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UTP Research Articles

UTP research articles published in Q1 and Q2 journal



Journal Articles (2019)

Article 1A Feature Extraction Technique Based on Factor Analysis for Pulsed Eddy Current Defects Categorization / Latif N.A.A., Abidin I.M.Z., Azaman N., Jamaludin N., Mokhtar A.A.

Article 2A fuzzy logic method: Predicting corrosion under insulation of piping systems with modelling of CUI 3D surfaces / Mohsin K.M., Mokhtar A.A., W Tse P.
Article 3A multiphase flow loop design for investigating the partial phase separation in a pipe tee / Saieed A., Memon Z.Q., Tran M.C., Soon W.P.K.
Article 4A novel tool path strategy for modelling complicated perpendicular curved movements / Meyghani B., Awang M.B.
Article 5A review of processing techniques for Fe-Ni soft magnetic materials / Ali M., Ahmad F.
Article 6A review of processing techniques for graphene-reinforced metal matrix composites / Naseer A., Ahmad F., Aslam M., Guan B.H., Harun W.S.W., Muhamad N., Raza M.R., German R.M.
Article 7A review on gas turbine gas-path diagnostics: State-of-the-art methods, challenges and opportunities / Fentaye A.D., Baheta A.T., Gilani S.I., Kyprianidis K.G.
Article 8A Review on Process Parameters and their effects on Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium and Steel Alloys / Chitturi V., Rao Pedapati S., Awang M.
Article 9A short review on frictional contact stress distribution in involute gears / Patil S.S., Karuppanan S., Atanasovska I.
Article 10A study on handling of stranded motorcycles in MalaysiaSulaiman S.A., Keat C.S., Seng B.H., Syahir Sazali M., Ashraf Azhar M.
Article 11Advances in proton exchange membrane fuel cell with dead-end anode operation: A review / Kurnia J.C., Sasmito A.P., Shamim T.
Article 12Air to air energy recovery from HVAC systems under different membrane materials / Al-Waked R.F., Nasif M.S.
Article 13Air-to-air fixed plate energy recovery heat exchangers for building’s HVAC systemsNasif M.S.
Article 14An efficient approach for nitrogen diffusion and surface nitriding of boron-titanium modified stainless steel alloy for biomedical applications / Ali S., Rani A.M.A., Mufti R.A., Hastuty S., Hussain M., Shehzad N., Baig Z., Aliyu A.A.A.
Article 15An experimental study on the erosion-corrosion performance of AISI 1018 carbon steel and AISI 304L stainless steel 90-degree elbow pipe / Khan R., Ya H.H., Pao W.
Article 16An investigation on thermal performance of wollastonite and bentonite reinforced intumescent fire-retardant coating for steel structuresAhmad F., Ullah S., Merican N.H.B.H., Oñate E., Al-Sehemi A.G., Yeoh G.H.
Article 17An Overview of Unique Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Biosensor Applications / Anthony L.S., Perumal V., Mohamed N.M., Saheed M.S.M., Gopinath S.C.B.
Article 18Analysis and formulation of spur gear stresses with different tip modifications [不同齿尖修正的直齿轮应力分析与计算] / Maper A., Karuppanan S., Patil S.S.
Article 19Analysis of magnetohydrodynamic partial slip laser bump texture slider and journal bearing / Rao T.V.V.L.N., Rani A.M.A., Mohamed N.M., Ya H.H., Awang M., Hashim F.M.
Article 20Analytical hierarchy process application of body in white modular sub-assembly for automotive manufacturing in Malaysia - A case study / Fudzin A.F., Mokhtar A.A., Amin M., Basri A.Q.
Article 21Antagonistic effect and performance of CO2 corrosion inhibitors: Water chemistry and ionic responseIsmail M.C., Yahya S., Raja P.B.
Article 22Antimicrobial Property of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles / Ramanathan S., Gopinath S.C.B., Arshad M.K.M., Poopalan P., Perumal V., Saheed M.S.M.
Article 23Application of in situ post weld heat treatment using double pulse technology and its effect on microstructure and mechanical performance of resistance spot welded HSLA350 steel / Soomro I.A., Pedapati S.R.
Article 24Assessment of standalone solar PV-Battery system for electricity generation and utilization of excess power for water pumping / Bhayo B.A., Al-Kayiem H.H., Gilani S.I.

Article 1Binder removal by a two-stage debinding process for powder injection molding Fe-50Ni alloy parts / Ali M., Ahmad F., Melor P.S., Yahya N., Altaf K., Omar M.A., Aslam M.


