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Research Support: PETRONAS Technical Standard (PTS)

This guide aims to help you start your research project, getting your research published and choose the best journal to publish your manuscript.

About PETRONAS Technical Standard

The PETRONAS Technical Standard (PTS) is a standardised technical practice for design, engineering operations and maintenance to ensure technical integrity and safety of plant assets in PETRONAS Group.


  • PTS 00 - General
  • PTS 11 - Civil and Structural Engineering
  • PTS 12 - Mechanical Engineering
  • PTS 13 - Electrical Engineering
  • PTS 14 - Instrument and Control Engineering
  • PTS 15 - Materials, Corrosion and Inspection Engineering
  • PTS 16 - Process or Operations
  • PTS 18 - Health, Safety and Environment
  • PTG 18 - Health, Safety and Environment
  • PTS 19 - Project Management
  • PTS 20 - Maritime
  • PTS 25 - Drilling


The policies on the PTS are as follows:

1. For UTP Student and Staff only.

2. Adhere to the PETRONAS Technical Standards (PTS) where relevant.

3. Adhere to Government or Local Authority Laws, Regulations and Practices when these are more stringent than the PTS.

4. Optimise the use of National, International and Industry Standards.

5. Continuously improve the quality of the PTS.

6. Contribute towards the development of International & National Standards.

All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form
or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the permission of the copyright
owner. PETRONAS Upstream Technical Standards are Company’s internal standards and meant for authorized users


PTS 00 - General

Document Code Title
00.01.01 Index to PTS
00.01.03 PTS Requirements, General Definition of Terms, Abbreviations and Reading Guide
00.11.01 Index to Standard Drawings
00.11.02 Index to Standard Forms
00.11.03 Index to Requisitions


