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UTP Research Articles

UTP research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal



Journal Articles (2019)

Article 1A green route for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil over base heterogeneous catalyst / Farooq M., Ramli A., Naeem A., Noman M., Shah L.A., Khattak N.S., Perveen F.

Article 2A modified crow search algorithm with niching technique for numerical optimization / Islam J., Vasant P.M., Negash B.M., Watada J.
Article 3A Modified Model for Kinetic Analysis of Petroleum Coke / Afrooz I.E., Ching D.L.C.
Article 4A Review of Biosensors for Non-Invasive Diabetes Monitoring and Screening in Human Exhaled Breath / Usman F., Dennis J.O., Ahmed A.Y., Meriaudeau F., Ayodele O.B., Rabih A.A.S.
Article 5A review of technical advances of recent palm bio-waste conversion to activated carbon for energy storage / Ayinla R.T., Dennis J.O., Zaid H.M., Sanusi Y.K., Usman F., Adebayo L.L.
Article 6A sugarcane-bagasse-based adsorbent employed for mitigating eutrophication threats and producing biodiesel simultaneously / Basri W.N.F.W., Daud H., Lam M.K., Cheng C.K., Da Oh W., Tan W.N., Shaharun M.S., Yeong Y.F., Paman U., Kusakabe K., Kadir E.A., Show P.L., Lim J.W.
Article 7Advanced decision support system for postoperative care unit using artificial neural networks / Subramanian K., Othman M., Sokkalingam R., Thangarasu G.
Article 8Advanced materials as adsorbents in microextractions for the determination of contaminants: A mini review / Rozaini M.N.H., Saad B., Ramachandran M.R., Kadir E.A.
Article 9An augmented sequential MCMC procedure for particle based learning in dynamical systems / Javvad ur Rehman M., Dass S.C., Asirvadam V.S.
Article 10An empirical model and sensitivity analysis for silica oxide in enhanced oil recovery / Isa N.F.M., Shafie A., Zainuddin N.   
Article 11An FBG magnetic sensor for oil flow monitoring in sandstone core / Samavati A., Samavati Z., Ismail A.F., Yahya N., Othman M.H.D., Rahman M.A., Bakar M.A.A., Koo K.N., Salebi M.F., Amiri I.S.
Article 12Application of Various Computer Tools for the Optimization of the Heat Pump Heating Systems with Extraction of Low-Grade Heat from Surface Watercourses / Sychov A., Kharchenko V., Vasant P., Uzakov G.
Article 13Assessment of the Environmental, Technical and Economic Issues Associated with Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in Malaysia / Bashir M.J.K., Ng C.A., Sethupathi S., Lim J.W.

Article 1Broad studies of graphene and low-density polyethylene composites / Sabet M., Soleimani H.


Article 1Catalytically active nitrogen-doped porous carbon derived from biowastes for organics removal via peroxymonosulfate activation / Oh W.-D., Veksha A., Chen X., Adnan R., Lim J.-W., Leong K.-H., Lim T.-T.
Article 2Cattaneo-Christov model for electrical magnetite micropoler Casson ferrofluid over a stretching/shrinking sheet using effective thermal conductivity model / Shah Z., Dawar A., Khan I., Islam S., Ching D.L.C., Khan A.Z.
Article 3Choline-based ionic liquids as media for the growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae / Sivapragasam M., Wilfred C.D., Jaganathan J.R., Krishnan S., Ghani W.A.W.A.W.K.
Article 4Clarithromycin resistance and genetic pattern of helicobacter pylori in a group of patients with peptic ulcer disease in alexandria, Egypt / Alhammad M.A., El-Kady H., Hamed Y.
Article 5Comparative analysis of physiochemical properties of physically activated carbon from palm bio-waste / Tobi A.R., Dennis J.O., Zaid H.M., Adekoya A.A., Yar A., Fahad U.      
Article 6Comparative assessment of various extraction approaches for the isolation of essential oil from polygonum minus using ionic liquids / Ullah H., Wilfred C.D., Shaharun M.S.
Article 7Constrained interpolation using rational cubic spline with three parameters / Karim S.A.A., Hasan M.K., Hashim I.
Article 8Constrained Self-Adaptive Harmony Search Algorithm with 2-opt Swapping for Driver Scheduling Problem of University Shuttle Bus / Shaffiei Z.A., Abas Z.A., Yunos N.M., Amir Hamzah A.S.S.S., Abidin Z.Z., Eng C.K.
Article 9Cultivation of oily microalgae for the production of third-generation biofuelsPal P., Chew K.W., Yen H.-W., Lim J.W., Lam M.K., Show P.L.

Article 1Determination of optimum frequency for electromagnetic-assisted nanofluid core flooding / Wahaab F.A., Yahya N., Shafie A., Soleimani H., Rostami A., Ganeson M.      
Article 2Development of janus polymer/carbon nanotubes hybrid membrane for oil-water separation / Nashrom F.I.R., Saheed M.S.M., Kait C.F.    
Article 3: Dextran from Leuconostoc mesenteroides-doped ammonium salt-based green polymer electrolyte / Hamsan M.H., Shukur M.F., Aziz S.B., Kadir M.F.Z.    
Article 4Distillate flux enhancement of the concentric circular direct contact membrane distillation module with spiral wired flow channel / Ho C.-D., Chen L., Tsai F.-C., Lin G.-H., Lim J.-W.      
Article 5Dual functionalized imidazolium ionic liquids as a green solvent for extractive desulfurization of fuel oil: Toxicology and mechanistic studies / Raj J.J., Magaret S., Pranesh M., Lethesh K.C., Devi W.C., Mutalib M.I.A.     
Article 6: Dynamics of nanoparticles propagation in porous media / Aliu T.O., Sakidin H., Yahya N., Sikiru S., Ali A.M.   