Article 1Catalytic and noncatalytic conversion of spent fat oil into combustible gases and liquids / Hussain Z., Naz H., Naz M.Y., Gulab H., Sulaiman S.A., Khan K.M., Shukrullah S.
Article 2Catalytic and noncatalytic gasification of wood–coconut shell blend under different operating conditions / Inayat M., Sulaiman S.A., Kurnia J.C., Naz M.Y.
Article 3Catalytic co-gasification of coconut shells and oil palm fronds blends in the presence of cement, dolomite, and limestone: Parametric optimization via Box Behnken Design /  Inayat M., Sulaiman S.A., Kurnia J.C.
Article 4Characterization and stability analysis of oil-based copper oxide nanofluids for medium temperature solar collectors [Charakterisierung und Stabilitätsanalyse von ölbasierten Kupferoxid-Nanofluiden für Mitteltemperatursonnenkollektoren] / Akhter J., Gilani S.I., Al-kayiem H.H., Ali M., Masood F.
Article 5Characterization of tar formation during high temperature gasification of different chemical compositions in biomass / Zubair Yahaya A., Rao Somalu M., Muchtar A., Anwar Sulaiman S., Wan Daud W.R.     
Article 6Characterization, adhesion strength and in-vitro cytotoxicity investigation of hydroxyapatite coating synthesized on Zr-based BMG by electro discharge process / Aliyu A.A., Abdul-Rani A.M., Rao T.V.V.L.N., Axinte E., Hastuty S., Parameswari R.P., Subramaniam J.R., Thyagarajan S.P.
Article 7Classification of waxy crude oil odor-profile using gas sensor array / Mawardzi M.F.R.M., Japper-Jaafar A., Najib M.S., Daud S.M., Ya T.M.Y.S.T.
Article 8Comparison between tri-fuel (diesel-ethanol-biodiesel) emulsion with and without surfactant / Bahrudin M.N.H.M., Mukhtar A.N., Hagos F.Y., Mamat R., Abdullah A.A., Karim Z.A.A. 
Article 9Comparison of Mixing Strategies and Hybrid Ratio Optimization for Mechanical Properties Enhancement of Al-CeO2-GNP’s Metal Matrix Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing / Yaqoob B., Pasha R.A., Awang M., Nasir M.A., Hussain A., Nazir K. 
Article 10Considerations of Material Selection for Control Rod Drive Mechanism of Reaktor Daya Eksperimental / Hastuty S., Zacharias P., Awwaluddin M., Krismawan, Setiawan P.H., Siswanto E., Santoso B., Nugroho A., Abdul-Rani A.M.
Article 11Controlling nitrogen pollution via encapsulation of urea fertilizer in cross-linked corn starch / Ibrahim K.A., Naz M.Y., Shukrullah S., Sulaiman S.A., Ghaffar A., AbdEl-Salam N.M.
Article 12Convective heat transfer characteristics of TiO2-EG nanofluid as coolant fluid in heat exchanger / Permanasari A.A., Kuncara B.S., Puspitasari P., Sukarni S., Ginta T.L., Irdianto W.
Article 13Conversion of spent fat oil into liquid and gaseous fuels through clinker catalyzed pyrolysis / Hussain Z., Naz H., Rafique M., Gulab H., Naz M.Y., Sulaiman S.A., Khan K.M. 
Article 14Cooling capacity optimization of absorption chillers using binary integer programming / Jamaluddin F.N., Abdul Karim Z.A., Abdul Majid M.A., Sasaki T.
Article 15Corrosion inhibition of molybdate and nitrite for carbon steel corrosion in process cooling water / Yee J.C., Kee K.E., Hassan S., Nor M.F.M., Ismail M.C.
Article 16Corrosion inhibition of steel in 3.5% NaCl by rice straw extract / Othman N.K., Yahya S., Ismail M.C.
Article 17Corrosion inhibition of steel in multiple flow loop under 3.5% NaCl in the presence of rice straw extracts, lignin and ethylene glycol / Yahya S., Othman N.K., Ismail M.C.

Article 1Deployment of an FMEA-Integrated Framework to Improve Operational Performance in Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Case Study / Liew C.F., Prakash J., Kamaruddin S., Ong K.S.      
Article 2Development of a Finite Element Model for Thermal Analysis of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) Meyghani B., Awang M.B., Momeni M., Rynkovskaya M.   
Article 3Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement of fluid-structure interaction using immersed boundary method with two-stage corrections Aldlemy M.S., Rasani M.R., Tuan T.M.Y.S., Ariffin A.K.   


Article 1Effect of deposition methods on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al 7075 alloy-rice husk ash surface composites using friction stir processing / Patil N.A., Safwan A., Pedapati S.R.
Article 2Effect of particle size and temperature on gasification performance of coconut and palm kernel shells in downdraft fixed-bed reactor / Yahaya A.Z., Somalu M.R., Muchtar A., Sulaiman S.A., Wan Daud W.R. 
Article 3Effect of slug flow frequency on the mechanical stress behavior of pipelines / Mohmmed A.O., Al-Kayiem H.H., Nasif M.S., Time R.W. 
 Article 4Effect of tilt angle and pin depth on dissimilar friction stir lap welded joints of aluminum and steel alloys / Chitturi V., Pedapati S.R., Awang M.
Article 5Effect of various blended fuels on syngas quality and performance in catalytic co-gasification: A review / Inayat M., Sulaiman S.A., Kurnia J.C., Shahbaz M.
Article 6Effects of carbon fiber hybridization on the compressive strength of glass-carbon/epoxy hybrid composite pipes before and after low velocity impact / Farhood N.H., Karuppanan S., Ya H.H., Ovinis M.
Article 7Energy efficiency in mobility systems / Sulaiman S.A.
Article 8Engine speed and air-fuel ratio effect on the combustion of methane augmented hydrogen rich syngas in DI SI engine / Hagos F.Y., A. Aziz A.R., Sulaiman S.A., Mamat R.  
Article 9Enhanced solar light-driven photocatalytic degradation of pollutants and hydrogen evolution over exfoliated hexagonal WS2 platelets / Koyyada G., Prabhakar Vattikuti S.V., Shome S., Shim J., Chitturi V., Jung J.H.
Article 10Enhancement of viscoelastic and electrical properties of magnetorheological elastomers with nanosized Ni-Mg cobalt-ferrites as fillers / Aziz S.A.A., Mazlan S.A., Ubaidillah U., Shabdin M.K., Yunus N.A., Nordin N.A., Choi S.-B., Rosnan R.M.
Article 11Entropy generation and heat transfer performance in microchannel cooling / Kurnia J.C., Lim D.C., Chen L., Jiang L., Sasmito A.P.
Article 12Erosion-corrosion of 30°, 60°, and 90° carbon steel elbows in a multiphase flow containing sand particles / Khan R., Ya H.H., Pao W., Khan A.
Article 13Evolution of Microexplosion Phenomenon in Parent-Child Droplets of Water in Biodiesel Emulsions Enhanced by Different Surfactant Dosages and Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance Values / Abdul Karim Z.A., Khan M.Y., Aziz A.R.A.
Article 14Exergy and regression analysis for optimization of electric chillers at a gas district cooling plant / Abdul Karim Z.A., Afiq Sidqi M., Majid M.A.A., Muhammad M., Aoki H., Xiaoming Z. 
Article 15Experimental analysis on a novel low-temperature vacuum drying with induced nucleation technique for dewatering stingless bees honey / Ramli A.S., Basrawi F., Yusof M.H.B., Oumer A.N., Johari N.A., Muhamad A., Mamat M.R., Habib K., Ibrahim T.K.
Article 16Experimental and numerical analysis of opaque turbulent buoyant jet / Osman A.B., Ovinis M., Fakhruldin M.H., Faye I. 
Article 17Experimental and numerical characterization of mechanical properties of carbon/jute fabric reinforced epoxy hybrid composites / Ali A., Nasir M.A., Khalid M.Y., Nauman S., Shaker K., Khushnood S., Altaf K., Zeeshan M., Hussain A.
Article 18Experimental investigation of compressibility of waxy crude oil subjected to static coolingSulaiman S.A., Chala G.T., Zainur M.Z.
Article 19Experimental investigation of multiphase separation in different flow regimes through T-junction with an expander section / Memon Z.Q., Pao W., Hashim F., Ahmed S.
Article 20Experimental investigation of temperature and condensation control of photovoltaic panels / Naser Reda M., Spinnler M., Al-Kayiem H., Sattelmayer T.
Article 21Experimental investigation of the in-cylinder tumble motion inside GDI cylinder at different planes under steady-state condition using stereoscopic-PIV / El-Adawy M., Heikal M.R., Aziz A.R.A. 
Article 22Experimental investigation of two-phase separation in a horizontal T-junction with vertical branch arm / Memon Z.Q., Pao W., Hashim F., Ahmed S.
Article 23Experimental study on hydrodynamic characteristics of underwater glider / Javaid M.Y., Ovinis M., Javaid M., Ullah B.
Article 24Exploring the effects of nanofillers of epoxy nanocomposite coating for sustainable corrosion protection / Kabeb S.M., Hassan A., Mohamad Z., Sharer Z., Mokhtar M., Ahmad F.