PTS 11 - Civil and Structural Engineering

Document Code Title
11.00.02 Offshore Metocean Criteria
11.03.01 Design of Mooring for Floating Production Systems
11.03.02 Float Over Engineering Design and Installation
11.03.03 FPSO/FSO Hull Conversion
11.03.04 Design of Floating Structures
11.10.01 Minimum Loadings And Load Combinations For Onshore Structural Design
11.10.02 Seismic Hazard Assessment For Onshore Facilities
11.10.03 Design and Engineering of Portable Blast-Resistant Modules (PBRM)
11.11.01 Site Investigation for Onshore Facilities
11.12.01 Site Preparation and Earthworks
11.12.02 Roadworks and Surfacing
11.12.03 Drainage And Sewer Systems For Onshore Facilities
11.12.04 Tank Foundation, Tank Farm  and Remote Containment
11.12.05 Slope Stability Assessment And Slope Repair For Existing Pipeline Route In Mountainous Region
11.13.01 Geotechnical Engineering for Onshore Facilities
11.13.02 Deepwater and Subsea Foundation Design
11.14.01 Design and Engineering of Buildings
11.14.03 Blast Resistant Building Design
11.15.01 Passive Fire And Cryogenic Protection For Structural Steel
11.15.02 Steel Structures
11.15.03 Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Foundations and  Structures
11.16.01 Design of Jetty
11.20.01 Offshore Temporary Refuges
11.20.21 Earthquake Requirement for Analysis of Fixed Offshore Structures
11.21.01 Positioning and Geohazards Investigation Survey for Offshore Engineering and Construction Works
11.21.02 Site-specific Assessment of Mobile Offshore Jack-Up (JU) Units (Supplements to ISO 19905-1)
11.22.02 Design of Fixed Offshore Structures (Working Stress Design)
11.22.05 Offshore Buildings
11.22.06 Layout of Offshore Facilities
11.22.17  Marine Lifting Design
11.22.18 Transportation Fatigue Assessment for Offshore Structures
11.22.19 Foundation Stability of Jackup or MOPU
11.22.20 Spectral Fatigue Assessment for Fixed Offshore Structures
11.24.01 Installation of Fixed Offshore Structures
11.24.02 Determination of Loads on Structures and Sea Fastening During Barge Transportation
11.27.01 Offshore Site Investigation for Fixed Offshore Platform and Jack Up Locations
11.27.02 Geotechnical Specific Requirements for Fabrication Yards
11.30.03 Free Span Analysis for Submerged Pipeline
11.30.04 Upheaval Buckling of Pipeline
11.30.05 Pipeline / Trawl Gear Interaction
11.30.06 Offshore Pipeline Route Survey
11.30.07 Pipeline and Riser Engineering Design
11.30.08 Dynamic Riser Design (Amendments/Supplements to  DNV-OS-F201  and  API STD 2RD)
11.30.09 Offshore Pipe to Soil Interaction (Amendment/Supplement to DNV OS F101, DNV RP F105, DNV RP F109, DNV RP F110)
11.30.10 Unbonded Flexible Pipe for Offshore Pipelines & Risers (Amendments/ Supplements to  API SPEC 17J and API RP 17B)
11.31.01 Specification for Pipeline Valves (Amendments / Supplements to API 6D & API 6DSS)
11.31.02 Pipeline Pig Trap Systems
11.31.08 Subsea Pipeline Lateral Buckling Assessment and Design (Amendments/ Supplements to DNV-RP-F110)
11.31.09 Pipeline End Termination (PLET) and Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) (Amendments/Supplements to ISO 13628-15)
11.32.01 Cathodic Protection Systems For Onshore Buried and Shore Approach Pipelines
11.32.02 Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection System for Offshore Pipelines (Amendments / Supplements to DNV-RP-F103)
11.32.03 External Polyethylene And Polypropylene Coating Of Linepipe
11.32.04 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating for Line Pipe
11.32.05 Bituminous Enamel Coating of Steel Linepipe
11.32.06 Thermoplastic Lined Pipelines
11.32.07 Internal Coating of Line Pipe for Non-corrosive Pipeline (Amendments / Supplements To ISO 15741)
11.32.08 Offshore Riser Splash Zone Protection Coating
11.32.09 Concrete Coating of Linepipe
11.32.10 Field Joint Coatings (Amendments / Supplements To ISO 21809 – 3)
11.33.02 Pipeline Leak Detection System
11.34.01 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Pipelines
11.34.02 Pipelines Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning
11.34.06 Onshore Pipeline Construction (Amendments / Supplements to ASME B31.8 and ASME B
11.35.02 Pigs for Use in Operational Pigging
11.35.03 Specifications And Requirements For Pipeline In-Line Inspection
11.35.04 Pipeline and Piping Repair (Amendments and Supplements to ASME PCC2 and DNV RP F113)
11.35.07 Specification of RTP Insertion for Pipeline Rehabilitation
11.36.08 Requirement for Pipeline Life Extension