Article 1Effect of Graphene and Carbon Nanotube on Low-Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites / Sabet M., Soleimani H., Mohammadian E.
Article 2Effect of graphene on mechanical and flowability properties of low-density polyethylene composites / Sabet M., Soleimani H.
Article 3Effect of laser power on the formation of porous graphitic carbon on polyimide film / Soaid N.I., Mohamed Saheed M.S., Mohamed Saheed M.S., Mohamed N.M.
 Article 4Effect of manganese on Co-Mn/CNT bimetallic catalyst performance in Fischer-Tropsch reaction / Akbarzadeh O., Zabidi N.A.M., Merican Z.M.A., Sagadevan S., Kordijazi A., Das S., Babadi A.A., Rahman M.A., Hamizi N.A., Wahab Y.A., Johan M.R. 
Article 5Effect of novel swirl distributor plate on hydrodynamics of fluidized bed gasifier / Afrooz I.E., Chuan Ching D.L.  
Article 6Effect of pH, acid and thermal treatment conditions on Co/CNT catalyst performance in fischer-tropsch reaction / Akbarzadeh O., Zabidi N.A.M., Hamizi N.A., Wahab Y.A., Merican Z.M.A., Yehya W.A., Akhter S., Shalauddin M., Rasouli E., Johan M.R.
Article 7: Effects of cobalt loading, particle size, and calcination condition on Co/CNT catalyst performance in Fischer-Tropsch reactions / Akbarzadeh O., Mohd Zabidi N.A., Abdul Wahab Y., Hamizi N.A., Chowdhury Z.Z., Merican Aljunid Merican Z., Rahman M.A., Akhter S., Shalauddin M., Johan M.R.
Article 8Efficient visualization of scattered energy distribution data by using cubic timmer triangular patches / Ali F.A.M., Karim S.A.A., Dass S.C., Skala V., Hasan M.K., Hashim I.
Article 9Electrochemically Modulated Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Sample Enrichment / Jajuli M.N., Hussin M.H., Saad B., Rahim A.A., Hébrant M., Herzog G.
Article 10Enhanced Sensitivity of Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Functionalized with Doped Polyaniline Composites for the Detection of Low-Concentration Acetone Vapour / Usman F., Dennis J.O., Seong K.C., Ahmed A.Y., Ferrell T.L., Fen Y.W., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Ayodele O.B., Meriaudeau F., Saidu A.
Article 11Error-reduction approach for corrosion measurements of pipeline inline inspection tools / Hamed Y., Shafie A., Mustaffa Z., Rusma N.
Article 12Ether-functionalized ionic liquids as solvent for Gigantochloa scortechini dissolution / Rahim A.H.A., Khoo K.S., Yunus N.M., Hamzah W.S.W.
Article 13Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach Evaluation for Numerically Prediction of Fluidized Bed Hydrodynamics / Afrooz I.E., Ling Chuan Ching D.
Article 14Expeditious Fabrication Characterization of Metal Interdigitated Transducer on Polyimide film for Biosensing Application / Subramani I.G., Bin Ahmad Fauzi I.A., Perumal V.
Article 15Experimental study of electromagnetic-assisted rare-earth doped yttrium iron garnet (YIG) nanofluids on wettability and interfacial tension alteration / Lau Z.Y., Lee K.C., Soleimani H., Beh H.G.

Article 1Facile synthesis of CaFe 2 O 4 for visible light driven treatment of polluting palm oil mill effluent: Photokinetic and scavenging study / Charles A., Khan M.R., Ng K.H., Wu T.Y., Lim J.W., Wongsakulphasatch S., Witoon T., Cheng C.K.
Article 2Facile synthesis of molybdenum multisulfide composite nanorod arrays from single-source precursor for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation / Lim C.E., Ooi M.L., Wong R.C.S., Neo K.E., Mumtaz A., Mazhar M., Mohamed N.M., Saheed M.S.M.
Article 3Few-layer graphene supported polyaniline (PANI) film as a transparent counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells / Shahid M.U., Mohamed N.M., Muhsan A.S., Bashiri R., Shamsudin A.E., Zaine S.N.A.
Article 4Forecast the moisture ratio removal during seaweed drying process using solar drier / Javaid A., Muthuvalu M.S., Sulaiman J., Ismail M.T., Ali M.K.M.
Article 5Forecasting air pollution index in Klang by markov chain model / Zakaria N.N., Sokkalingam R., Daud H., Othman M.
Article 6Fractional multi-step differential transformed method for approximating a fractional stochastic sis epidemic model with imperfect vaccination / Abuasad S., Yildirim A., Hashim I., Karim S.A.A., Gómez-Aguilar J.F.


Article 1Gaussian process methodology for multi-frequency marine controlled-source electromagnetic profile estimation in isotropic medium / Aris M.N.M., Daud H., Dass S.C., Noh K.A.M.
Article 2Gaussian Processes for Hydrocarbon Depth Estimation in Forward Modeling of Seabed Logging / Aris M.N.M., Daud H., Dass S.C., Noh K.A.M.
Article 3Glycerol-mediated facile synthesis of colored titania nanoparticles for visible light photodegradation of phenolic compounds / Nawaz R., Kait C.F., Chia H.Y., Isa M.H., Huei L.W.
Article 4Graphene Impact on Thermal Characteristics of LDPE / Maziyar Sabet, Hassan Soleiman
Article 5Graphene utilization for water desalination process / Sabet M., Soleimani H., Mohammadian E., Hosseini S.
Article 6Green synthesis of copper nanoparticle using ionic liquid-based extraction from Polygonum minus and their applications / Ullah H., Wilfred C.D., Shaharun M.S.
Article 7Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using hibiscus rosa-sinensis leaf extract / Ng H.C., Khe C.S., Yau X.H., Liu W.W., Aziz A.

Article 1Haze effects on satellite remote sensing imagery and their corrections / Ahmad A., Abdullah M.M., Quegan S., Sufahani S.F., Sakidin H.   
Article 2High performance liquid chromatographic determination of triclosan, triclocarban and methyl-triclosan in wastewater using mini-bar micro-solid phase extractionAlshishani A., Saaid M., Basheer C., Saad B. 
Article 3Highlights removal using reflected energy and histogram analysis / Khan J., Malik A.S., Kamel N., Dass S.C.
Article 4Highly flexible and stretchable 3D graphene /MXene composite thin film / Alim N.N.N.A., Saheed M.S.M., Mohamed N.M., Saheed M.S.M.
Article 5Highly hydrophobic 3D graphene-carbon nanotubes composite film for oil absorption / Ong C.C., Mohamed Saheed M.S., Mohamed N.M., Mohamed Saheed M.S.

