alqasem B.H., Iqbal S., Ibrahim O., Patel A.V.
Article 3Predicting Delinquency on Mortgage Loans: An Exhaustive Parametric Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques / Azhar Ali S.E., Rizvi S.S.H., Lai F., Faizan Ali R., Ali Jan A.



Article 1Recent Automatic Segmentation Algorithms of MRI Prostate Regions: A Review / Khan, Z., Yahya, N., Alsaih, K., Al-Hiyali, M.I., Meriaudeau, F.
Article 2Rotated majority gate-based 2n-bit full adder design in quantum-dot cellular automata nanotechnology / Kassa S., Gupta P., Kumar M., Stephan T., Kannan R.


Article 1Valuation system connectivity is correlated with poly-drug use in young adults / Loganathan, K., Lv, J., Cropley, V., Zalesky, A., Ho, E.T.W. 


Article 1ZnO Based Resistive Random Access Memory Device: A Prospective Multifunctional Next-Generation Memory / Isyaku, U.B., Khir, M.H.B.M., Nawi, I.M., Zakariya, M.A., Zahoor, F.

Journal Articles (2022)

Article 1A filter less improved control scheme for active/reactive energy management in fuel cell integrated grid system with harmonic reduction ability / Tanzim Meraj, S., Zaihar Yahaya, N., Hasan, K., Hossain Lipu, M.S., Madurai Elavarasan, R., Hussain, A., Hannan, M.A., Muttaqi, K.M.
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Article 5An energy balanced and nodes aware routing protocol for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks / Mansura, A., Drieberg, M., Aziz, A.A., Bassoo, V., Sarang, S.
Article 6An Improved DC Circuit Breaker Topology Capable of Efficient Current Breaking and Regeneration / Lumen, S.M.S., Kannan, R., Mahmud, M.A., Yahaya, N.Z.
Article 7An Investigative Study on the Effects of Pedagogical Agents on Intrinsic, Extraneous and Germane Cognitive Load: Experimental Findings With Dyscalculia and Non-Dyscalculia Learners / Ahuja, N.J., Thapliyal, M., Bisht, A., Stephan, T., Kannan, R., Al-Rakhami, M.S., Mahmud, M.
Article 8Analytical modelling of false blocking problem in wireless ad hoc networks / Chong, W.K., Drieberg, M., Jeoti, V., Ahmad, R.


Article 1Comparison of Fractal Dimension and Wavelet Transform Methods in Classification of Stress State from EEG Signals / Hamid, F.A., Saad, M.N.M., Haris, N.
Article 2Copper Oxide/Functionalized Graphene Hybrid Nanostructures for Room Temperature Gas Sensing Applications / Gupta, M., Hawari, H.F., Kumar, P., Burhanudin, Z.A.

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Article 5Dual-loop single dimension fuzzy-based sliding mode control design for robust tracking of an underactuated quadrotor craft / Abro, G.E.M., Bin Mohd Zulkifli, S.A., Asirvadam, V.S.


Article 1Emotion Self-Regulation in Neurotic Students: A Pilot Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Assess Its Effectiveness through Brain Signals and Behavioral Data / Izhar, L.I., Babiker, A., Rizki, E.E., Lu, C.-K., Rahman, M.A.
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Article 1Obso based fractional pid for mppt-pitch control of wind turbine systems / Mehedi, I.M., Al-Saggaf, U.M., Vellingiri, M.T., Milyani, A.H., Saad, N.B., Yahaya, N.Z.B.
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Article 1Refine design parameters for permanent magnet shape modification of the direct-drive generator / Abd Ghani, N.S., Ibrahim, T., Nor, N.M.
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