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Welcome New Students

(Click Open Athens logo to login)

Here the guide on how to register and use IRC remote access aka Open Athens. user can view video tutorials or quick guide as below. 

Learn how to register that will enable users to use IRC subscribed E-Resources anywhere and anytime

Register for an Open Athens account:

Step 1

Go to Ulibrary website > Services > Open Athens

Step 2

Go to Services tab > Open Athens

Step 3

Open Athens will be sent the activation email directly to your UTP email address. Although the email should be sent straight away, sometimes it tends to be a bit delay. So don't worry if it doesn't appear in your emails instantly. The email will be sent from 'Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS' and the subject will be 'OpenAthens account created - action required'. You need to click the activation link to create your password (The password must be alphanumeric and 6 characters or more). Once you click the link, you will then be able to create your password

Step 4

Once you have submitted your password and it has met the criteria, you will see the following screen.

Once you sign in, you will get access to all databases as per listed on your left hand side

Got problem? Email to or for further assistance.