Article 1ICT, Financial Development, Economic Growth and Electricity Consumption: New Evidence from Malaysia / Solarin S.A., Shahbaz M., Khan H.N., Razali R.B.
Article 2Image interpolation using a rational bi-cubic Ball / Zulkifli N.A.B., Karim S.A.A., Shafie A.B., Sarfraz M., Ghaffar A., Nisar K.S.
Article 3Impact of inclusion graphene oxide nanosheets on polystyrene properties / Sabet M., Soleimani H., Mohammadian E., Hosseini S.
Article 4: Impact of limited feed medium and different lipid extraction solvents in dealing with black soldier fly larvae / Wong C.-Y., Lim J.-W., Lam M.-K., Uemura Y., Chong F.-K., Chew T.-L., Mohamad M., Hasan H.A.
Article 5Impact of various microalgal-bacterial populations on municipal wastewater bioremediation and its energy feasibility for lipid-based biofuel production / Leong W.H., Azella Zaine S.N., Ho Y.C., Uemura Y., Lam M.K., Khoo K.S., Kiatkittipong W., Cheng C.K., Show P.L., Lim J.W.
Article 6Implementation of land cover change detection based on supervised classifications of multispectral satellite data for leveraging Internet of Things / Ahmad A., Hashim U.K.M., Abd Wahid R., Sakidin H., Sufahani S.F., Amin A.R.M., Abdullah M.M., Quegan S.
Article 7Improving the light scattering efficiency of photoelectrode dye-sensitized solar cell through optimization of core-shell structureZaine S.N.A., Mohamed N.M., Khatani M., Samsudin A.E., Shahid M.U.
Article 8In silico solvation free energy and thermodynamics properties of H2S in cholinium-based amino acid ionic liquids / Salehin F.N.M., Jumbri K., Ramli A., Daud S., Abdul Rahman M.B.
Article 9Inclusion of graphene on low-density polyethylene composite properties / Sabet M., Soleimani H. 
Article 10Influence of degree of substitution on the host-guest inclusion complex between ionic liquid substituted β-cyclodextrins with 2,4-dichlorophenol: An electrochemical, NMR and molecular docking studies / Rasdi F.L.M., Rahim N.Y., Hasim F.W., Prabu S., Jumbri K., Manan N.S.A., Mohamad S.
Article 11Influence of powder loading on densification and microstructure of injection molded Fe-50Ni soft magnetic alloys [Einfluss der Pulverbeladung auf die Verdichtung und das Gefüge spritzgegossener weichmagnetischer Fe-50Ni-Legierungen] / Ali M., Ahmad F., Melor P.S., Yasir M., Yahya N., Aslam M., Malik M.R.R.
Article 12Influence of seeding layer on photoelectrochemical hydrogen production over TiO 2 nanorod decorated with reduced graphene oxide / Bashiri R., Mohamed N.M., Ling L.Y., Suhaimi N.A., Shahid M.U., Sufian S., Kait C.F., Saheed S.M.
Article 13Innovative and sustainable membrane technology for wastewater treatment and desalination application / Goh P.S., Wong T.W., Lim J.W., Ismail A.F., Hilal N.
Article 14Insights into the single and binary adsorption of copper(II) and nickel(II) on hexagonal boron nitride: Performance and mechanistic studies / Oh W.-D., Lee M.G.-H., Chanaka Udayanga W.D., Veksha A., Bao Y., Giannis A., Lim J.-W., Lisak G.
Article 15Interfacial tension and contact angle alteration of nanofluids by using lanthanum substituted manganese-zinc ferrite nanoparticles / Chuan L.K., Guan B.H., Yusuf Y., Zainuddin A.A., Auni N.
Article 16Interfacial tension and viscosity alteration of samarium doped yttrium iron garnet (YIG) nanofluid under the presence of electromagnetic waves / Lee K., Sukri M.N.M., Guan B.H., Zaid H.M., Soleimani H.
Article 17Investigation of plasticized ionic conductor based on chitosan and ammonium bromide for EDLC applicationShukur M.F., Hamsan M.H., Kadir M.F.Z.
Article 18Investigation of the broadband microwave absorption of citric acid coated Fe3O4/PVDF composite using finite element method / Adebayo L.L., Soleimani H., Yahya N., Abbas Z., Ridwan A.T., Wahaab F.A.
Article 19Investigation of the relationship between bacteria growth and lipid production cultivating of microalgae chlorella vulgaris in seafood wastewater / Nguyen T.D.P., Nguyen D.H., Lim J.W., Chang C.-K., Leong H.Y., Tran T.N.T., Vu T.B., Nguyen T.T.C., Show P.L.
Article 20Ionic liquid-based extraction and separation trends of bioactive compounds from plant biomass / Ullah H., Wilfred C.D., Shaharun M.S.



Article 1Laser ablation synthesis of Ag nanoparticles in graphene quantum dots aqueous solution and optical properties of nanocomposite / Sadrolhosseini A.R., Abdul Rashid S., Shafie S., Soleimani H.
Article 2Liquid biphasic systems for oil-rich algae bioproducts processing / Leong H.Y., Chang C.-K., Lim J.W., Show P.L., Lin D.-Q., Chang J.-S.


Article 1Magnetic Behavior of Ni/NiO Core–Shell Nanoparticles under Electromagnetic Waves for Oil–Water Interfacial Tension Reduction / Baig M.K., Soleimani H., Yahya N., Sabet M.
Article 2Mangosteen peel waste as a sustainable precursor for high surface area mesoporous activated carbon: Characterization and application for methylene blue removal / Nasrullah A., Saad B., Bhat A.H., Khan A.S., Danish M., Isa M.H., Naeem A.
Article 3Manufacturing of double layer optical fiber coating using phan-thien-tanner fluid as coating material / Khan Z., Rasheed H.U., Alharbi S.O., Khan I., Abbas T., Chin D.L.C. 
Article 4Markov chain model development for forecasting air pollution index of miri, Sarawak / Zakaria N.N., Othman M., Sokkalingam R., Daud H., Abdullah L., Kadir E.A.
Article 5Mathematical modeling and simulation of nanoparticle-assisted enhanced oil recovery - A review / Irfan S.A., Shafie A., Yahya N., Zainuddin N. 
Article 6Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of the Performance of PV/T Air Solar Collector / Wahida Khalili N.N., Othman M., Abu Bakar M.N., Sakidin H., Abdullah M.L.
Article 7Mathematical modelling of wastewater treatment in oxidation pond / Muhammad N.N., Ching D.L.C., Amir Hamzah A.S.S.S.
Article 8Metaheuristic Algorithm for Wellbore Trajectory Optimization / Biswas K., Vasant P.M., Vintaned J.A.G., Watada J.
Article 9MHD stagnation point flow over a permeable stretching/shrinking sheet with a heat sink and radiation effects / Nasir N.A.A.M., Ishak A., Pop I., Zainuddin N.
Article 10MHD stagnation point flow towards a quadratically stretching/shrinking surface / Nasir N.A.A.M., Ishak A., Pop I., Zainuddin N.
Article 11Microalgal Protein Extraction From Chlorella vulgaris FSP-E Using Triphasic Partitioning Technique With Sonication / Chia S.R., Chew K.W., Zaid H.F.M., Chu D.-T., Tao Y., Show P.L.
Article 12Microclimate thermal management using thermoelectric air-cooling duct system operated at five incremental powers and its effect on sleep adaptation of the occupants / Irshad K., Algarni S., Ahmad M.T., Irfan S.A., Habib K., Abdelmohimen M.A.H., Hasan Zahir Md., Sayeed Ahmed G.M. 
Article 13Mixtures of tetrabutylammonium chloride salt with different glycol structures: Thermal stability and functional groups characterizations / Majid M.F., Mohd Zaid H.F., Kait C.F., Ghani N.A., Jumbri K.
Article 14Modeling to enhance attached microalgal biomass growth onto fluidized beds packed in nutrients-rich wastewater whilst simultaneously biofixing CO2 into lipid for biodiesel production / Rosli S.-S., Lim J.-W., Jumbri K., Lam M.-K., Uemura Y., Ho C.-D., Tan W.-N., Cheng C.-K., Kadir W.-N.-A.
Article 15Modelling of wireless sensor networks for detection land and forest fire hotspot / Kadir E.A., Irie H., Rosa S.L., Othman M.
Article 16Modified Fractional Reduced Differential Transform Method for the Solution of Multiterm Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations / Abuasad S., Hashim I., Abdul Karim S.A.
Article 17Molecularly imprinted silica gel incorporated with agarose polymer matrix as mixed matrix membrane for separation and preconcentration of sulfonamide antibiotics in water samples / Rozaini M.N.H., Semail N.-F., Saad B., Kamaruzaman S., Abdullah W.N., Rahim N.A., Miskam M., Loh S.H., Yahaya N.
Article 18Monitoring land cover changes in the tropics using satellite remote sensing data / Hashim U.K.M., Ahmad A., Sakidin H., Sufahani S.F., Amin A.R.B.M.
Article 19Monkey Algorithm for Packing Circles with Binary Variables / Torres-Escobar R., Marmolejo-Saucedo J.A., Litvinchev I., Vasant P.
Article 20Multiwalled carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide as nano-additives in water-based drilling fluid for enhanced fluid-loss-control & gel strength / Mohideen A.A.M., Saheed M.S.M., Mohamed N.M.

