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UTP Research Articles

UTP research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal



Journal Articles (2019)

Article 1A 3-tier architecture for network latency reduction in healthcare internet-of-things using fog computing and machine learning / Shukla S., Hassan M.F., Jung L.T., Awang A., Khan M.K.

Article 2A case study to explore IoT readiness in outbound logistics / Khairuddin A.A., Akhir E.A.P., Hasan M.H. 
Article 3A fuzz logic-based cloud computing provider’s evaluation and recommendation modelHasan M.H., Aziz N.A., Akhir E.A.P., Burhan N.Z.N.M., Razali R.
Article 4A hybrid ant colony tabu search algorithm for solving next release problems / Oluwagbemiga B.A., Shuib B., Abdulkadir S.J., Mariam G., Thabeb A.A.
Article 5A hybrid multi-filter wrapper feature selection method for software defect predictors / Oluwagbemiga B.A., Shuib B., Abdulkadir S.J., Hashim A.S.
Article 6A model of rule generation handling granules defined by implications in table data sets / Sakai H., Nakata M., Watada J.
Article 7A new domain specific scripting language for automated machine learning pipeline / Masrom S., Rahman A.S.A., Omar N., Baharun N.
Article 8A new scheme using cubic B-spline to solve non-linear differential equations arising in visco-elastic flows and hydrodynamic stability problems / Tassaddiq A., Khalid A., Naeem M.N., Ghaffar A., Khan F., Karim S.A.A., Nisar K.S.
Article 9: A proposed framework using exploratory testing to improve software quality in SME’sBasri S., Dominic D.D., Murugan T., Almomani M.A.
Article 10A review of factors influencing the implementation of secure framework for in-house web application development in Malaysian public sector / Jakeri M.M., Hassan M.F.    
Article 11A review on the verification approaches and tools used to verify the correctness of security algorithms and protocols / Al-humaikani M.A.S., Ab. Rahim L.B.
Article 12A Rough Set Based Rule Induction Approach to Geoscience Data / Hossain T.M., Watada J., Hermana M., Shukri S.R.B.M., Sakai H.
Article 13A study on mobile applications developed for children with autism / Aziz N.S.A., Ahmad W.F.W., Hashim A.S.
Article 14A survey and future vision of double auctions-based autonomous cloud service negotiations / Adnan M.H., Hassan M.F., Aziz I.A., Rashid N.A.
Article 15A survey on signal processing methods in fiber optic sensor for oxidized carbon steel / Jaafar N.S.M., Aziz I.A., Jaafar J., Mahmood A.K., Gilal A.R.
Article 16A Theoretical Framework for Big Data Analytics Based on Computational Intelligent Algorithms with the Potential to Reduce Energy Consumption / Chiroma H., Abdullahi U.A., Hashem I.A.T., Saadi Y., Al-Dabbagh R.D., Ahmad M.M., Dada G.E., Danjuma S., Maitama J.Z., Abubakar A., Abdulhamid S.’M.
Article 17ABCVS: An artificial bee colony for generating variable t-way test sets / Alazzawi A.K., Rais H.M., Basri S.
Article 18Accuracy performance degradation in image classification models due to concept driftHashmani M.A., Jameel S.M., Alhussain H., Rehman M., Budiman A.
Article 19Adaptive security architectural model for protecting identity federation in service oriented computing / Beer Mohamed M.I., Hassan M.F., Safdar S., Saleem M.Q.
Article 20An analysis of the arbitrage efficiency of the Chinese SSE 50ETF options market / Zhang H., Watada J.
Article 21An analytical model to minimize the latency in healthcare internet-of-things in fog computing environment / Shukla S., Hassan M.F., Khan M.K., Jung L.T., Awang A.
Article 22An Apriori-based Data Analysis on Suspicious Network Event Recognition / Jian Z., Sakai H., Watada J., Roy A., Hassan M.H.B.
Article 23An Automatic Power Cut-off Appliance with Smart Battery OptimizerMahamad S., Farid Mohd Zaid M.
Article 24An Empirical Study of User Support Tools in Open Source Software / Raza A., Capretz L.F., Basri S.B.
Article 25An enhance approach of filtering to select adaptive IMFs of EEMD in fiber optic sensor for oxidized carbon steel / Mohd Jaafar N.S., Aziz I.A., Jaafar J., Mahmood A.K., Gilal A.R.
Article 26An Improved C4.5 Data Mining Driven Algorithm for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease / Haruna A.A., Muhammad L.J., Yahaya B.Z., Garba E.J., Oye N.D., Jung L.T.
Article 27An Integrated Courier Services Application: A New User ExperienceMahamad S., Sulaiman S., Leng W.Y.
Article 28Architecture for latency reduction in healthcare internet-of-things using reinforcement learning and fuzzy based fog computing / Shukla S., Hassan M.F., Jung L.T., Awang A.
Article 29Artificial Bee Colony for Minimizing the Energy Consumption in Mobile Ad Hoc Network / Tareq M., Abed S.A., Sundararajan E.A.
Article 30Assessing User Experience (UX) Interacting with Car Catalog Application Using Multi-touch Tabletop Display / Abro A., Sulaiman S., Mahamad S., Mean F.O., Awang Rambli D.R., Shuhaili F.M.
Article 31Assessment of spatial presence model for image-based virtual reality / Muhaiyuddin N.D.M., Rambli D.R.A.
Article 32Association rules-based cancer data analysis of Khartoum Centre for Radiation and Isotopes / Fageeri S., Alhussian H., Jadid S., Abdalla I.E.E., Mohamed A.O.A., Hussain A.
Article 33Atrial Fibrillation for Stroke Detection / Foong O.-M., Sulaiman S., Khairuddin A.A.
Article 34Automated machine learning based on genetic programming: A case study on a real house pricing dataset / Masrom S., Mohd T., Jamil N.S., Rahman A.S.A., Baharun N.