Article 1Fabrication of pandanus tectorius (screw-pine) natural fiber using vacuum resin infusion for polymer composite application / Afolabi L.O., Megat-Yusoff P.S.M., Ariff Z.M., Hamizol M.S. 
Article 2Facile Synthesis of Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber for Biosensing Application / Vasudevan M., Murthe S.S., Yong M.T.J., Perumal V., Mohamed N.M., Gopinath S.C.B.
Article 3Factory-in-factory concept as a new business model for automotive production system / Ani M.N.C., Kamaruddin S., Azid I.A.
Article 4Finite element modeling of nano porous sintered silver material using computed tomography images [Finite-Elemente-Modellierung von nano-porösem gesinterten Silber unter Verwendung von Computertomographiebildern] / Meyghani B., Awang M., Bokam P., Plank B., Heinzl C., Siow K.S.
Article 5Flow structures and their impact on single and dual inlets hydrocyclone performance for oil–water separation / Al-Kayiem H.H., Osei H., Hashim F.M., Hamza J.E.


Article 1Graphene-based polymer nanocomposites as barrier coatings for corrosion protection / Othman N.H., Che Ismail M., Mustapha M., Sallih N., Kee K.E., Ahmad Jaal R.

Article 1Human papilloma virus DNA-biomarker analysis for cervical cancer: Signal enhancement by gold nanoparticle-coupled tetravalent streptavidin-biotin strategy /  Lv Q., Wang Y., Su C., Lakshmipriya T., Gopinath S.C.B., Pandian K., Perumal V., Liu Y.   
Article 2Hybrid carbon fiber-carbon nanotubes reinforced polymer composites: A review / Zakaria M.R., Md Akil H., Abdul Kudus M.H., Ullah F., Javed F., Nosbi N.     
Article 3Hydraulic modeling for upstream gas production planning and allocation - Significance, challenges, and recommendations / Challa P., Sahith S.J.K., Rao K.V., Pedapati S.R.     
Article 4Hydrogen conversion using gasification of tea factory wastes / Akyüz A., Akyurek Z., Naz M.Y., Sulaiman S.A., Gungor A.   
Article 5Hydrogen fuel cell in vehicle propulsion: Performance, efficiency, and challenge / Kurnia J.C., Sasmito A.P.     
Article 6Hydroxyapatite electro discharge coating of Zr-based bulk metallic glass for potential orthopedic application Aliyu A.A., Abdul-Rani A.M., Ginta T.L., Rao T.V.V.L., Axinte E., Ali S., Ramli M.N.  

Article 1Impact resistance and damage tolerance of fiber reinforced composites: A review / Shah S.Z.H., Karuppanan S., Megat-Yusoff P.S.M., Sajid Z.
Article 2Influence of powder loading on densification and microstructure of injection molded Fe-50Ni soft magnetic alloys [Einfluss der Pulverbeladung auf die Verdichtung und das Gefüge spritzgegossener weichmagnetischer Fe-50Ni-Legierungen] / Ali M., Ahmad F., Melor P.S., Yasir M., Yahya N., Aslam M., Malik M.R.R.
Article 3Influence of tool material, tool geometry, process parameters, stacking sequence, and heat sink on producing sound Al/cu lap joints through friction stir welding / Wei H., Latif A., Hussain G., Heidarshenas B., Altaf K. 
Article 4Innovative surface engineering technique for surface modification of Mg alloy for orthopedic application / Razak M.A.A., Abdul-Rani1 A.M., Abdu Aliyu A.A.
Article 5Intelligent classification of waxy crude oil odor-profile at different temperature / Mawardzi M.F.R.M., Japper-Jaafar A., Najib M.S., Daud S.M., Ya T.M.Y.S.T.
Article 6Interfacial tension prediction of readily-mixed waxy crude oil emulsion at pour point temperature / Kaur H., Jaafar A.
Article 7Introduction to mobility systemsSulaiman S.A.
Article 8Investigation of alloy composition and sintering parameters on the corrosion resistance and microhardness of 316L stainless steel alloy / Ali S., Abdul Rani A.M., Altaf K., Hussain P., Prakash C., Hastuty S., Rao T.V.V.L.N., Aliyu A.’A.A., Subramaniam K.
Article 9Investigation of boron effect on the densification of Fe-50%Ni soft magnetic alloys produced by powder metallurgy route / Ali M., Ahmad F., Melor P.S., Yahya N., Aslam M.
Article 10Investigation of suitable graphene reinforcements for copper based PIM feedstock / Naseer A., Ahmad F., Muhsan A.S., Aslam M.
Article 11Investigation of surface integrity induced on AZ31C magnesium alloy turned under cryogenic and dry conditions / Danish M., Ginta T.L., Rani A.M.A., Carou D., Davim J.P., Rubaiee S., Ghazali S.
Article 12Investigation of the combined effect of variable inlet guide vane drift, fouling, and inlet air cooling on gas turbine performance / Hashmi M.B., Lemma T.A., Karim Z.A.A.
Article 13Investigation on the possibility of increasing the environmental safety and fuel efficiency of vehicles by means of gasoline nano-additive / Magaril E., Magaril R., Al-Kayiem H.H., Skvortsova E., Anisimov I., Rada E.C.