Article 1New cubic timmer triangular patches with C1 and G1 continuity / Ali F.A.M., Karim S.A.A., Dass S.C., Skala V., Saaban A., Hasan M.K., Hashim I.
Article 2Novel hydrothermal growth of ZnO/NiO hybrids nanostructures on 3D graphene / Perumal V., Mohamed N.M., Saheed M.S.M., Saheed M.S.M.


Article 1Optical and thermal properties of laser-ablated platinum nanoparticles graphene oxide composite / Sadrolhosseini A.R., Habibiasr M., Shafie S., Solaimani H., Lim H.N.
Article 2: Optimal fourth- and eighth-order of convergence derivative-free modifications of King's method / Said Solaiman O., Abdul Karim S.A., Hashim I.
Article 3: Optimization and characterization of magnetite-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for demulsification of crude oil in water emulsion / Wai M.M., Khe C.S., Yau X.H., Liu W.W., Sokkalingam R., Jumbri K., Lwin N.
Article 4: Optimization of hydrogen production over TiO2 supported copper and nickel oxides: effect of photoelectrochemical features / Bashiri R., Mohamed N.M., Kait C.F., Sufian S.
Article 5: Optimization of protein extraction from Chlorella Vulgaris via novel sugaring-out assisted liquid biphasic electric flotation system / Koyande A.K., Chew K.W., Lim J.-W., Lee S.Y., Lam M.K., Show P.-L.


Article 1Palatability of black soldier fly larvae in valorizing mixed waste coconut endosperm and soybean curd residue into larval lipid and protein sourcesLim J.-W., Mohd-Noor S.-N., Wong C.-Y., Lam M.-K., Goh P.-S., Beniers J.J.A., Oh W.-D., Jumbri K., Ghani N.A.
Article 2Performance analysis of Arithmetic Mean method for solving composite 6-point closed Newton-Cotes quadrature algebraic equationMuthuvalu M.S., Galligani E., Ali M.K.M., Sulaiman J., Lebelo R.S.
Article 3Performance and critical issues of polymer liners in pipeline industry: A review / Zakaria N.S., Merican Z.M.A., Hamza M.F.
Article 4Performance of branched polyethyleneimine grafted porous rice husk silica in treating nitrate-rich wastewater via adsorption / Suzaimi N.D., Goh P.S., Malek N.A.N.N., Lim J.W., Ismail A.F.
Article 5Photo-catalytic degradation of Acid Yellow 17 azo dye using ZrO2-CeO2 hollow microspheres as a catalyst / Farooq M., Ramli A., Naeem A., Shah L.A., Mahmood T., Tariq M., Khan J., Perveen F., Humayun M.
Article 6Photocatalytic detoxification of aflatoxins in Sudanese peanut oil using immobilized titanium dioxide / Magzoub R.A.M., Yassin A.A.A., Abdel-Rahim A.M., Gubartallah E.A., Miskam M., Saad B., Sabar S.
Article 7Physical and thermal studies of carbon-enriched silicon oxycarbide synthesized from floating plants / Pan G.-T., Chong S., Chan Y.J., Tiong T.J., Lim J.W., Huang C.-M., Shukla P., Yang T.C.-K.
Article 8Physical properties of dihydric Alcohol-based deep eutectic solvent for integrated fuel oil desulfurization / Majid M.F.B., Binti M.Z.H.F., Kait C.F., Ghani N.B.A., Saidon N.B.
Article 9Plasticized solid polymer electrolyte based on natural polymer blend incorporated with lithium perchlorate for electrical double-layer capacitor fabrication / Yusof Y.M., Shukur M.F., Hamsan M.H., Jumbri K., Kadir M.F.Z.
Article 10Polymer light emitting diodes (PLEDs): An update review on current innovation and performance of material properties / Low J.Y., Aljunid Merican Z.M., Hamza M.F.
Article 11Potential protein and biodiesel sources from black soldier fly larvae: Insights of larval harvesting instar and fermented feeding medium / Wong C.-Y., Rosli S.-S., Uemura Y., Ho Y.C., Leejeerajumnean A., Kiatkittipong W., Cheng C.-K., Lam M.-K., Lim J.-W.
Article 12Preface / Vasant P., Weber G.-W., Zelinka I.
Article 13Preliminary assays on electrochemically modulated liquid-liquid extraction of metformin / Jajuli M.N., Hussin M.H., Rahim A.A., Saad B., Hébrant M., Herzog G.
Article 14Preparation and characterization of hybrid molecularly imprinted polymer membranes for the determination of citrinin in rice / Lee T.P., Saad B., Nakajima L., Kobayashi T.
Article 15Preparation of ZnO-MWCNTS nanocomposite: Structural features and applications for enhanced oil recoveryYahya N., Kashif M., Nasir N., Rehman Z.U.
Article 16Production of bundled CNTs by floating a compound catalyst in an atmospheric pressure horizontal CVD reactor / Shukrullah S., Naz M.Y., Mohamed N.M., Ibrahim K.A., Ghaffar A., AbdEl-Salam N.M.
Article 16Protonic cell performance employing electrolytes based on plasticized methylcellulose-potato starch-NH4NO3 / Hamsan M.H., Aziz S.B., Shukur M.F., Kadir M.F.Z.