PTS 12 - Mechanical Engineering

12.00.02 Symbols And Identification System - Mechanical
12.00.03 Workshop Equipment and Mechanical Tools
12.00.04 Spare Parts Management
12.00.05 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refuelling Stations (Amendments/Supplements to MS 1204)
12.00.06 Bolted Flange Joint Assembly (Amendments/Supplements To ASME PCC-1)
12.00.07 Material Handling Criteria for Offshore Facilities
12.01.01 Installation of Rotating Equipment
12.01.02 Noise Control
12.01.03 Vibration Evaluation Guidelines and Acceptance Criteria for Rotating Equipment
12.02.01 Field Inspection Prior to Commissioning of  Mechanical  Equipment
12.03.01 Plant Model and Constructibility Review
12.03.02 Minimum Requirements For Implementation Of Non-Routine Critical Activities
12.03.04 Layout Of Onshore Facilities
12.04.01 Refractory Bricks and Shapes
12.10.01 Combustion Gas Turbines
12.10.20 Steam Turbine – Selection, Testing and Installation
12.10.21 General-Purpose Steam Turbines
12.10.22 Special Purpose Steam Turbines
12.10.40 Spark Ignited Gas Fuelled Engines
12.10.60 Diesel Engines
12.11.01 Type Selection And Basic Design Requirements
12.11.02 Centrifugal Pumps
12.11.04 Positive Displacement Pumps
12.11.05 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
12.11.06 Firewater Pump
12.11.08 Downhole Equipment – Progressing Cavity Pump Systems For Artificial Lift – Surface – Drive System (Endorsement Of ISO 15136-2)
12.11.30 Compressors – Selection, Testing and Installation
12.11.31 Axial, Centrifugal and Expander Compressors
12.11.32 Reciprocating Compressors
12.11.33 Rotary-Type Positive Displacement Compressors
12.11.34 Packaged, Integrally Geared, Centrifugal Plant and Instrument Air Compressors
12.11.35 Packaged Air Compressor for Offshore Application
12.11.76 Centrifugal Fans for Fired Heaters
12.12.01 Lubrication, Shaft-sealing and Oil-control Systems and Auxiliaries
12.12.02 Oil Mist Lubrication System
12.12.03 Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps
12.12.05 Petroleum And Natural Gas Industries-High-Speed Special-Purpose Gear Units
12.12.06 Flexible Couplings For Mechanical Power Transmission In Special Purpose Applications
12.20.01 Pressure Vessels
12.20.02 Installations Of Pressurised Bulk LPG Storage
12.20.03 LPG Bulk Transfer and Transportation
12.20.06 Pressure Vessel - Manufacturing Report
12.20.07 Glass-Fibre Reinforced Epoxy, Polyester And Vinyl Ester Vessels
12.20.08 Mounded Horizontal Cylindrical Vessels for Pressurized LPG Storage
12.21.01 Heat Exchangers  - Shell And Tube Type
12.21.02 Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
12.21.03 Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers
12.21.04 Heat Exchanger - Brazed Aluminium Plate-Fin Type
12.21.05 Heat Exchanger - Printed Circuit (PCHE) Type
12.21.08 Heat Exchanger – Plate And Shell (PSHE) Type
12.22.01 Standard Vertical  Storage Tanks – Selection, Design And Fabrication Based On BS EN 14015
12.22.02 Vertical Storage Tank Based on API 65
12.22.03 Standard Vertical Tanks – Field Erection And Testing
12.22.04 Vertical Steel Storage Tanks – Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
12.22.05 Side-Entry Mixers for Storage Tanks
12.22.06 Storage and Sphere Tanks Demolition
12.22.07 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks – Based On API Spec. 12 P
12.22.09 Rectangular Steel Storage Tanks
12.23.01 Pedestal-Mounted Cranes For Offshore
12.23.03 Lifting facilities and Weather Protection for Rotating Equipment
12.24.01 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System for Onshore Application
12.24.02 Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System For Offshore Application
12.24.03 Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HVAC System
12.30.01 Piping Classes  - Basis of Design
12.30.02 Piping General Requirements
12.30.04 Pipe Supports
12.30.05 Shop and Field Fabrication of Piping
12.30.06 Protective Steam Heating of Piping Systems
12.30.07 Hot-tapping on Pipelines, Piping and Equipment
12.30.08 Fabric Type Expansion Joints (Amendment/Supplement to RAL-GZ 719)
12.30.11 Unlisted Mechanically Attached Fittings for Piping and Pipeline System
12.31.01 Piping Classes – Oil Refineries, Chemical And Gas Plants
12.31.02 Piping Classes -  Exploration And Production (Offshore)
12.31.03 Piping Classes – Services And Materials Selection Index
12.32.01 Relief Valve – Selection, Sizing, Specification, Inspection And Testing
12.32.02 Piping Valves - Selection, Inspection and Testing
12.34.02 Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic Piping System
12.34.04 Thermoplastic Piping
12.35.01 Pipe Stress Analysis for Piping Design
12.40.01 Water Tube Boilers
12.40.02 Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generators
12.41.01 Fired Heaters Based on ISO 13705
12.41.02 Fired Heater-Tube Thickness Calculation
12.42.01 Steel Stacks (Amendments/ Supplements To ASME STS-1)
12.42.02 Flare Details (Based on ISO 25457)
12.50.01 Subsea Production Systems
12.50.02 Technology Qualification For Subsea Development Project
12.51.01 Design And Operation Of Subsea Production Systems – Subsea Umbilicals (Amendments/Supplements to ISO 13628-5 and API 17E)
12.54.01 Subsea Wellhead System
12.54.02 Protection Structure for Subsea Facilities
12.54.03 Subsea Tree System
12.54.04 Design for Subsea Templates, Manifolds and Piping Systems