Article 1Mechanical and anticorrosive properties of epoxy containing modified graphene Oxide hybrids / Husna O.N., Ismail M.C., Mustapha M.
Article 2Mechanical properties of an additive manufactured CF-PLA/ABS hybrid composite sheet / Ahmed S.W., Hussain G., Al-Ghamdi K.A., Altaf K.
Article 3Modelling of combustion characteristics of a single curved-cylinder spark-ignition crank-rocker engine / Mohammed S.E., Baharom M.B., Rashid Aziz A.A., Zainal E.Z.Z.
Article 4Modified short-run statistical process control for test and measurement process / Koh C.K., Chin J.F., Kamaruddin S.
Article 5Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Visualization Parallelism of Structronics / Esbitan S.M.Y., Albarody T.M.B.
Article 6Multiresponse optimization and environmental analysis in direct recycling hot press forging of aluminum AA6061 / Yusuf N.K., Lajis M.A., Ahmad A.

Article 1Numerical analysis of humidification dehumidification desalination system / Bakthavatchalam B., Rajasekar K., Habib K., Saidur R., Basrawi F.
Article 2Numerical analysis of low-velocity impact of carbon-basalt/epoxy hybrid laminates / Maper A., Karuppanan S., Patil S.S.
Article 3Numerical evaluation of potential catalyst savings for ventilation air methane catalytic combustion in helical coil reactors with selective wall coating / Kurnia J.C., Chaedir B.A., Lim D.C., Chen L., Jiang L., Sasmito A.P. 
Article 4Numerical investigation of the elbow angle effect on solid particle erosion for liquid-solid / Khan R., Ya H.H., Pao W.
Article 5Numerical investigation of the influence of sand particle concentration on long radius elbow erosion for liquid-solid flow / Khan R., Ya H.H., Pao W.
Article 6Numerical Simulation of Stoichiometric Thermodynamic Equilibrium Model of a Downdraft Biomass Air Gasifier / Akyurek Z., Akyuz A., Naz M.Y., Sulaiman S.A., Lütfüoğlu B.C., Gungor A.


Article 1Oil well compressive strength analysis from sonic log; A case study / Hamdi Z., Momeni M.S., Meyghani B., Zivar D., Chung B.Y., Bataee M., Asadian M.A.
Article 2: On the performance of ground coupled seasonal thermal energy storage for heating and cooling: A Canadian context / Fong M., Alzoubi M.A., Kurnia J.C., Sasmito A.P.     
Article 3Optical performance analysis of single flow through and concentric tube receiver coupled with a modified CPC collector under different configurations / Akhter J., Gilani S.I., Al-Kayiem H.H., Ali M.
Article 4Optimization of friction stir process parameters for enhancement in surface properties of Al 7075-SiC/Gr hybrid surface composites / Patil N.A., Pedapati S.R., Mamat O.B., Syah Lubis A.M.H.
Article 5Optimization of geothermal energy extraction from abandoned oil well with a novel well bottom curvature design utilizing Taguchi method / Cheng S.W.Y., Kurnia J.C., Ghoreishi-Madiseh S.A., Sasmito A.P.
Article 6Optimization of Laminated Composites Characteristics via integration of Chamis Equation, Taguchi method and Principal Component Analysis / Syarafuddin Salam S., Mizamzul Mehat N., Kamaruddin S.
Article 7Optimization of Metal Oxide Nanostructures via Two-Step Hydrothermal Synthesis / Anthony L.S., Perumal V.

Article 1Particle image velocimetry analysis of a swirling bed operation by using a mesh-coupled annular air distributor / Naz M.Y., Shukrullah S., Sulaiman S.A., Khan Y., Alkanhal M.A.S., Ghaffar A.
Article 2Performance evaluation of composite from recycled polypropylene reinforced with mengkuang leaf fiberAbdullah M.Z., Aslan N.H.C.
Article 3Performance evaluation of ground-coupled seasonal thermal energy storage with high resolution weather data: Case study of Calgary Canada / Fong M., Alzoubi M., Sasmito A.P., Kurnia J.C.
Article 4Performance evaluation of hybrid solar chimney for uninterrupted power generation / Al-Kayiem H.H., Aurybi M.A., Gilani S.I.U., Ismaeel A.A., Mohammad S.T.
Article 5Performance modelling and validation on co-gasification of coal and sawdust pellet in research-scale downdraft reactor / Mansur F.Z., Faizal C.K.M., Samad A.F.A., Atnaw S.M., Sulaiman S.A.
Article 6Performance-based fault diagnosis of a gas turbine engine using an integrated support vector machine and artificial neural network method / Fentaye A.D., Ul-Haq Gilani S.I., Baheta A.T., Li Y.-G.
Article 7Pin-on-disc tribotest of Cr/CrN/CrCN/ZrN multilayer coatings by physical vapour deposition (PVD) / Abdullah M.Z.B., Abdullah A.N.B., Othman M.H.B., Ahmad M.A.B., Hussain P.
Article 8Potential of renewable energy resources with an emphasis on solar power in Iraq: An outlook / Al-Kayiem H.H., Mohammad S.T.
Article 9PrefaceSulaiman S.A.
Article 10Prognosis of gas turbine remaining useful life using particle filter approach [Prognose der verbleibenden Nutzungsdauer einer Gasturbine mittels Partikelfilter-Verfahren] / Ahsan S., Lemma T.A., Muhammad M.
Article 11Progress in ultrasonic oil-contaminated sand cleaning: a fundamental review / Mat-Shayuti M.S., Tuan Ya T.M.Y.S., Abdullah M.Z., Megat Khamaruddin P.N.F., Othman N.H.
Article 12Properties of electrodeposited nickel cobalt coated mild steel developed from alkaline bath / Yusoff N.H.N., Mamat O., Isa M.C.
Article 13Prospect of composite tubes based on bi-materials for weight reduction of vehicles / Abbas T., Haji Ya H., Zaki Abdullah M., Hassan S., Javaid M.Y.


Article 1Quantifying the effects of basalt fibers on thermal degradation and fire performance of epoxy-based intumescent coating for fire protection of steel substrate / Yasir M., Ahmad F., Megat-Yusoff P.S.M., Ullah S., Jimenez M.    

Article 1Reactivity controlled compression ignition: An advanced combustion mode for improved energy efficiency / Dalha I.B., Said M.A., Abdul Karim Z.A., Aziz A.R.A., Firmansyah, Abidin E.Z.Z., Ismael M.A.
Article 2Reclamation of steel shots by acid leaching for powder metallurgy applications / Jie Y.J., Kamaruddin S., Mustapha M., Siddiquee A.N., Al-Ahmari A., Khan Z.A., Abidi M.H., Gangil N.
Article 3Red-mud geopolymer composite encapsulated phase change material for thermal comfort in built-sector / Afolabi L.O., Ariff Z.M., Megat-Yusoff P.S.M., Al-Kayiem H.H., Arogundade A.I., Afolabi-Owolabi O.T.
Article 4Remaining useful life prediction of drill string using fuzzy systems and cumulative damage theoryLemma T.A., Nanji P., Gebremariam M.A., Ahsan S.
Article 5Residual strength analysis of pipeline with circumferential groove corrosion subjected to internal pressure / Arumugam T., Karuppanan S., Ovinis M.

