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Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Fundamental and Applied Science adopts the multi-mode educational delivery system which emphasises on student-centred learning, practical-based approach and experiential learning, as individuals or in teams, intended to produce a well-rounded graduate model. The programme stresses the need for firm foundation in Fundamental Chemistry, followed by advanced courses such as Separation Process, Petrochemical Processes, Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Analytical Instrumentation, Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy. 


Subject Classification for Fundamental & Applied Sciences

Subject Class/Call Number
Science (General) Q1-390 
General Q1-295
Cybernetics Q300-390
Information theory Q350-390
Electromagnetic theory QC669-675.8
Renewable energy sources TJ807-830
Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials TA401-492
Technical education. Technical schools T61-173
Technological change T173.2-174.5
Industrial research. Research and development T175-178
Geology QE1-996.5
General. Including geographical divisions QE1-350.62
Structural geology QE601-613.5
Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter Including molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory, and solid state physics QC170-197
Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity QC770-798
Electricity and magnetism QC501-766
Electricity QC501-(721)
Electromagnetic theory QC669-675.8
Electric discharge QC701-715.4
Magnetism QC750-766
Geophysics. Cosmic physics QC801-809
Geomagnetism QC811-849
Physics QC1-999
General QC1-75
Analytic mechanics QA801-939
Thermodynamics QC310.15-319
Analysis QA299.6-433
Optics. Light QC350-467
Electronics TK7800-8360
Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials TA401-492
Technology (General) T1-995
Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering TK1-9971
Nonmetallic minerals TN799.5-948
Mathematics QA1-939
General QA1-43
Analysis QA299.6-433
Probabilities. Mathematical statistics QA273-280
Chemistry QD1-999
General. Including alchemy QD1-65
Analytical chemistry QD71-142
Physical and theoretical chemistry QD450-801
Organic chemistry QD241-441
Chemical engineering TP155-156
Chemical technology TP1-1185
Chemical industries HD9650-9663
Environmental sciences GE1-350
Manufactures TS1-2301
Renewable energy sources TJ807-830
Physiology QP1-(981)
General. Including influence of the environment QP1-345
Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes TD201-500

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