PTS 13 - Electrical Engineering

13.00.01 Electrical Engineering General Specifications
13.00.02 Electrical Supply And Generation – Design And Operation
13.00.03 Prefabricated Substation (Amendments/Supplements to IEC 62271-202)
13.00.04 Industrial Power Plant Design
13.01.01 Power Quality
13.02.01 Field Commissioning And Maintenance Of Electrical Installations And Equipment
13.03.01 Electrical Workshop – Test Equipment And Tools
13.10.01 Power Transformer (Amendments/Supplements to IEC 60076)
13.11.01 AC High-Voltage Metal-Enclosed Switchgear and Control Gear for Rated Voltages above 1 kV up to and Including 52 kV
13.11.02 Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies (Amendments/Supplements To IEC 61439)
13.12.01 Static AC Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit (AC UPS)
13.12.02 Static DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (DC UPS) Units
13.13.01 Electrical Heat Tracing and Frost Heave Prevention Systems
13.13.03 Electrical Process Heating Systems
13.14.01 Low Voltage Busduct
13.15.01 Navigational Aids System
13.20.01 Electrical Machines – Cage Induction Types
13.21.01 Synchronous AC Machines
13.21.02 Packaged Unit AC Generator Sets
13.22.01 Electrical Variable Speed Drive Systems
13.23.01 Solar Power Systems
13.24.01 Thermoelectric Generators
13.30.01 Electrical Network Monitoring and Control System
13.31.01 Electrical Protection Relay Application
13.40.01 Ex Management, Inspection & Maintenance (Ex MIM)
13.40.02 Ex Equipment Repair Requirement (Ex ERR)
13.42.01 Ex Equipment Selection Requirement (Ex ESR)
13.50.01 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements
13.51.01 Lightning Protection System
13.60.01 Portable Electrical Equipment And Temporary Installation

PTS 14 - Instrument and Control Engineering

14.00.01 Human Factor Engineering – Human/ Machine Interface and Control Room Design
14.00.02 Human – Machine Interface In A Control Room
14.00.03 Identification of Instrumentation Tags on Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), DCS and MMS
14.00.04 Instrument Project Engineering Procedures
14.00.05 Instrument Documents and Drawings
14.00.06 Instrument Signal Line
14.00.07 Hydraulically Operated Shutdown Valve
14.10.01 Shutdown & Blowdown Valves Selection, Sizing and Specification
14.10.02 Field Instrument Design Requirements
14.10.03 Instrumentation for Equipment Packages
14.10.04 Control Valves : Selection, Sizing and Specification
14.10.06 Installation of On-Line Instruments
14.10.07 Inspection and Functional Testing of Instruments
14.11.01 Specification For Wellhead Control Panels
14.11.03 Fieldbus Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance
14.11.04 DCS Engineering Specifications
14.11.05 Cybersecurity Management For Process Control System
14.11.06 Control And Safety Systems for Small Field Development
14.12.01 ESD System For Loading & Discharging LNG & LPG Ships
14.12.07 Design, Installation, Maintenance of Fire and Gas Detection System
14.12.08 Alarm Management: Design and Implementation Requirement
14.12.09 Instrumentation For Depressurizing Systems
14.12.10 Classification, Verification and Implementation of Instrumented Protective Functions
14.12.11 Management of Instrumented Protective Function
14.12.12 Instrumented Protective System
14.13.01 Instrumentation Control & Protection for Fired Equipment
14.20.01 Compressor Antisurge Control System Design
14.30.01 On-line Process Analyser Sampling System
14.30.03 On-line Quality Measuring Instrument
14.30.04 Design Requirement of Analyser Building
14.30.05 Process Online Analyser Acceptance Test
14.30.06 Selection and  Installation of  Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
14.30.07 Wet Gas Metering System
14.30.08 Multiphase Flow Metering System
14.31.02 Fiscal Flow Measurement of Natural Gas
14.31.03 Liquid Hydrocarbon Custody Transfer and Allocation Measurement
14.33.01 Fire and Gas Detection Mapping
14.40.01 Plant Telecommunication
14.40.02 Telecommunication Standards
14.40.03 Telecommunications for Offshore Facilities
14.40.04 Telecommunications For Drilling Operations
14.40.05 Telecommunication Tower
14.40.06 Design and Installation of Telephone Cabling
14.40.07 Design Manual, Installation & Testing for Upstream Telecommunication System
14.40.08 Structured Cabling For Telecommunication
14.40.09 Microwave Radio System
14.50.01 Subsea Production Control Systems – Subsea Equipment (Amendments/Supplements To API 17F)
14.50.02 Subsea Production Control Systems – Topside Equipment (Amendments/Supplements To API 17F)