Article 1Quantum-behaved bat algorithm for many-objective combined economic emission dispatch problem using cubic criterion function / Mahdi F.P., Vasant P., Abdullah-Al-Wadud M., Kallimani V., Watada J.   

Article 1Range-Restricted Surface Interpolation Using Rational Bi-Cubic Spline Functions with 12 Parameters / Abdul Karim S.A., Saaban A., Skala V.
Article 2Rational bicubic Ball for image interpolation / Zulkifli N.A., Karim S.A.A., Shafie A., Sarfraz M.
Article 3Recent developments on heterogeneous catalytic CO2 reduction to methanol / Din I.U., Shaharun M.S., Alotaibi M.A., Alharthi A.I., Naeem A.
Article 4Removal of anthracene in water by MIL-88(Fe), NH2-MIL-88(Fe), and mixed-MIL-88(Fe) metal-organic frameworks / Zango Z.U., Jumbri K., Sambudi N.S., Hanif Abu Bakar N.H., Fathihah Abdullah N.A., Basheer C., Saad B.
Article 5Removal of malachite green by sugarcane bagasse biochar using response surface methodology / Mohamad M., Mohammad R., May T.S., Wei L.J.
Article 6Removal of methylene blue dye by solvothermally reduced graphene oxide: A metal-free adsorption and photodegradation method / Siong V.L.E., Lee K.M., Juan J.C., Lai C.W., Tai X.H., Khe C.S.
Article 7Revalorization of CO2 for methanol production via ZnO promoted carbon nanofibers based Cu-ZrO2 catalytic hydrogenation / Din I.U., Shaharun M.S., Naeem A., Tasleem S., Ahmad P.
Article 8Review of solvents based on biomass for mitigation of wax paraffin in Indonesian oilfield / Afdhol M.K., Abdurrahman M., Hidayat F., Chong F.K., Mohd Zaid H.F.

Article 1Salicylate-based protic ionic liquids as a potential antioxidant [Cecair ionik protik berasaskan salisilat berpotensi sebagai antioksida] / Ahmad N.A., Jumbri K., Ramli A., Ghani N., Ahmad H.  
Article 2Salting-out assisted liquid–liquid extraction coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography for the determination of vitamin D3 in milk samples / Sazali N.H., Alshishani A., Saad B., Chew K.Y., Chong M.M., Miskam M.      
Article 3Screening of long chain imidazolium base ionic liquids for EPA and DHA extraction from microalgae using COSMO-RS model / Motlagh S.R., Harun M.R., Biak D.R.A., Hussain S.A., Wilfreda C.D., Krishnan S.     
Article 4Screening of suitable ionic liquids as green solvents for extraction of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) from microalgae biomass using COSMO-RS model / Motlagh S.R., Harun R., Biak D.R.A., Hussain S.A., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Khezri R., Wilfred C.D., Elgharbawy A.A.M.     
Article 5Segmentation of blood clot MRI images using intuitionistic fuzzy set theory / Albashah N.L.S.B., Asirvadam V.S., Dass S.C., Meriaudeau F.     
Article 6Simultaneous separation and degradation of surfactants laden in produced water using PVDF/TiO 2 photocatalytic membrane / Rawindran H., Lim J.-W., Goh P.-S., Subramaniam M.N., Ismail A.F., Radi bin Nik M Daud N.M., Rezaei-Dasht Arzhandi M.     
Article 7Smart city is a safe city: Information and communication technology-enhanced urban space monitoring and surveillance systems: The promise and limitations / Chui K.T., Vasant P., Liu R.W.      
Article 8Smart sensor node of WSNs for river water pollution monitoring system / Kadir E.A., Siswanto A., Rosa S.L., Syukur A., Irie H., Othman M.    
Article 9Spirulina platensis based biorefinery for the production of value-added products for food and pharmaceutical applications / Chia S.R., Chew K.W., Show P.L., Xia A., Ho S.-H., Lim J.W.      
Article 10Surface Plasmon Assisted Electron-Hole Migration for High Photocurrent Density Generation in a Perovskite Solar Cell / Mohamed Saheed M.S., Mohamed N.M., Mahinder Singh B.S., Jose R.      
Article 11Sustainable waste-to-energy development in Malaysia: Appraisal of environmental, financial, and public issues related with energy recovery from municipal solid waste / Yong Z.J., Bashir M.J.K., Ng C.A., Sethupathi S., Lim J.W., Show P.L.    
Article 12Syngas from catalytic steam reforming of palm oil mill effluent: An optimization study / Cheng Y.W., Ng K.H., Lam S.S., Lim J.W., Wongsakulphasatch S., Witoon T., Cheng C.K.      
Article 13: Synthesis and characterisation of a ternary composite of polyaniline, reduced graphene-oxide and chitosan with reduced optical band gap and stable aqueous dispersibility / Usman F., Dennis J.O., Seong K.C., Yousif Ahmed A., Meriaudeau F., Ayodele O.B., Tobi A.R., Rabih A.A.S., Yar A.
Article 14Synthesis and characterization of alkylated graphene oxide (AGO) and reduced graphene oxide (ARGO) / Hidayah N.M.S., Liu W.W., Khe C.S., Lai C.W., Noriman N.Z., Hashim U.      
Article 15Synthesis and characterization of double-promoted copper-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation into fuels / Tuan Sulong T.S., Abd. Halim N.S., Mohd Zabidi N.A.      
Article 16Synthesis and characterization of new choline-based ionic liquids and their antimicrobial properties / Ahmad H., Zaharudin N.S., Majid N.N.A., Jumbri K., Rahman M.B.A.      
Article 17Synthesis and characterization of titanium dioxide nanoparticles for application in enhanced oil recovery / Zaid H.M., Fakhruldin H., Yow F.Y., Razali N., Dasan Y.K.      
Article 18Synthesis of MWCNT forests with alumina-supported Fe2O3 catalyst by using a floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition technique / Shukrullah S., Naz M.Y., Mohamed N.M., Ibrahim K.A., Ghaffar A., AbdEl-Salam N.M.       
Article 19Synthesis, characterisation and antioxidant properties of ferulate-based protic ionic liquids: Experimental and modelling approaches / Ahmad N.A., Jumbri K., Ramli A., Ghani N.A., Ahmad H., Kassim M.A.        
Article 20Synthesis, characterization, stability and thermal conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and eco-friendly jatropha seed oil based nanofluid: An experimental investigation and modeling approach / Rehman W.U., Merican Z.M.A., Bhat A.H., Hoe B.G., Sulaimon A.A., Akbarzadeh O., Khan M.S., Mukhtar A., Saqib S., Hameed A., Mellon N., Ullah H., Ullah S., Assiri M.A.      