Article 1Sizing and life-cycle assessment of building integrated thermoelectric air cooling and photovoltaic wall system / Irshad K., Habib K., Algarni S., Saha B.B., Jamil B.  
Article 2Smart anticorrosive coatings containing corrosion inhibitor-loaded halloysite nanotubes / Zahidah K.A., Kakooei S., Ismail M.C., Mohebbi H., Joshaghani A.H., Ghasemi M., Eng K.K.      
Article 3Squeeze film analysis of three-layered parallel plate and partial journal bearing lubricated with couple stress fluids for skeletal joint applications / Rao T.V.V.L., Abdul Rani A.M., Manivasagam G.
Article 4Stereoscopic particle image velocimetry measurements and proper orthogonal decomposition analysis of the in-cylinder flow of gasoline direct injection engine / El-Adawy M., Heikal M.R., Aziz A.R.A.    
Article 5Streamlining the flow of production system through elimination the waste of the overburden (muri) for manual handling process / Ani M.N.C., Kamaruddin S., Azid I.A.
Article 6Stress analysis of nano porous material using computed tomography images [Spannungsanalyse von nanoporösem Material mittels Computertomographie-Aufnahmen] / Meyghani B., Awang M., Emamian S., Plank B., Christoph H., Siow K.S.  
Article 7Study of heat transfer attributes of custom fins for Crank-Rocker engine block using ANSYS / Tariq A., Altaf K., Rani A.M.A., Baharom M., Aziz A.R.A.    
Article 8Study of thermoelectric and photovoltaic facade system for energy efficient building development: A review / Irshad K., Habib K., Saidur R., Kareem M.W., Saha B.B.  
Article 9Sustainability of water in diesel emulsion fuel: An assessment of its corrosion behaviour towards copper / Chandran D., Khalid M., Raviadaran R., Lau H.L.N., Liang Yung C., Kanesan D., Salim M.    
Article 10Synergistic effect of basalt fiber on the thermal properties of intumescent fire retardant coating / Yasir M., Amir N., Ahmad F., Ullah S., Jimenez M.   
Article 11Synthesis and characterization of a novel CNT-FeNi3/DFNS/Cu(ii) magnetic nanocomposite for the photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline in wastewater / Zhao Y., Tang J.J., Motavalizadehkakhky A., Kakooei S., Sadeghzadeh S.M.    
Article 12Synthesis and characterization of bioceramic oxide coating on Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni-Be BMG by electro discharge process / Aliyu A.’A.A., Abdul-Rani A.M., Ginta T.L., Prakash C., Rao T.V.V.L.N., Axinte E., Ali S.  
Article 13Synthesis and evaluation of poly octanediol citrate / nano silica composite / Mahmud A., Megat-Yusoff P.S.M., Ahmad F. 

Article 1Techno economic evaluation of cold energy from Malaysian liquefied natural gas regasification terminals / Majid M.A.A., Ya H.H., Mamat O., Mahadzir S.
Article 2The Effect of Friction Coefficient in Thermal Analysis of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) / Meyghani B., Awang M.B., Poshteh R.G.M., Momeni M., Kakooei S., Hamdi Z.
Article 3The Effect of Pin Profiles and Process Parameters on Temperature and Tensile Strength in Friction Stir Welding of AL6061 Alloy / Emamian S., Awang M., Yusof F., Hussain P., Meyghani B., Zafar A.
Article 4The effect of triangular protrusions on geothermal wellbore heat exchanger from retrofitted abandoned oil wells / Cheng S.W.Y., Kurnia J.C., Sasmito A.P., Lubis L.A.   
Article 5The Effects of Welding Parameters on Macro and Micro-Structure of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium / Ismail A., Awang M., Rahman F.A., Megat Khalid P.Z., Baharudin B.A., Rojan M.A., Hamid D.A.
Article 6The influence of covalent and non-covalent functionalization of GNP based nanofluids on its thermophysical, rheological and suspension stability properties / Hussein O.A., Habib K., Saidur R., Muhsan A.S., Shahabuddin S., Alawi O.A.    
Article 7The influence of fiber length and concentration on the thermal properties of basalt fiber reinforced intumescent coating /  Yasir M., Ahmad F., Melor P.S., Ullah S., Ali M.   
Article 8The influence of formulation ratio and emulsifying settings on tri-fuel (diesel–ethanol–biodiesel) emulsion properties / Mukhtar M.N.A., Aziz A.R.A., Hagos F.Y., Noor M.M., Kadirgama K., Mamat R., Abdullah A.A. 
Article 9The influence of nitrogen absorption on microstructure, properties and cytotoxicity assessment of 316L stainless steel alloy reinforced with boron and niobium / Ali S., Rani A.M.A., Mufti R.A., Azam F.I., Hastuty S., Baig Z., Hussain M., Shehzad N.   
Article 10The Potential of Improving the Mg-Alloy Surface Quality Using Powder Mixed EDM / Razak M.A., Abdul-Rani A.M., Aliyu A.A., Abu Bakar M.H., Ibrahim M.R., Shukor J.A., Abdullah A., Rezal M., Haniff M.F., Saad F.  
Article 11The study of adhesion between steel substrate, primer, and char of intumescent fire retardant coating / Puspitasari W.C., Ahmad F., Ullah S., Hussain P., Megat-Yusoff P.S.M., Masset P.J.
Article 12The validation of productivity on the changeover activity at the automotive stamping press line by comparing the embedded SMED frame-work versus SMED approach: A witness simulation case study /  Basri A.Q., Mohamed N.M.Z.N., Yasir K.A.S.H.M., Fazi H.M., Fudzin A.F.  
Article 13Thermal analysis of friction stir welding with a complex curved welding seam / Meyghani B., Awang M.B., Wu C.S.     
Article 14Thermal Modelling of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) Using Calculated Young’s Modulus Values / Meyghani B., Awang M., Emamian S., Mohd Nor M.K.B.  
Article 15Thermal stability and rheological properties of epoxidized natural rubber-based magnetorheological elastomerYunus N.A., Mazlan S.A., Ubaidillah, Abdul Aziz S.A., Shilan S.T., Abdul Wahab N.A.   
Article 16Thermochemical Characteristics and Gasification of Date Palm Fronds for Energy Production / Sulaiman S.A., Naz M.Y., Inayat M., Shukrullah S., Ghaffar A.   
Article 17Thermo-chemical conversion of waste glass into non-vitreous porous material for adsorption application / Hussain Z., Khan A., Sultan N., Ali M., Naz M.Y., Saed K., Sulaiman S.A.   
Article 18Thermoelectric Air-Conditioning System: Building Applications and Enhancement Techniques / Baheta A.T., Looi K.K., Oumer A.N., Habib K.   
Article 19Thermophysical profile of SiC–CuO/C nanocomposite in base liquid ethylene glycol / Akilu S., Baheta A.T., Chowdhury S., Padmanabhan E., Sharma K.V.   
Article 20Thermophysical properties and heat transfer performance of TiO2-Distilled water nanofluid using shell and tube heat exchanger / Permanasari A.A., Puspitasari P., Sukarni S., Irdianto W., Ginta T.L., Gilang D.    
Article 21Thin and sharp edges bodies-fluid interaction simulation using cut-cell immersed boundary method / Salih S.Q., Aldlemy M.S., Rasani M.R., Ariffin A.K., Ya T.M.Y.S.T., Al-Ansari N., Yaseen Z.M., Chau K.-W.   
Article 22: Turbulence mixed convective nanofluid flow over double forward-facing steps: A numerical simulation study / Hussein O.A., Habib K., Muhsan A.S.   