PTS 15 - Materials, Corrosion and Inspection Engineering

15.01.05 Materials  for Use in H2S-Containing Environments in Oil and Gas Production (Amendments and Supplements to ANSI/NACE/MR0175/ISO 15156)
15.01.07 Materials Selection For Subsea Applications
15.02.01 Positive Material Identification (PMI)
15.04.01 Corrosion Management
15.06.01 Static Equipment History Record
15.10.01 Brittle Fracture of Metallic Materials
15.10.02 Materials and Fabrication of Chromium - Molybdenum Steel Heavy Wall Pressure Vessels for High-Temperature, High-Pressure Hydrogen Service (Amendments/Supplements to API RP 934-A)
15.10.03 Material For High Temperature Furnace Components
15.10.04 CRA Clad or Lined Steel Pipe (Amendments/Supplements to API Spec 5LD)
15.10.05 Specification For CRA Line Pipe (Amendments/Supplements To API Spec 5LC)
15.10.06 Weldable Martensitic Stainless Steel Line Pipe
15.10.07 Specification For Linepipe (Amendments/Supplements to API 5L)
15.10.09 Steel Pipes For Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
15.10.11 Offshore Structural Steels
15.10.14 Onshore Pressure Vessel and Piping in Wet H2S Service
15.10.16 Nickel Base Alloy 718 (UNS N07718) For Oil And Gas Drilling And Production Equipment (Endorsement Of API Standard)
15.11.01 Spoolable Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Pipes
15.12.01 Welding  for Chemical, Oil, and Gas Industries (Amendments / Supplements to API RP 582)
15.12.03 Heat Tint on Stainless Steel and High Nickel Alloy Welds
15.12.04 Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities (Amendments/Supplements To API Std 1104)
15.12.05 Duplex And Super Duplex Stainless Steel Pipelines  - Field Welding
15.12.06 Structural Steel Fabrication
15.12.07 Welding Of Pipeline And Related Facilities - CRA-Clad Or CRA-Lined Pipe Materials
15.12.10 Welding Of Structural Steel (Amendments/Supplements To AWS D1.1)
15.13.01 Thermal Insulation (Amendments/Supplements to the CINI Manual)
15.13.02 Acoustic Insulation for Piping
15.13.05 Thermal Insulation for Subsea Components
15.20.03 Protective Coatings and Linings
15.20.04 Internal Cement Lining of Carbon Steel Pipes
15.20.05 Thermal Spray Coatings - Aluminium and 85/15 Zinc/Aluminium Alloy
15.20.06 Electroless Nickel Plating (Amendments/ Supplements to ASTM B 733)
15.20.07 Rubber Lining on Process Equipment
15.20.10 Glass-Lined Steel Equipment and Piping
15.20.11 Cathodic Protection for New Fixed Offshore Steel Structures (Amendments/Supplements to DNV-RP-B401)
15.20.14 Cathodic Protection System For Metallic Piping (Amendments/ Supplements to NACE SP 0169)
15.20.15 Cathodic Protection System for Storage Tank & Pressure Vessel
15.20.16 Preservation of Upstream Production and Process Facilities
15.23.01 Evaluation of Pipeline and Pressure Vessel Steels for Resistance to Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (Amendments/Supplements To NACE TM0284)
15.30.01 Radiographic Testing
15.30.02 Ultrasonic Examinations
15.30.03 Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) and Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) Requirements for Pipelaying (Amendments/Supplements to DNV-OS-F101 Appendix A & E)
15.31.01 Inspection Of Oil Country Tubular Goods (Endorsement Of ISO 15463)
15.31.02 Inspection Manual for Offshore Platform and Associated Equipments
15.40.01 PETRONAS Risk-Based Inspection (PRBI)