Article 1Binary Optimization Using Hybrid Grey Wolf Optimization for Feature Selection / Al-Tashi Q., Abdul Kadir S.J., Rais H.M., Mirjalili S., Alhussian H.
Article 2Blockchain beyond Bitcoin: Block Maturity Level Consensus Protocol / Memon M., Bajwa U.A., Ikhlas A., Memon Y., Memon S., Malani M.
Article 3Building fuzzy levy-GJR-GARCH American option pricing model / Zhang H., Watada J.

Article 1Machine Learning and Stress Assessment: A Review / Faraz S., Ali S.S.A., Adil S.H.
Article 2Micro-controller based fertilizer dispenser control systemZainal Abidin A.I., Fadzil F.A., Peh Y.S.




Article 1Parameters tuning of hybrid artificial bee colony search based strategy for t-way testing / Alazzawi A.K., Rais H.M., Basri S.
Article 2Performance analysis of feature selection methods in software defect prediction: A search method approach / Balogun A.O., Basri S., Abdulkadir S.J., Hashim A.S.
Article 3PhABC: A Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Strategy for Pairwise test suite Generation with Constraints Support / Alazzawi A.K., Rais H.M., Basri S., Alsariera Y.A.
Article 4Polarizing effect of MoSe2-coated optical waveguides / Berahim N., Amiri I.S., Anwar T., Azzuhri S.R., Mohd Nasir M.N.S., Zakaria R., Chong W.Y., Lai C.K., Lee S.H., Ahmad H., Ismail M.A., Yupapin P.
Article 5Predictive analytics for machine failure using optimized recurrent neural network-gated recurrent unit (GRU) / Zainuddin Z., P Akhir E.A., Aziz N.
Article 6Problematic of massively multiplayer online game addiction in Malaysia / Muhaimin M., Aziz N., Ariffin M.
Article 7Proposed conceptual design model of persuasive game for upper limb for stroke rehabilitation / Omar M.Y.B., Rambli D.R.A., Sulaiman S., Shiratuddin M.F., Merienne F., Vanhalle D.
Article 8Proposed UX model for children educational mobile application / Kaur K., Kalid K.S., Sugathan S.K.