Article 1Viscosity, electrical and thermal conductivities of ethylene and propylene glycol-based β-SiC nanofluids / Akilu S., Baheta A.T., Kadirgama K., Padmanabhan E., Sharma K.V.

Article 1Wavelet-based optical velocimetry for oil spill flow rate estimation / Osman A.B., Ovinis M., Hashim F.M., Faye I.



Journal Articles (2020)

This is the compilation of UTP Research Articles available in Information Resource Centre, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Visit our library website to read, download and more information.

 Article 1: An experimental investigation on the influence of port injection at valve on combustion and emission characteristics of B5/biogas RCCI / Dalha, I.B., Said, M.A., Abdul Karim, Z.A., Mohammed, S.E. engine
Article 2Application of response surface methodology in catalytic co-gasification of palm wastes for bioenergy conversion using mineral catalysts / Inayat, M., Sulaiman, S.A., Bhayo, B.A., Shahbaz, M.
Article 3: Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Porosimetry And Their Thermal Conductivity with Ionic Liquid-Based Solvents / Bakthavatchalam, B., Habib, K., Shaik, N.B., Ginta, T.L., Saidur, R., Saidur, R.
Article 4: Effects of processing parameters for vacuum-bag-only method on void content and mechanical properties of laminated composites / Mujahid, Y., Sallih, N., Abdullah, M.Z., Mustapha, M.
Article 5: Hydrate formation prediction model for binary gases of methane + ethane and methane + propane by using optimization algorithm / Abbasi, A., Hashim, F.M.


For more articles, click here

Journal Articles (2022)

Article 1A Comparative Analysis of In-Situ Optical Velocimetries for Oil Spill Flow Rate Estimation / Bkar, O.A., Ovinis, M., Mohmmed, A.O.
Article 2A comparative study of dispersed and grafted nanofluids of graphene nanoplatelets with natural polymer in high salinity brine for enhanced oil recovery / Hamdi, S.S., Al-Kayiem, H.H., Alsabah, M.S., Muhsan, A.S.
Article 3A DFT+U approach: Superior charge transfer characteristics and optoelectronic properties of GQD@TiO2 rutile (110) surface for improved hydrogen evolution / Ullah, F., Mohamed, N.M., Kait, C.F., Ghani, U., Saheed, M.S.M.
Article 4A review on fundamental principles of a natural gas hydrate formation prediction / Abbasi, A., Hashim, F.M.
Article 5A study of crystalline – texture and anisotropic properties of hexagonal BaFe12O19 sintered by in-situ magnetic-anisotropy spark plasma sintering (MASPS) / Mohammed, H.G., Mohammed Badri Albarody, T., Kareem Mohsin Al-Jothery, H., Mustapha, M., Sultan, N.M.
Article 6Abnormality Detection and Failure Prediction Using Explainable Bayesian Deep Learning: Methodology and Case Study with Industrial Data / Nor, A.K.M., Pedapati, S.R., Muhammad, M., Leiva, V.
Article 7An Artificial Neural Network-Based Equation for Predicting the Remaining Strength of Mid-to-High Strength Pipelines with a Single Corrosion Defect / Lo, M., Vijaya Kumar, S.D., Karuppanan, S., Ovinis, M.
Article 8ANN-and FEA-Based Assessment Equation for a Corroded Pipeline with a Single Corrosion Defect​​​​​​​ / Lo, M., Karuppanan, S., Ovinis, M.
Article 9Artificial Neural Network Modeling to Predict the Effect of Milling Time and TiC Content on the Crystallite Size and Lattice Strain of Al7075-TiC Composites Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy / Alam, M.A., Ya, H.H., Azeem, M., Yusuf, M., Soomro, I.A., Masood, F., Shozib, I.A., Sapuan, S.M., Akhter, J.
Article 10Artificial Neural Network-Based Failure Pressure Prediction of API 5L X80 Pipeline with Circumferentially Aligned Interacting Corrosion Defects Subjected to Combined Loadings / Kumar, S.D.V., Karuppanan, S., Ovinis, M.
Article 11Assessment of contaminants in sand production from petroleum wells offshore Sabah / Shayuti, M.S.M., Zainal, S., Ya, T.M.Y.S.T., Abdullah, M.Z., Shahruddin, M.Z., Othman, N.H., Alias, N.H., Mohd, T.A.T., Sharudin, R.W.

Article 1BiLSTM Network‐Based Approach for Solar Irradiance Forecasting in Continental Climate Zones​​​​​​​ / Bou‐rabee, M.A., Naz, M.Y., Albalaa, I.E.D., Sulaiman, S.A.