PTS 16 - Process or Operations

16.00.01 SI Quantities and Units
16.01.01 Offshore Facilities Design for Simultaneous Production & Drilling (SIPROD)
16.12.01 Heat Transfer Equipment Fouling Factor
16.31.02 Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Systems
16.31.03 Acid Gas Removal Unit (Solvent Based)
16.32.01 Water Wash Injection In Hydroprocessing Units For Mitigation Of Fouling And Corrosion
16.39.01 Hot Oil System
16.39.02 Fuel System
16.39.04 Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI)
16.39.06 Diesel Fuel System
16.39.07 Instrument Air and Instrument Gas System
16.39.08 Nitrogen/Oxygen Supply and Distribution Systems
16.39.09 Steam, Boiler Feed Water and Condensate Systems
16.39.10 Closed Loop Cooling Water System Design For Upstream And Downstream Facilities
16.43.01 Advanced Process Control
16.47.01 Operator Training Simulator (OTS) System
16.50.01 Design Conditions : Temperature, Pressure & Toxicity
16.51.01 Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
16.51.02 Safeguarding Memorandum And Process Safeguarding Flow Diagram
16.51.03 Design Of Once-through Seawater Cooling Systems
16.52.01 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System
16.52.02 Wastewater Treatment System
16.52.03 Chemical Injection Systems
16.52.04 Design of Pressure Relief, Flare and Vent Systems
16.52.05 Gaseous Oxygen Systems
16.52.06 Column Internals
16.52.09 Two Phase Gas and Liquid Separator
16.52.10 Liquid-Liquid Separator And 3-Phase Separator
16.52.11 Filters For Hydroprocessing Feed
16.52.12 Steam Jet Vacuum Ejector System
16.52.13 Process And Surface Drainage System for Upstream and Downstream Facilities
16.52.14 Loading Facilities For Bulk Road Vehicles
16.52.15 Produced Water Treatment System
16.52.16 Water Injection System
16.52.17 Produced Sand – Design, Operations and Disposal
16.52.18 Safety System for Wellhead Production Facilities
16.53.01 Overpressure And Underpressure  - Prevention  and Protection
16.53.02 Emergency Depressurizing And Sectionalizing
16.53.03 Mechanical Locking System for Pressure Relief Devices
16.53.04 Steam Injection Systems for Steam Cracking Units
16.54.01 Water Based Fire Protection Systems For Offshore Facilities
16.55.01 Design of Multi-Pipe Slug Catchers
16.62.01 Laboratory Design and Operation
16.63.01 Third-party Laboratory Data Quality Management
16.71.01 Hazardous Area Classification (Supplements/Amendments to International Standards)
16.71.03 Hazards and Operability ( HAZOP ) Study
16.71.04 Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
16.71.05 Physical Effects Modelling
16.72.01 Offshore Facilities Life-Saving Appliance Requirements (Amendments/Supplements to SOLAS)
16.72.02 Control and Mitigation of Fires and Explosions on Offshore Production Installations
16.72.03 Offshore Production Installations - Requirements And Guidelines For Emergency Response (Amendments/Supplements To ISO 15544)
16.73.01 Fire Safety For Onshore Facilities
16.74.02 Human Factors Engineering – Valve Criticality Analysis