Article 1Tailoring the surface area and the acid–base properties of ZrO2 for biodiesel production from Nannochloropsis sp. / Rahman N.J.A., Ramli A., Jumbri K., Uemura Y.
Article 2The existence of chaos in stock market price: An investigation using BDS test and close returns test / Sapini M.L., Aris M.N.M., Robangi A.A., Zulkanain N.N., Yusof N.M. 
Article 3The potential application of MnZn ferrite nanofluids for wettability alteration and oil-water interfacial tension reduction / Mokhtar N.A.M., Beh H.G., Lee K.C.
Article 4The research design of graphene inclusion on LDPE characterization / Sabet M., Soleimani H.   
Article 5The solutions of non-integer order Burgers' fluid flowing through a round channel with semi analytical technique / Imran M., Ching D.L.C., Safdar R., Khan I., Imran M.A., Nisar K.S. 
Article 6Thermal and flammable stability of radiated LDPE and composites / Sabet M., Soleimani H., Hosseini S.     
Article 7Thermophysical properties and CO2 absorption of ammonium-based protic ionic liquids containing acetate and butyrate anions / Yunus N.M., Halim N.H., Wilfred C.D., Murugesan T., Lim J.W., Show P.L.    
Article 8Thiol-functionalized magnetic carbon nanotubes for magnetic micro-solid phase extraction of sulfonamide antibiotics from milks and commercial chicken meat products / Nasir A.N.M., Yahaya N., Zain N.N.M., Lim V., Kamaruzaman S., Saad B., Nishiyama N., Yoshida N., Hirota Y.    
Article 9Time dependence on magnetic properties of nanomaterial manganese-zinc ferrite (Mn0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4) by co-precipitation method / Kustono D., Puspitasari P., Wahono, Ananda A.S.S., Shaharun M.S., Muhammad A.     
Article 10Treatment technologies of palm oil mill effluent (POME)and olive mill wastewater (OMW): A brief review / Lee Z.S., Chin S.Y., Lim J.W., Witoon T., Cheng C.K.     
Article 11Triple local similarity solutions of darcy-forchheimer magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow of micropolar nanofluid over an exponential shrinking surface: Stability analysis / Lund L.A., Ching D.L.C., Omar Z., Khan I., Nisar K.S.   
Article 12Type 2 fuzzy inference-based time series model / Rahim N.F., Othman M., Sokkalingam R., Kadir E.A.

Article 1Unsteady free convective non-homogeneous nanofluid flow past a moving vertical plate / Narahari M., Ilyas S.U., Pendyala R.     

Article 1Variable order block method for solving second order ordinary differential equations / Ibrahim Z.B., Zainuddin N., Othman K.I., Suleiman M., Zawawi I.S.M.
Article 2Visualizing the Energy of Scattered Data by Using Cubic Timmer Triangular Patches / Ali F.A.M., Karim S.A.A., Dass S.C., Skala V., Saaban A., Hasan M.K., Hashim I.
Article 3Volatile Constituents of the Leaf Essential Oil of Crinum asiaticum and their Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities / Tan W.-N., Shahbudin F.N., Mohamed Kamal N.N.S.N., Tong W.-Y., Leong C.-R., Lim J.-W.


Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

Article 1: Nutritional quality and physico-chemical characteristics of selected date fruit varieties of the United Arab Emirates / Rambabu, K., Bharath, G., Hai, A., Banat, F., Hasan, S.W., Taher, H., Zaid, H.F.M.
Article 2Phase transformed iron oxide – iron (oxy) hydroxide composite nanoflorets grown on foam-like graphene as a high performing adsorbent / Ong, C.C., Jose, R., Saheed, M.S.M.
Article 3: Predicting daily air pollution index based on fuzzy time series markov chain model / Alyousifi, Y., Othman, M., Sokkalingam, R., Faye, I., Silva, P.C.L.
Article 4: Roles of linear alkyl chain alkylation on reinforcement of graphene based polypropylene nanocomposites / Hidayah, N.M.S., Liu, W.-W., Khe, C.S., Lai, C.W., Noriman, N.Z.
Article 5: 3D graphene/fly ash waste material for hybrid supercapacitor electrode: specific capacitance analysis [3D-Graphen/Flugasche Abfallmaterial für Hybrid-Superkondensatorelektrode: Spezifische Kapazitätsanalyse] Pransisco, P., Balbir Singh, M.S., Shuaib, M., Shukur, M.F., Joseph, E.


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Journal Articles (2022)

Article 1A new approach to understanding the interaction effect of salt and plasticizer on solid polymer electrolytes using statistical model and artificial intelligence algorithm / Adam, A.A., Soleimani, H., Shukur, M.F.B.A., Dennis, J.O., Abdulkadir, B.A., Hassan, Y.M., Yusuf, J.Y., Shamsuri, N.A.B.
Article 2A review on recent disposal of hazardous sewage sludge via anaerobic digestion and novel composting / Liew, C.S., Yunus, N.M., Chidi, B.S., Lam, M.K., Goh, P.S., Mohamad, M., Sin, J.C., Lam, S.M., Lim, J.W., Lam, S.S.     
Article 3A Study of Environmental Degradation in Turkey and its Relationship to Oil Prices and Financial Strategies: Novel Findings in Context of Energy Transition / Habeşoğlu, O., Samour, A., Tursoy, T., Ahmadi, M., Abdullah, L., Othman, M.
Article 4Ameliorated photodegradation performance of polyethylene and polystyrene films incorporated with ZnO-PVP catalyst / Lam, S.-M., Chew, K.-C., Sin, J.-C., Zeng, H., Lin, H., Li, H., Lim, J.W., Mohamed, A.R.   
Article 5Ameliorating Cu2+ reduction in microbial fuel cell with Z-scheme BiFeO3 decorated on flower-like ZnO composite photocathode / Lam, S.-M., Sin, J.-C., Zeng, H., Lin, H., Li, H., Mohamed, A.R., Lim, J.W.    
Article 6An Electrochemical Approach for Ultrasensitive Detection of Zearalenone in Commodity Using Disposable Screen-Printed Electrode Coated with MXene/Chitosan Film / Siva Sangu, S., Chandra Bose Gopinath, S., Abdul Shukur, M.F., Mohamed Saheed, M.S.
Article 7Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Food Waste with Sewage Sludge: Simulation and Optimization for Maximum Biogas Production / Cheong, W.L., Chan, Y.J., Tiong, T.J., Chong, W.C., Kiatkittipong, W., Kiatkittipong, K., Mohamad, M., Daud, H., Suryawan, I.W.K., Sari, M.M., Lim, J.W.
Article 9Antimicrobial activity of silver sulfide quantum dots functionalized with highly conjugated Schiff bases in a one-step synthesis / Shahri, N.N.M., Taha, H., S. A. Hamid, M.H., Kusrini, E., Lim, J.-W., Hobley, J., Usman, A.  
Article 10Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Modelling for Biogas Production in Pre-Commercialized Integrated Anaerobic-Aerobic Bioreactors (IAAB) / Chen, W.-Y., Chan, Y.J., Lim, J.W., Liew, C.S., Mohamad, M., Ho, C.-D., Usman, A., Lisak, G., Hara, H., Tan, W.-N.
Article 11Automatic Clustering of Students by Level of Situational Interest Based on Their EEG Features / Othman, E.S., Faye, I., Hussaan, A.M.