Article 1Combustion characteristics of tri-fuel (diesel-ethanol-biodiesel) emulsion fuels in CI engine with micro-explosion phenomenon attributes / Mukhtar N.A., M., Hagos, F.Y., Aziz, A.R.A., Abdulah, A.A., Karim, Z.A.A.
Article 2Comparative evaluation on the thermal properties and stability of MWCNT nanofluid with conventional surfactants and ionic liquid / Bakthavatchalam, B., Habib, K., Wilfred, C.D., Saidur, R., Saha, B.B.
Article 3Comprehensive study on physicochemical characteristics of magnetorheological elastomer featuring epoxidized natural rubber / Yusoff, M.S., Yunus, N.A., Muhammad Zaki, N., Mazlan, S.A., Abdul Aziz, S.A., Ubaidillah, Nik Ismail, N.I.
Article 4Convective Heat Transfer Enhancement of Laminar Herschel–Bulkley Non-Newtonian Fluid in Straight and Helical Heat Exchangers with Twisted Tape Inserts / Kurnia, J.C., Chaedir, B., Wijayanta, A.T., Sasmito, A.P.
Article 5Cooling performance analysis of nanofluid assisted novel photovoltaic thermoelectric air conditioner for energy efficient buildings / Bakthavatchalam, B., Habib, K., Saidur, R., Saha, B.B.

Article 1Development, Validation, and Performance Evaluation of An Air-Driven Free-Piston Linear Expander Numerical Model / Raheem, A.T., Aziz, A.R.A., Zulkifli, S.A., Rahem, A.T., Ayandotun, W.B.
Article 2Developments of leak detection, diagnostics, and prediction algorithms in multiphase flows / Kumar Vandrangi, S., Alemu Lemma, T., Muhammad Mujtaba, S., Ofei, T.N.
Article 3Document details - Gas pipeline safety management system based on neural network / Mujtaba, S.M., Lemma, T.A., Vandrangi, S.K.


Article 1Effect of generator configuration on the free-piston motion and power generation of air-driven expander system / A. Aziz, A.R., Ismael, M.A., Zainal A., E.Z., Mohammed, S.E., Baharom, M.B., Anwarudin, A.R.T.
Article 2Effect of processing parameter on void content of glass fibre composite laminate [Einfluss der Herstellungsparameter auf den Hohlraumgehalt von Glasfaserlaminaten] / Hanafiah, N.H.M., Othman, A.R.
Article 3Effect of substrate roughness and PVD deposition temperatures on hardness and wear performance of AlCrN-coated WC-Co / Ling, C.L., Yajid, M.A.M., Tamin, M.N., Kamarudin, M., Taib, M.A.A., Nosbi, N., Ali, W.F.F.W.
Article 4Effect of thermal cycling with various heating rates on the performance of thermoelectric modules / Riyadi, T.W.B., Utomo, B.R., Effendy, M., Wijayanta, A.T., Al-Kayiem, H.H.
Article 5Effects of High CO2Contents on the Biogas/Diesel RCCI Combustion at Full Engine Load / Dalha, I.B., Said, M.A., Karim, Z.A.A., Mohammed, S.E.-D.
Article 6Effects of submerged convective cooling in the turning of AZ31 magnesium alloy for tool temperature and wear improvement / Zakaria, M.S., Mustapha, M., Azmi, A.I., Ahmad, A., Ismail, S.O., Shuaib, N.A.
Article 7Energy management strategy of hybrid solar-hydro system with various probabilities of power supply loss / Bhayo, B.A., Al-Kayiem, H.H., Gilani, S.I.U., Khan, N., Kumar, D.
Article 8Enhancement of the efficiency of internal supply chain production system through process-to-process interaction / Ani, M.N.C., Kamaruddin, S., Azid, I.A.
Article 9Evaluation of modified 316L surface properties through HAp suspended EDM process for biomedical application / Al-Amin, M., Abdul-Rani, A.M., Rana, M., Hastuty, S., Danish, M., Rubaiee, S., Mahfouz, A.B.
Article 10Evaluation on steel corrosion in water-based drilling fluids: Inhibitors and scale involvement / Yahya, S., Kee, K.E., Puad, M.J.M., Ismail, M.C.
Article 11Experimental investigation of an integrated absorption- solid desiccant air conditioning system / Ali, M., Habib, M.F., Ahmed Sheikh, N., Akhter, J., Gilani, S.I.U.H.
Article 12Experimental study of multi-pass solar air thermal collector system assisted with sensible energy-storing matrix / Kareem, M.W., Habib, K., Pasha, A.A., Irshad, K., Afolabi, L.O., Saha, B.B.
Article 13Experimental study on the performance of emulsions produced during ASP flooding / Laben, A.B., Al-Kayiem, H.H., Alameen, M.A., Khan, J.A., Belhaj, A.F., Elraies, K.A.
Article 14Exploring graphene quantum dots@TiO2 rutile (0 1 1) interface for visible-driven hydrogen production in photoelectrochemical cell: Density functional theory and experimental study / Ullah, F., Bashiri, R., Muti Mohamed, N., Zaleska-Medynska, A., Kait, C.F., Ghani, U., Shahid, M.U., Saheed, M.S.M.
Article 15Exploring the potential of coconut shell biomass for charcoal production / Kabir Ahmad, R., Anwar Sulaiman, S., Yusup, S., Sham Dol, S., Inayat, M., Aminu Umar, H.

Article 1Failure Pressure Prediction of Medium to High Toughness Pipe with Circumferential Interacting Corrosion Defects Subjected to Combined Loadings Using Artificial Neural Network / Kumar, S.D.V., Lo, M., Karuppanan, S., Ovinis, M.


Article 1Influence of biogas mixing parameters on the combustion and emission characteristics of diesel RCCI engine / Said, M.A., Dalha, I.B., Abdul Karim, Z.A., El-Adawy, M.
Article 2Investigation of machining and modified surface features of 316L steel through novel hybrid of HA/CNT added-EDM process / Al-Amin, M., Abdul-Rani, A.M., Rao, T.V.V.L.N., Danish, M., Rubaiee, S., Mahfouz, A.B., Parameswari, R.P., Wani, M.F.



Article 1Leak diagnostics in natural gas pipelines using fault signatures / Mujtaba, S.M., Lemma, T.A., Vandrangi, S.K.