PTS 18 - Health, Safety and Environment

18.00.01 Health, Safety And Environment Management System (HSE MS)
18.00.02 HSE Mandatory Control Framework (MCF)
18.01.01 Stop Work Authority
18.03.01 HSE Committee
18.03.02 HSE Competence Assurance
18.03.03 Contractor HSE Management
18.03.05 HSE Regulatory Compliance
18.04.02 Hazards And Effects Management Process (HEMP)
18.04.03 Reports on Demonstration of Safe Design, Installation and Operations of Facilities
18.05.11 HSE Due Diligence
18.05.12 Group Procedure Organizational Management Of Change
18.05.13 Project HSE Management
18.06.01 Incident Notification, Investigation And Reporting
18.06.04 HSE Performance Monitoring And Reporting
18.06.05 Group Procedure For Mandatory Control Framework (MCF) Implementation
18.07.02 PETRONAS HSE Assurance
18.13.01 Health Assessment For Fitness To Work
18.13.03 Fatigue Management At Work Place
18.14.01 Health Surveillance
18.15.01 Medical Emergency Response
18.16.01 Management of Substance Misuse
18.17.04 HIV/AIDS Management At Workplace
18.19.01 Food And Water Safety
18.21.01 Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
18.21.02 Proprietary and Licensed Technology Assessment (PLTA)
18.21.03 Pre-Activity Safety Review
18.22.01 HSE Mandatory Control Framework Elements 9.1 Design Standard and 9.2 Process Safety Lessons Implementation Procedure
18.22.02 Design Integrity (DI)
18.22.03 Design of Offshore Living Quarters
18.22.04 Control and Mitigation of Fires and Explosions on Offshore Production Installations - Amendments/Supplements to ISO 13702
18.23.02 Management Of Change (MOC)
18.23.03 Process Safety Information (PSI)
18.23.04 Operating Procedures (OP)
18.23.05 Bypassing Of Safety Critical Protective Device (SCPD)
18.23.06 HSE Requirement Associated With Storage Tank Inspection And Maintenance Activity
18.31.01 Health Risk Assessment
18.33.01 Chemical Management
18.34.01 Hearing Conservation Program
18.34.03 Radiation Protection
18.35.01 Industrial Ventilation
18.40.01 PETRONAS Contingency Planning Standard
18.41.01 Oil Spill Contingency Planning
18.51.01 Permit To Work
18.51.02 Job Hazard Analysis
18.51.03 Permit To Work For Greenfield Sites
18.52.01 Safety Signs And Colour Coding
18.52.05 Electrical Safety Rules
18.52.06 Lifting And Hoisting
18.52.07 Working At Height
18.52.08 Confined Space Entry
18.52.09 Scaffolding Safety
18.52.10 Safety in Welding and Cutting
18.52.13 Behavioural Safety
18.52.14 Laboratory HSE
18.52.15 Handling Bulk Cargo At Jetty
18.52.16 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
18.52.18 Excavation
18.52.19 Energy Isolation
18.52.23 Toxic Release Shelter


Ignition Source Control
18.52.25 Diving Operations Management
18.52.27 Marine Safety
18.52.34 Forklift Operation
18.53.02 Mechanical Integrity
18.53.09 Human Factors Engineering In Projects
18.54.01 Management of Fire Protection Systems
18.54.10 Offshore Temporary Refuges
18.55.01 Land Transportation Safety Guiding Principles, Minimum Standards And Key Performance Indicators
18.56.02 Aviation Operation
18.56.03 Unmanned Aircraft System Safety
18.70.06 HSE Management For Decommissioning Of Facilities
18.70.07 Environmental Mainstreaming For Self-Regulation (Malaysia Operations)
18.72.01 Waste Management
18.72.03 Soil And Groundwater Contamination Management
18.72.04 Wastewater Management
18.72.05 Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Reporting And Verification
18.72.09 Air Emission Management
18.72.10 Environmentally Hazardous Substances
18.80.01 Hazard Banding of Chemicals based on their Physico-Chemical, Health and Environmental Classifications
18.83.01 PETRONAS Product Safety Data Sheet Development And Update Process
18.92.04 Grievance Mechanism
18.93.01 Product Stewardship


PTS 19 - Project Management

19.10.01 Fixed Offshore Structures Fabrication
19.10.02 Project Documentation (Upstream)
19.30.02 Installation of Offshore Structures: Jacket and Topsides
19.30.03 Load-Out And Sea-Fastening For Upstream Facilities
19.30.04 Installation of  Offshore Pipelines and Risers (Amendments/Supplements to ASME B31.8, ASME B31.4 and DNV OS F101)
19.30.05 Marine Transportation for Structure and Linepipes (Amendments/Supplements to DNV-OS-H101, DNV-OS-H202 and API RP 5LW)
19.40.01 Pressurized Habitat
19.40.02 Facilities Handover


PTS 20 - Maritime

20.10.01 Ship Vetting & Audit
20.11.01 Offshore Support Vessel and Marine Support Craft Vetting
20.20.01 Safety Requirements for Mobile Offshore Units
20.50.01 Oil Loading and Discharging Hoses for Offshore Mooring Installation


PTS 25 - Drilling

25.00.21 Wells Master Standards Compendium