Article 1Catalytic Hydrotreating of Crude Pongamia pinnata Oil to Bio-Hydrogenated Diesel over Sulfided NiMo Catalyst / Plaola, Y., Leangsiri, W., Pongsiriyakul, K., Kiatkittipong, W., Srifa, A., Lim, J.-W., Reubroycharoen, P., Kiatkittipong, K., Eiad-Ua, A., Assabumrungrat, S.
Article 2Characterization of Bipolar Vague Soft S -Open Sets / Afzal, F., Mehmood, A., Al Ghour, S., Zafar, M., Sakidin, H., Gul, S.
Article 3Correlating black soldier fly larvae growths with soluble nutrients derived from thermally pre-treated waste activated sludge / Liew, C.S., Mong, G.R., Abdelfattah, E.A., Raksasat, R., Rawindran, H., Kiatkittipong, W., Mohamad, M., Ramli, A., Yunus, N.M., Lam, M.K., Da Oh, W., Lim, J.W.

Article 1Deciding which is the best 1H NMR predictor for organic compounds using statistical tools / Mah, W.H., Nazuan, N.H.A., Yeap, W.S., Fakharudin, F.H., Faye, I., Wilfred, C.D.
Article 2Density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulation studies of bio-based fatty hydrazide-corrosion inhibitors on Fe (1 1 0) in acidic media / Mazlan, N., Jumbri, K., Azlan Kassim, M., Abdul Wahab, R., Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman, M.
Article 3Determination of Three Endocrine Disruptors in Water Samples by Ultrasound-Assisted Salt-Induced Liquid-Liquid Microextraction (UA-SI-LLME) and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Diode Array Detection (HPLC-DAD) / Rozaini, M.N.H., Saad, B., Yahaya, N., Lim, J.W., Mohd Aris, M.N., Ramachandran, M.R.
Article 4Development of β-cyclodextrin crosslinked citric acid encapsulated in polypropylene membrane protected-μ-solid-phase extraction device for enhancing the separation and preconcentration of endocrine disruptor compounds / Hafiz Rozaini, M.N., Saad, B., Lim, J.W., Yahaya, N., Ramachandran, M.R., Kiatkittipong, W., Mohamad, M., Chan, Y.J., Goh, P.S., Shaharun, M.S.
Article 5Domination of methylene blue over rhodamine B during simultaneous photocatalytic degradation by TiO2 nanoparticles in an aqueous binary solution under UV irradiation / Suhaimi, N.A.A., Shahri, N.N.M., Samat, J.H., Kusrini, E., Lim, J.W., Hobley, J., Usman, A.


Article 1Effect of ethylene carbonate addition on ion aggregates, ion pairs and free ions of polyvinyl alcohol-methylcellulose host: Selection of polymer electrolyte for possible energy devices application / Rojudi, Z.E., Shamsuri, N.A., Abdulkadir, B.A., Hamsan, M.H., Aziz, M.F., Asyadi’Azam, M., Shukur, M.F.
Article 2Effect of sludge sewage quality on heating value: case study in Jakarta, Indonesia / Suryawan, I.W.K., Lim, J.-W., Ramadan, B.S., Septiariva, I.Y., Sari, N.K., Sari, M.M., Zahra, N.L., Qonitan, F.D., Sarwono, A.
Article 3Effective adsorption of metolachlor herbicide by MIL-53(Al) metal-organic framework: Optimization, validation and molecular docking simulation studies / Ahmad Isiyaka, H., Jumbri, K., Soraya Sambudi, N., Uba Zango, Z., Ain Fathihah Binti Abdullah, N., Saad, B.
Article 4Effects of Ionic Liquid, 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride ([EMIM]Cl), on the Material and Electrical Characteristics of Asphaltene Thin Films / Thulasiraman, S., Yunus, N.M.M., Kumar, P., Kesuma, Z.R., Norhakim, N., Wilfred, C.D., Roffi, T.M., Hamdan, M.F., Burhanudin, Z.A.
Article 5Elucidating the effect of process parameters on the production of hydrogen-rich syngas by biomass and coal Co-gasification techniques: A multi-criteria modeling approach / Bahadar, A., Kanthasamy, R., Sait, H.H., Zwawi, M., Algarni, M., Ayodele, B.V., Cheng, C.K., Wei, L.J.
Article 6Enhanced synchronous photocatalytic 4-chlorophenol degradation and Cr(VI) reduction by novel magnetic separable visible-light-driven Z-scheme CoFe2O4/P-doped BiOBr heterojunction nanocomposites / Sin, J.-C., Lam, S.-M., Zeng, H., Lin, H., Li, H., Huang, L., Tham, K.-O., Mohamed, A.R., Lim, J.-W.
Article 7Experimental and Mathematical Modelling of Factors Influencing Carbon Dioxide Absorption into the Aqueous Solution of Monoethanolamine and 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium Dibutylphosphate Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) / Azhar, F.N.A., Taha, M.F., Ghani, S.M.M., Ruslan, M.S.H., Yunus, N.M.M.
Article 8Experimental Investigation on Thermophysical Properties of Ammonium-Based Protic Ionic Liquids and Their Potential Ability towards CO2 Capture / Zailani, N.H.Z.O., Yunus, N.M., Ab Rahim, A.H., Bustam, M.A.