Article 1Material independent effectiveness of workpiece vibration in μ-EDM drilling / Singh, S.K., Mali, H.S., Unune, D.R., Abdul-Rani, A.M., Wojciechowski, S.
Article 2Mechanical Properties and Failure Mechanisms of Novel Resin-infused Thermoplastic and Conventional Thermoset 3D Fabric Composites / Shah, S.Z.H., Megat-Yusoff, P.S.M., Karuppanan, S., Choudhry, R.S., Ahmad, F., Sajid, Z.
Article 3Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Modified 316L Stainless Steel Alloy for Biomedical Applications Using Powder Metallurgy / Ali, S., Irfan, M., Niazi, U.M., Rani, A.M.A., Rashedi, A., Rahman, S., Khan, M.K.A., Alsaiari, M.A., Legutko, S., Petrů, J., Trefil, A..
Article 4Mini review on environmental issues concerning conventional gas hydrate inhibitors / Haq, I.U., Qasim, A., Lal, B., Zaini, D.B.
Article 5Modeling and Simulation of PMSG Wind Energy Conversion System Using Active Disturbance Rejection Control / Sadeq, S., Ovinis, M., Karuppanan, S.
Article 6Modeling of hydrate formation prediction in binary components of natural gas / Abbasi, A., Hashim, F.M., Machmudah, A.

Article 1Numerical investigation and prediction of phase separation in diverging T-junction / Ejaz, F., Pao, W., Ali, H.M.
Article 2Numerical investigation of API 31 cyclone separator for mechanical seal piping plan for rotating machineries / Nor, M.A.M., Kamaruddin, S., Lemma, T.A.
Article 3Numerical modelling of wind-influenced above sea gas dispersion and explosion risk analysis due to subsea gas release on multileveled offshore platform / Malik, A.A., Nasif, M.S., Niazi, U.M., Al-Waked, R.


Article 1Optimisation of operating parameters on the performance characteristics of a free piston engine linear generator fuelled by CNG–H2 blends using the response surface methodology (RSM) / Raheem, A.T., Aziz, A.R.A., Zulkifli, S.A., Baharom, M.B., Rahem, A.T., Ayandotun, W.B.
Article 2Optimization of an innovative hybrid thermal energy storage with phase change material (PCM) wall insulator utilizing Taguchi method / Kurnia, J.C., Haryoko, L.A.F., Taufiqurrahman, I., Chen, L., Jiang, L., Sasmito, A.P.

Article 1Parametric optimisation through the use of Box-Behnken design in the Co-gasification of oil palm trunk and frond for syngas production / Umar, H.A., Sulaiman, S.A.
Article 2Powder injection molded nano copper oxide grafted graphene reinforced copper matrix composites / Naseer, A., Ahmad, F., Ali, S., Haider, W.
Article 3Prediction of surface roughness of titanium alloy in abrasive waterjet machining process / Ting, H.Y., Asmelash, M., Azhari, A., Alemu, T., Saptaji, K.
Article 5Preliminary evaluation of the properties and biodegradability of glycerol- and sorbitol-plasticized potato-based bioplastics / Ng, J.S., Kiew, P.L., Lam, M.K., Yeoh, W.M., Ho, M.Y.
Article 6Process optimization and economic evaluation of air gasification of Saudi Arabian date palm fronds for H2-rich syngas using response surface methodology / Ali, A.M., Inayat, M., Zahrani, A.A., Shahzad, K., Shahbaz, M., Sulaiman, S.A., Sadig, H.



Article 1Recent advancements in latent heat phase change materials and their applications for thermal energy storage and buildings: A state of the art review / Hassan, F., Jamil, F., Hussain, A., Ali, H.M., Janjua, M.M., Khushnood, S., Farhan, M., Altaf, K., Said, Z., Li, C.
Article 2Remaining useful life prediction of a piping system using artificial neural networks: A case study / Shaik, N.B., Pedapati, S.R., B A Dzubir, F.A.
Article 3Role of phase change materials thickness for photovoltaic thermal management. / Naseer, A., Jamil, F., Ali, H.M., Ejaz, A., Khushnood, S., Ambreen, T., Khan, M.S., Bashir, M.A., Pao, W., Yan, W.M.

Article 1State-of-the-art numerical fluid–structure interaction methods for aortic and mitral heart valves simulations: A review / Abbas, S.S., Nasif, M.S., Al-Waked, R.
Article 2Synergistic effects of hybrid nanofillers on graphene oxide reinforced epoxy coating on corrosion resistance and fire retardancy / Kabeb, S.M., Hassan, A., Ahmad, F., Mohamad, Z., Sharer, Z., Mokhtar, M..

Article 1Temperature Dependent on Mechanical and Rheological Properties of EPDM-Based Magnetorheological Elastomers Using Silica Nanoparticles / Rashid, R.Z.A., Yunus, N.A., Mazlan, S.A., Johari, N., Aziz, S.A.A., Nordin, N.A., Khairi, M.H.A., Johari, M.A.F.
Article 2The effect of aluminum interlayer on weld strength, microstructure analysis, and welding parameters optimization in resistance spot welding of stainless steel 316L and Ti6Al4V titanium alloy / Taufiqurrahman, I., Ginta, T.L., Ahmad, A., Mustapha, M., Fatmahardi, I., Shozib, I.A.
Article 3The Effect of Residual Solvent in Carbon−Based Filler Reinforced Polymer Coating on the Curing Properties, Mechanical and Corrosive Behaviour / Othman, N.H., Mustapha, M., Sallih, N., Ahmad, A., Mustapha, F., Ismail, M.C.
Article 4Thermal Analysis of Tilapia Fish Drying by Hybrid Solar Thermal Drying System / Al-Kayiem, H., Yassen, T.A., Al-Azawiey, S.
Article 5Thermal and hydraulic analysis of a novel double-pipe geothermal heat exchanger with a controlled fractured zone at the well bottom / Agson-Gani, P.H., Zueter, A.F., Xu, M., Ghoreishi-Madiseh, S.A., Kurnia, J.C., Sasmito, A.P.
Article 6Thermal and hydraulic analysis of slotted plate fins heat sinks using numerical and experimental techniques / Altaf, K., Tariq, A., Ahmad, S.W., Hussain, G., Ratlamwala, T.A.H., Ali, H.M.
Article 7Thyroglobulin determination on silane–antibody functionalized interdigitated dielectrode surface to diagnose thyroid tumor / Wang, Y., Sun, X., Gopinath, S.C.B., Saheed, M.S.M., Wang, X.

Article 1Windows 10's Browser Forensic Analysis for Tracing P2P Networks' Anonymous Attacks / Kauser, S., Malik, T.S., Hasan, M.H., Akhir, E.A.P., Kazmi, S.M.H.