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UTP Research Articles

UTP research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal



Journal Articles (2019)


Article 1China's economic development: does exchange rate and FDI nexus matter? / Ahmad F., Draz M.U., Yang S.-C.
Article 2Connotations of psychological and physiological health in the psychosocial work environment: An industrial context / Javaid M.U., Bano S., Mirza M.Z., Isha A.S.N., Nadeem S., Jawaid A., Ghazali Z., Nübling M., Imtiaz N., Kaur P.

Article 1: Does decision making style of top management team impact the firm’s performance? / Kolandaisamy I., Marimuthu M., Shammugam S.    


Article 1Impact of FDI inflows on poverty reduction in the ASEAN and SAARC economies / Ahmad F., Draz M.U., Su L., Ozturk I., Rauf A., Ali S.
Article 2Incidence and management of cleft lip and palate in Pakistan / Sharif F., Mahmood F., Azhar M.J., Asif A., Zahid M., Muhammad N., Ihtesham-Ur-Rehman, Macneil S.
Article 3Integrated operations another tool for achieving operational excellence in the oil and gas sector / Tasmin R., Muazu M.H., Woon L.F., Takala J.
Article 4Integrating sustainability reporting into enterprise risk management and its relationship with business performance: A conceptual framework / Shad M.K., Lai F.-W., Fatt C.L., Klemeš J.J., Bokhari A.




Article 1Written corrective feedback: What do Malaysian learners prefer and why? / Rashtchi M., bin Abu Bakar Z.



Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

 Article 1: Governance and sustainable development at higher education institutions / Leal Filho, W., Salvia, A.L., Frankenberger, F., Akib, N.A.M., Sen, S.K., Sivapalan, S., Novo-Corti, I., Venkatesan, M., Emblen-Perry, K.
Article 2Students' adoption of e-learning in emergency situation: the case of a Vietnamese university during COVID-19 / Ho, N.T.T., Sivapalan, S., Pham, H.H., Nguyen, L.T.M., Pham, A.T.V., Dinh, H.V.
Article 3: Gender, loyalty card membership, age, and critical incident recovery: Do they moderate experience-loyalty relationship? Khan, I., Fatma, M., Shamim, A., Joshi, Y., Rahman, Z.
Article 4: Impact of HEXACO Personality Factors on Consumer Video Game Engagement: A Study on eSports / Abbasi, A.Z., Nisar, S., Rehman, U., Ting, D.H.
Article 5: Malay Validation of Copenhagen Psychosocial Work Environment Questionnaire in Context of Second Generation Statistical TechniquesIsha, A.S.N., Javaid, M.U., Zaib Abbasi, A., Bano, S., Zahid, M., Memon, M.A., Rehman, U., Nübling, M., Sabir, A.A., Ur Rehman, S., Imtiaz, N.


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Journal Articles (2022)


Article 1 : Citizen Participation and Climate Change within an Urban Community Context: Insights for Policy Development for Bottom-Up Climate Action Engagement / Chitsa, M., Sivapalan, S., Singh, B.S.M., Lee, K.E. 
Article 2 : Co-creation on Redefining Consumer Well-Being Needs Among Youth Through Self-Potential Development Model / Zulkefli, A.U., Abdullah, M.R.T.L., Endut, M.N.A.-A.
Article 3 : Corporate governance code and voluntary disclosure of integrated reporting: Evidence from an emerging economy / Hamad, S., Lai, F.-W., Shad, M.K., Konečná, Z., Goni, F.A., Chofreh, A.G., Klemeš, J.J.
Article 4 : Critical reading in higher education: A systematic review / Van, L.H., Li, C.S., Wan, R.