Article 1Feasibility of Bio-Coal Production from Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) Technology Using Food Waste in Malaysia / Singh, A., Gill, A., Lim, D.L.K., Kasmaruddin, A., Miri, T., Chakrabarty, A., Chai, H.H., Selvarajoo, A., Massawe, F., Abakr, Y.A., Mateva, K.I., Ng, W.P.Q., Serifi, O., Mackenzie, C., Mohamad, M., Kang, H.-S., Goh, P.S., Lim, J.W., Chan, Y.J.
Article 2Fixed point theorem between cone metric space and quasi-cone metric space / Al-Yaari, A., Sakidin, H., Alyousifi, Y., Al-Tashi, Q.
Article 3Fixed-Bed Adsorption of Phenol onto Microporous Activated Carbon Set from Rice Husk Using Chemical Activation / Daffalla, S.B., Mukhtar, H., Shaharun, M.S., Hassaballa, A.A.
Article 4Forest fire spreading and carbon concentration identification in tropical region Indonesia / Abdul Kadir, E., Listia Rosa, S., Syukur, A., Othman, M., Daud, H.
Article 5Fractional Model for the Flow of Brinkman-Type Fluid with Mass Transfer / Sheikh, N.A., Ching, D.L.C., Sakidin, H., Khan, I.
Article 6Fungal Fermented Palm Kernel Expeller as Feed for Black Soldier Fly Larvae in Producing Protein and Biodiesel / Liew, C.S., Wong, C.Y., Abdelfattah, E.A., Raksasat, R., Rawindran, H., Lim, J.W., Kiatkittipong, W., Kiatkittipong, K., Mohamad, M., Yek, P.N.Y., Setiabudi, H.D., Cheng, C.K., Lam, S.S.



Article 1Hydrogen-rich syngas production from bi-reforming of greenhouse gases over zirconia modified Ni/MgO catalyst / Farooqi, A.S., Yusuf, M., Zabidi, N.A.M., Saidur, R., Shahid, M.U., Ayodele, B.V., Abdullah, B.
Article 2Hydrolysis kinetics for solubilizing waste activated sludge at low temperature thermal treatment derived from multivariate non-linear model / Liew, C.S., Raksasat, R., Rawindran, H., Kiatkittipong, W., Lim, J.W., Leong, W.H., Lam, M.K., Mohamad, M., Cheng, Y.W., Chong, C.C.




Article 1Mechanism of CaO catalyst deactivation with unconventional monitoring method for glycerol carbonate production via transesterification of glycerol with dimethyl carbonate / Praikaew, W., Kiatkittipong, W., Aiouache, F., Najdanovic-Visak, V., Termtanun, M., Lim, J.W., Lam, S.S., Kiatkittipong, K., Laosiripojana, N., Boonyasuwat, S., Assabumrungrat, S.
Article 2Municipal Solid Waste to Energy: Palletization of Paper and Garden Waste into Refuse Derived Fuel / Suryawan, I.W.K., Septiariva, I.Y., Fauziah, E.N., Ramadan, B.S., Qonitan, F.D., Zahra, N.L., Sarwono, A., Sari, M.M., Ummatin, K.K., Wei, L.J.

Article 1Nanofluid influenced convective heat transfer and nanoparticles dispersion in porous media with a two-phase lattice Boltzmann analysis / Aliu, O., Sakidin, H., Foroozesh, J.



Article 1Simulation and experimental investigation of dielectric and magnetic nanofluids in reduction of oil viscosity in reservoir sandstone / Sikiru, S., Soleimani, H., Shafie, A., Kozlowski, G. 
Article 2Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ni-doped Yttrium Iron Garnet (Y3Fe5-XNixO12) Nanopowders Synthesized by Self-Combustion Method / Puspitasari, P., Ariffandy, W., Budi, L.S., Shaharun, M.S.
Article 3Substitution of Garden and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Plastic Waste as Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) / Zahra, N.L., Septiariva, I.Y., Sarwono, A., Qonitan, F.D., Sari, M.M., Gaina, P.C., Ummatin, K.K., Arifianti, Q.A.M.O., Faria, N., Lim, J.-W., Suhardono, S., Suryawan, I.W.K.

Article 1The Development of Chitosan-Maltodextrin Polymer Electrolyte with the Addition of Ionic Liquid for Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) Application / Mohamed, A.S., Asnawi, A.S.F.M., Shukur, M.F., Matmin, J., Kadir, M.F.Z., Yusof, Y.M. 
Article 2The influence of ZnO/SiO2 nanocomposite concentration on rheology, interfacial tension, and wettability for enhanced oil recovery / Hassan, Y.M., Guan, B.H., Chuan, L.K., Hamza, M.F., Khandaker, M.U., Sikiru, S., Adam, A.A., Abdul Sani, S.F., Abdulkadir, B.A., Ayub, S.
Article 3The synergistic effect of Fe2O3/SiO2 nanoparticles concentration on rheology, wettability, and brine-oil interfacial tension / Hassan, Y.M., Guan, B.H., Chuan, L.K., Hamza, M.F., Adil, M., Adam, A.A. 
Article 4Theoretical and Experimental Studies of CO2 Absorption in Double-Unit Flat-Plate Membrane Contactors / Ho, C.-D., Chang, H., Tu, J.-W., Lim, J.-W., Chiou, C.-P., Chen, Y.-J.
Article 5Thermal Kinetics of Monocationic and Dicationic Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquids / Ab Rahim, A.H., Abd Ghani, N., Hasanudin, N., Yunus, N.M., Azman, N.S.
Article 6Thermophysical Properties of Nanofluid in Two-Phase Fluid Flow through a Porous Rectangular Medium for Enhanced Oil Recovery / Al-Yaari, A., Ching, D.L.C., Sakidin, H., Muthuvalu, M.S., Zafar, M., Alyousifi, Y., Saeed, A.A.H., Bilad, M.R.
Article 7Translating medical image to radiological report: Adaptive multilevel multi-attention approach / Gajbhiye, G.O., Nandedkar, A.V., Faye, I.

Article 1Utilization of indigenous gurgure (Monotheca Buxifolia) waste seeds as a potential feedstock for biodiesel production using environmentally benign bismuth modified CaO catalyst / Farooq, M., Ramli, A., gul, M., Naeem, A., Perveen, F., Khan, I.W., Saeed, S., Sahar, J., Abid, G. 

Article 1Vapor-phase hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived bio-oil over Al-MCM-41 supported Pd-Co and Pd-Fe catalysts / Tran, N.T.T., Uemura, Y., Ramli, A., Trinh, T.H.
Article 2Variable Step Block Hybrid Method for Stiff Chemical Kinetics Problems / Soomro, H., Zainuddin, N., Daud, H., Sunday, J., Jamaludin, N., Abdullah, A., Apriyanto, M., Kadir, E.A.

Article 1Water Level Prediction through Hybrid SARIMA and ANN Models Based on Time Series Analysis: Red Hills Reservoir Case Study / Azad, A.S., Sokkalingam, R., Daud, H., Adhikary, S.K., Khurshid, H., Mazlan, S.N.A., Rabbani, M.B.A.