Article 1Schema proposition model for NoSQL applications / Imam A.A., Basri S., Ahmad R., González-Aparicio M.T.  
Article 2Sensitivity-based fuzzy multi-objective portfolio model with Value-at-Risk / Zhang H., Watada J., Wang B.     
Article 3Software defect prediction: Analysis of class imbalance and performance stability / Balogun A.O., Basri S., Abdulkadir S.J., Adeyemo V.E., Imam A.A., Bajeh A.O.
Article 4Survey of Sea Wave Parameters Classification and Prediction using Machine Learning Models / Umair M., Hashmani M.A., Hasan M.H.B.
Article 5Systematic Literature Review of Knowledge Sharing Barriers and Facilitators in Global Software Development Organizations Using Concept Maps / Anwar R., Rehman M., Wang K.S., Hashmani M.A.

Article 1The effect of using different materials on erbium-doped fiber amplifiers for indoor applications / Rashed A.N.Z., Tabbour M.S.F., El-Meadawy S., Anwar T., Sarlan A., Yupapin P., Amiri I.S.
Article 2The Influence of Online and Traditional Computer Laboratories on Academic Performance of Students / Ismail A.O.A., Mahmood A.K., Babiker A.E., Abdelmaboud A.
Article 3The state of user experience design (UXD) practice in Malaysia: An in-situ interview approach / Hussain A., Hussein I., Mkpojiogu E.O.C., Sarlan A.




Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

Journal Articles (2021)

Article 1A compromise programming for multi-objective task assignment problem / Ngo S.T., Jaafar J., Aziz I.A., Anh B.N.
Article 2A framework for mitigating ddos and dos attacks in iot environment using hybrid approach / Ghali, A.A., Ahmad, R., Alhussian, H.
Article 3A hybrid SEM-neural network method for identifying acceptance factors of the smart meters in Malaysia: Challenges perspective / Alkawsi G.A., Ali N., Mustafa A.S., Baashar Y., Alhussian H., Alkahtani A., Tiong S.K., Ekanayake J.
Article 4A novel focal phi loss for power line segmentation with auxiliary classifier u-net / Jaffari, R., Hashmani, M.A., Reyes-Aldasoro, C.C.
Article 5An adaptive federated machine learning-based intelligent system for skin disease detection: A step toward an intelligent dermoscopy device / Hashmani M.A., Jameel S.M., Rizvi S.S.H., Shukla S.
Article 6An ensemble one dimensional convolutional neural network with bayesian optimization for environmental sound classification / Ragab, M.G., Abdulkadir, S.J., Aziz, N., Alhussian, H., Bala, A., Alqushaibi, A.
Article 7An improved methodology for collaborative construction of reusable, localized, and shareable ontology / Sattar A., Ahmad M.N., Surin E.S.M., Mahmood A.K.
Article 8An interval type-2 fuzzy model of compliance monitoring for quality of web service / Hasan, M.H., Jaafar, J., Watada, J., Hassan, M.F., Aziz, I.A.
Article 9Artificial intelligence model and correlation for characterization and viscosity measurements of mono & hybrid nanofluids concerned graphene oxide/silica / Ahmad M.N., Mahmood A.K., Hashim K.F., Mustakim F.B., Selamat A., Bajuri M.Y., Arshad N.I.
Article 10Authentic cloud-biometric signature verification system for healthcare data management / Gunasekar, T., Dominic, P.D.D., Kayalvizhi, S.