Article 1 : Design and Development of an Eco-Innovation Management Information System to Accelerate Firms' Digital Transformation Strategy / Munodawafa, R.T., Johl, S.K..
Article 2 : Do Information Security Breach and Its Factors Have a Long-Run Competitive Effect on Breached Firms' Equity Risk? / Ali, S.E.A., Lai, F.-W., Aman, A., Saleem, M.F., Hamad, S.
Article 3 : Do Leadership, Organizational Communication, and Work Environment Impact Employees’ Psychosocial Hazards in the Oil and Gas Industry? / Naji, G.M.A., Isha, A.S.N., Alazzani, A., Brough, P., Saleem, M.S., Mohyaldinn, M.E., Alzoraiki, M.
Article 4 : Does service recovery matter? Relationships among perceived recovery justice, recovery satisfaction and customer affection and repurchase intentions: the moderating role of gender / Ali, M.A., Ting, D.H., Isha, A.S.N., Ahmad-Ur-Rehman, M., Ali, S.
Article 5 : Driving Consumer Value Co-creation and Purchase Intention by Social Media Advertising Value / Hussain, A., Ting, D.H., Mazhar, M.


Article 1 : Green servitization as a means of sustainable performance: Evidence of listed manufacturing firms / Oyelakin, I.O., Johl, S.K.

Article 1 : Hedonic consumption experience in videogaming: A multidimensional perspective / Hollebeek, L.D., Abbasi, A.Z., Schultz, C.D., Ting, D.H., Sigurdsson, V.
Article 2 : High Safety Risk Assessment in the Time of Uncertainties (COVID-19): An Industrial Context / Zhang, Y., Abdullah, M.R.T.L., Khan, N.H.B.A.L., Javaid, M.U., Nazri, M., Shah, M.U.

Article 1 : Individual Energy Consumption Behavior Leads to Energy Sustainability in Malaysia / Abdullah, M.R.T.L., Nuri Al-Amin Endut, M., Che Jamaludin, F.I., Akbar, J.U.D., Asra



Article 1 : Local food consumption values and attitude formation: the moderating effect of food neophilia and neophobia / Hussain, K., Abbasi, A.Z., Rasoolimanesh, S.M., Schultz, C.D., Ting, D.H., Ali, F.






Article 1 : Safety management and safety outcomes in oil and gas industry in Malaysia: Safety compliance as a mediator / Ajmal, M., Isha, A.S.N., Nordin, S.M., Rasheed, S., Al-Mekhlafi, A.-B.A., Naji, G.M.A.
Article 2 : Safety-Management Practices and the Occurrence of Occupational Accidents: Assessing the Mediating Role of Safety Compliance / Ajmal, M., Isha, A.S.N., Nordin, S.M., Al-Mekhlafi, A.-B.A.
Article 3 : Serious video games and psychological support: A depression intervention among young cancer patients / Khan, S., Abbasi, A.Z., Kazmi, S.F., Hooi, T.D., Rehman, U., Hlavacs, H., Arslan, F.S.
Article 4 : Students' cyberslacking behaviour in e-learning environments: the role of the Big Five personality traits and situational factors / Koay, K.Y., Poon, W.C.

Article 1 : The effect of Project-Based Learning on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge among Elementary School Pre-Service Teacher / Erviana, V.Y., Sintawati, M., Bhattacharyya, E., Habil, H., Fatmawati, L.
Article 2 : The Moderating Effects of Social Media Activities on the Relationship Between Effort-Reward Imbalance and Health and Wellbeing: A Case Study of the Oil and Gas Industry in Malaysia / Kanwal, N., Isha, A.S.N.
Article 3 : The moderating role of complaint handling on brand hate in the cancel culture / Abbasi, A.Z., Fayyaz, M.S., Ting, D.H., Munir, M., Bashir, S., Zhang, C.
Article 4 : The Role of Psychological Capital and Work Engagement in Enhancing Construction Workers' Safety Behavior / Saleem, M.S., Isha, A.S.N., Yusop, Y.M., Awan, M.I., Naji, G.M.A.
Article 5 : The Role of Service Recovery in Post-purchase Consumer Behavior During COVID-19: A Malaysian Perspective / Mazhar, M., Ting, D.H., Hussain, A., Nadeem, M.A., Ali, M.A., Tariq, U.
Article 6 : The roles of financial development and urbanization in degrading environment in Africa: Unravelling non-linear and moderating impacts / Ehigiamusoe, K.U., Lean, H.H., Babalola, S.J., Poon, W.C.