Article 1Empirical analysis of rank aggregation-based multi-filter feature selection methods in software defect prediction / Balogun A.O., Basri S., Mahamad S., Abdulkadir S.J., Capretz L.F., Imam A.A., Almomani M.A., Adeyemo V.E., Kumar G.
Article 2Enhanced weight-optimized recurrent neural networks based on sine cosine algorithm for wave height prediction / Alqushaibi, A., Abdulkadir, S.J., Rais, H.M., Al-Tashi, Q., Ragab, M.G., Alhussian, H.

Article 1Fractional inequalities of the hermite–hadamard type for m-polynomial convex and harmonically convex functions / Nwaeze E.R., Khan M.A., Ahmadian A., Ahmad M.N., Mahmood A.K.




Article 1Investigation of fractal-fractional order model of COVID-19 in Pakistan under Atangana-Baleanu Caputo (ABC) derivative / Arfan M., Alrabaiah H., Rahman M.U., Sun Y.-L., Hashim A.S., Pansera B.A., Ahmadian A., Salahshour S.


Article 1KP-Rank: a semantic-based unsupervised approach for keyphrase extraction from text data / Aman M., Abdulkadir S.J., Aziz I.A., Alhussian H., Ullah I.

Article 1Lithology prediction using well logs: A granular computing approach / Hossain T.M., Watada J., Aziz I.A., Hermana M., Meraj S.T., Sakai H.


Article 1Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Learning Path Recommender at MOOC / Son, N.T., Jaafar, J., Aziz, I.A., Anh, B.N.
Article 2Mobile application for children to learn hadith: 'Hidup Cara Rasullullah' / Sarlan A., Ahmad R., Ahmad W.F.W., Astrini S.



Article 1Reward-based residential wireless sensor optimization approach for appliance monitoring / Prakash, J., Harshavardhan Naidu, S., Aziz, I.A., Jaafar, J.



Journal Articles (2022)

Article 1A COMPUTATIONAL ALGORITHM for the NUMERICAL SOLUTION of NONLINEAR FRACTIONAL INTEGRAL EQUATIONS / Amin, R., Senu, N., Hafeez, M.B., Arshad, N.I., Ahmadian, A.L.I., Salahshour, S., Sumelka, W.
Article 2A design framework of a smartphone user interface for elderly users / Salman, H.M., Wan Ahmad, W.F., Sulaiman, S.
Article 3A hybrid deep learning-based unsupervised anomaly detection in high dimensional data / Muneer, A., Taib, S.M., Fati, S.M., Balogun, A.O., Aziz, I.A.
Article 4A java servlet based transaction broker for internet of things edge device communications / Yusoff, Z.Y.M., Ishak, M.K., Rahim, L.A.B.
Article 5A lightweight authentication scheme with privacy preservation for vehicular networks / Rawat, G.S., Singh, K., Arshad, N.I., Hadidi, K., Ahmadian, A.
Article 6A novel auto-annotation technique for aspect level sentiment analysis / Qureshi, M.A., Asif, M., Hassan, M.F., Mustafa, G., Ehsan, M.K., Ali, A., Sajid, U.
Article 7A novel framework for potato leaf disease detection using an efficient deep learning model / Mahum, R., Munir, H., Mughal, Z.-U.-N., Awais, M., Sher Khan, F., Saqlain, M., Mahamad, S., Tlili, I.
Article 8A Novel Visual-Range Sea Image Dataset for Sea Horizon Line Detection in Changing Maritime Scenes / Hashmani, M.A., Umair, M.
Article 9A real-time automatic translation of text to sign language / Sanaullah, M., Ahmad, B., Kashif, M., Safdar, T., Hassan, M., Hasan, M.H., Aziz, N.
Article 10A sustainable enterprise content management technologies use framework supporting agile business processes / Arshad, N.I., Bosua, R., Milton, S., Mahmood, A.K., Zainal-Abidin, A.I., Ariffin, M.M., Aszemi, N.M.
Article 11A Visual-Range Cloud Cover Image Dataset for Deep Learning Models / Umair, M., Hashmani, M.A.
Article 12Action network: a probabilistic graphical model for social simulation / Zakaria, N.
Article 13An adaptive authentication and authorization model for service oriented enterprise computing / Ibrahim, M., Mohamed, B., Hassan, M.F.


Article 1Content-Aware SLIC Super-Pixels for Semi-Dark Images (SLIC++) / Hashmani, M.A., Memon, M.M., Raza, K., Adil, S.H., Rizvi, S.S., Umair, M.

Article 1Deep Neuro-Fuzzy System application trends, challenges, and future perspectives: a systematic survey / Talpur, N., Abdulkadir, S.J., Alhussian, H., Hasan, M.H., Aziz, N., Bamhdi, A.


Article 1Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence Models for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction: Network Meta-Analysis / Baashar, Y., Alkawsi, G., Alhussian, H., Capretz, L.F., Alwadain, A., Alkahtani, A.A., Almomani, M.
Article 2Empirical Performance Analysis of Hyperledger LTS for Small and Medium Enterprises / Khan, D., Jung, L.T., Hashmani, M.A., Cheong, M.K.
Article 3Enabling rank-based distribution of microservices among containers for green cloud computing environment / Saboor, A., Mahmood, A.K., Omar, A.H., Hassan, M.F., Shah, S.N.M., Ahmadian, A.
Article 4Evaluation of postgraduate academic performance using artificial intelligence models / Baashar, Y., Hamed, Y., Alkawsi, G., Fernando Capretz, L., Alhussian, H., Alwadain, A., Al-amri, R.






Article 1Metaheuristic Algorithms Based on Compromise Programming for the Multi-Objective Urban Shipment Problem / Ngo, T.S., Jaafar, J., Aziz, I.A., Aftab, M.U., Nguyen, H.G., Bui, N.A.

Article 1Non-Cooperative Learning Based Routing for 6G-IoT Cognitive Radio Network / Malik, T.S., Malik, K.R., Sanaullah, M., Hasan, M.H., Aziz, N.


Article 1Sign Language to Sentence Formation: A Real Time Solution for Deaf People / Sanaullah, M., Kashif, M., Ahmad, B., Safdar, T., Hassan, M., Hasan, M.H., Haider, A.
Article 2Socioeconomic impact due to COVID-19: An empirical assessment / Gupta, V., Santosh, K.C., Arora, R., Ciano, T., Kalid, K.S., Mohan, S.
Article 3Sustainable cryptocurrency adoption assessment among IT enthusiasts and cryptocurrency social communities / Yeong, Y.-C., Kalid, K.S., Savita, K.S., Ahmad, M.N., Zaffar, M.

Article 1Task Based Test Case Generation on Available Gestural Interaction of Smartphone for Improved Safety and Ergonomics in Real Driving Scenario / Ganasan, J., Hashim, A.S.
Article 2The Business Intelligence impact on the financial performance of start-ups / Huang, Z.-X., Savita, K.S., Zhong-jie, J.
Article 3The development of sustainable IoT E-waste management guideline for households / Razip, M.M., Savita, K.S., Kalid, K.S., Ahmad, M.N., Zaffar, M., Abdul Rahim, E.E., Baleanu, D., Ahmadian, A.
Article 4The impact of business intelligence on the marketing with emphasis on cooperative learning: Case-study on the insurance companies / Huang, Z.-X., Savita, K.S., Dan-yi, L., Omar, A.H.
Article 5The relationship investigating between decision support and departmental agility with the mediating role of departmental learning in bank branches / Li, Y., Hashim, A.S., Zhang, L., Sulaiman, R., Alrabaiah, H.
Article 6Towards the sustainability of small and medium software enterprises through the implementation of software process improvement: Empirical investigation / Balogun, A.O., Almomani, M., Basri, S., Almomani, O., Capretz, L.F., Khan, A.A., Gilal, A.R., Baashar, Y.